For cowards there's no reward, i.e. Eurovision 2013 talk

For my non-European readers' information (just in case you didn't already know) the Eurovision Song Contest is a big annual singing competition held among many of the active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union. The contest started off as early as in 1956 and is one of the longest-running television programmes in the whole world. My country won the competition in 2001 and our victorious song was "Everybody", performed by Tanel Padar, Dave Benton and 2XL (listen and watch here).

Anyhow, year 2013 in Malmö, Sweden was special because I saw the entire, nearly 3.5 hour long show without accidentally falling asleep in front of the telly. Besides, I discovered a wonderful song that unquestionably was the pick of the bunch: Margaret Berger "I Feed You My Love" (listen and watch here). She and Norway should definitely have won the competition... but I love the song and as a matter of fact the whole futuristic sci-fi vibe anyway and nobody could beat that. Therefore I obviously didn't like Emmelie de Forest's "Only Teardrops", i.e. this year's winner from Denmark. It was just excessively boring and plain and reminded me of last year's powerful winner Loreen way too much (for example because of performing barefoot).

party songs: Montenegro, Germany, Norway, Slovenia;
pop songs: Malta, Sweden, Hungary;
powerful ballads: France, Russia, Ukraine.

All in all I picked and kept 10 songs I liked the most. First place obviously belongs to glorious Margaret Berger and Norway but the remaining 9 I was not able to rank since they all have something I really like. I'm still going to divide all those songs into three different categories: party songs with respectable beat (perfect for driving), easy and somehow cute (and definitely cheerful!) pop songs and powerful ballads. I even put together this exquisite illustration to show you my favourites so have a look at it and the ones who are competent, I would really love to hear/read YOUR thoughts on Eurovision 2013.
By the way, I also happen to know Eurovision has been shown outside Europe, for example in Australia, Canada, China, the United States and so on. Have you, my non-European readers, ever watched it?

thrifted earrings | Lindex necklace | Vero Moda trench coat (with replaced thrifted buttons) | thrifted Ralph Lauren (children's) blouse | bow belt from muuu.ee | thrifted TwentyFive:Seven jeans | Vagabond boots.

But now a few quick words about today's main photos. They derive from ancient April 27 when conjointly was the last time I took a lightsome shopping trip to Tartu with E. (time sure does fly like crazy!). I ate the most delicious and divine hamburger ever (seriously (!!!) yummy McDonald's New York Classic with beef), got the cutest Shaun the Sheep lunchbox that I now use every single workday and also bought a few colourful necessities. I haven't used Lumene's Natural Code Stay In Control Anti-Shine Toner (6.30 euros) that contains 90% natural ingredients yet but as soon as my Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner from The Body Shop runs out I immediately will. Oh and those perfectly nautical and comfy slippers (6.79 euros) are my huge favourites now!

Before I go I hope you like the photos, and the ones who are scouting around for some new nice tunes should definitely browse my Eurovision 2013 favourites via YouTube links I added under the illustration.

Enjoy the hot weather as long as you can, sweeties, because eventually it will rain again anyway (like it already happened in Estonia ;)


  1. I haven't heard about Eurovision, but I'll have to check out your links since I happen to love singing shows. The Voice is my favorite US singing competition as of right now.
    Love your preppy, pretty look! :) Haha, your statement necklace is so unexpected and adds that pop of fun

    Trendy Teal

  2. A Shaun the Sheep lunchbox? How adorable! I think I can still sing the entire Shaun the Sheep song, it was just so cute and silly... I'd definitely take my lunch to work in a box like yours :) And I must say just how lovely you look in black and white. The classic combination of your printed trench, Ralph Lauren button down and skinnies is really perfect!
    PS: I know of Eurovision, but I've never watched it... I think I'll have to change that!

  3. Anonymous21/5/13 22:28

    I always watched Eurovision, only last year I didn't (cause I was travelling). I totally agree with you, I watched this year and thought the song that won is very nice, but I loved the one from Norway and also the one you mentioned, I feed you my love". I remember picking these ones to be winners. Cascada, although very famous, didn't bring what Germany expected. But Eurovision always brings surprises!
    I loved your jacket! So chic! You look always great, beautiful! Hope you are fine!

  4. Fabulous pictures! Just perfect!

    Win a pair of sunglasses:

  5. I didn't have any idea about the Eurovision... Anyway I really really like your outfit, that checked coat look amazing with the denim shirt and oh let's not talk about that mouth watering burger :P

  6. Spain was almost the last one... so embarrassing!! hahaha
    BTW I'm loving the combination of the blue shirt with that printed jacket! Just uploaded a new look to my blog and I'm also wearing a blue shirt! ahaha a basic that our wardrobe can't miss!! ;P


  7. Oh my goodness, it's Shaun the Sheep! (total Wallace and Gromit fans here.) ^_^

    I always really enjoy seeing your outfit post and your landscape pictures because the scenery reminds me so much of Alaska, especially with the dirt roads. (Annoying to drive on and maintain but they have their own charm.) It does look like everything has really dried out over there, I cant wait to see pictures of all of the beautiful summer-time flowers. (Your flower photography is the best, you could seriously have them published.)

    That singing competition sounds like so much fun, that's kind of cool to see so many countries competing against each other and seeing all of that talent.

  8. I didn't watch Eurovision at all.. :D I have just been lol'ing at Finland whining about "no points from neihbors".. wth, sine when it has been obligatory to vote for neigbors :D Guess they just didn't like the song and that's all. Okay sure, somewhere it might be about homophobia but not in scandinavian countries, guess neither in Estonia.
    Love your jeans and boots and that Shawn the Sheep lunchbox is indeed very cute :D

  9. I am in love with your trench coat! The buttons you replaced look great :)

  10. Such a cute coat, and I love that necklace!

    The Other Side of Gray

  11. You look so cute in that pretty trench coat! I've never seen that show before though, sounds fun.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. I;m not a big fan of Eurovision but I definitely love your look - a beautiful mix of preppy and modern! Love that statement necklace!
    and dear I don't know why I didn't know it but my sincere congratulations on your engagement!:)




  13. Wow, I love your outfit so much! The combination of the jacket and blouse is a really gorgeous preppy look.
    Also, Shaun the Sheep! He's definitely not as popular in North America, but I love him anyway.


  14. Anonymous22/5/13 20:02

    Great post, love your outfit


  15. The jeans fits you prefectly and makes your legs look very good :) That Shaun the Sheep lunch box is just too cute! I didn't watch the Eurovision Song Contest but I actually should have because for the first time in a loooooong while we made the finals.


  16. I love this trench!
    Follow me on http://laviecestchic.blogspot.it

  17. you're are looking like lovely in your preppy ensemble dear maiken. i haven't heard of eurovision before. what a fun shaun the sheep lunch box. it rained in texas yesterday.

  18. mnjah ma mäletan, kui väiksena oli eurovisioon jube suur sündmus ja siis ma olin suht fänn ka - teadsin kõiki laule ja pärast nende kohti. a nüüd on tõesti nii, et finaali ajal suudan ma alati magama jääda või ei näe seda ülse. see kahe poolfinaali süsteem on minu jaoks vähemalt kogu selle asja kuidagi tüütuks muutunud. ja tõsi, see anname-naabritele-punkte-muidu-solvuvad-jura on ka veider. aga sinu loetelust meeldis mulle ka Venemaa lugu, teisi ma kas ei mäleta absoluutselt või ei ühti lihtsalt minu muusikalise maitsega. no ma jäin seekord muidugi suht pärast Birgiti esinemist magama ka, nii et mis pärast juhtus, ongi vist tühi maa :D nii et lemmikut pole, viimastel aastatel ei tekigi neid enam vist.. aga issandjumaltuleappi KUI NUNNU ON SEE LUNCHBOX! I wantz!! Shaun the sheep on mu lemmik!

  19. :D muide, ma isegi ei teadnud, kes see lammas on, aga töökaaslane nägi seda karpi ja nunnutas ka natuke ja siis sain teada. see on mäkist saadud täiesti juhuslikult. otsisin poodidest ka, aga kõik normaalsed olid jube kallid. mõnus paraja suurusega karp igatahes :P

    aga kui nüüd sellel esimesel teemal veel midagi öelda, siis minu meelest on nõme ka see, et need teatud riigid saavad alati otse finaali. see on kuidagi nii iganenud omadus kogu selle asja juures ja pole just kõige ausam minu arust.. ah, eks see üks suur jant ole tegelikult, aga sel aastal lihtsalt õnnestus kogu asja näha, mis on minu jaoks midagi uut (muidugi välja arvatud need lapsepõlve ajad, mida sinagi mainisid, kui kogu see värk ülimalt, isegi eluliselt tähtis oli :D).

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  21. Ohh my word that jacket! with that Top!!! I am in love with this look. I need a jacket like that. I love how you buttoned your top to the very top button too. So cute. Sorry I haven't been commenting in a while! I haven't had much time for blogging lately with the new puppy :)

  22. i love love love that jacket!!!! so chic :D and i love the fancy buttons on them!! so chic :D


  23. Anonymous24/5/13 05:47

    Cool necklace! It's super simple yet kind of artsy and fun!

    Great post! And your blog rocks! Check mine out. Maybe we can follow each other :D
    Lattes & Lacee

  24. That trench jacket is gorgeous! We usually watch Eurovision every time, I saw it this year. I knew Denmark had it! It was both entertaining and frustrating haha. I loved watching it simultaneously with my Twitter timeline though, there was fun commentary to catch up on. /Madison

  25. I love the Eurovision Song Contest! Norway was my favorite as well, I can't understand why that song didn't win...I thought Estonia's song was beautiful as well, I even understood a word here and there :)
    Btw, I might be celebrating Midsummer in Pärnu this year, any hints on what to see while there?
    I love how your tattoo is showing when you're wearing that amazing light blue shirt, I'm looking for one right now as well!
    Concerning your comment, nowadays tattoos have become more common here, but of course there will always be conservative people. I guess in my case, people tend to believe that I have a more classic style, to which maybe tattoos aren't associated. But my style is personal, I like an elegant style but I love tattoos as well :)
    Thanks for the feedback concerning the word verification, I'll see if I can do something about that!

    E from Helsinki

  26. I watched the Eurovision contest but not all of it ! I also liked Norway ! I love your outfit, the blouse is a classic and the jacket is so cool =) Kisses and have a good weekend !

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  28. I used to love Eurovision before, but now I don't really watch it. I hate that most of them sing in English now (I thought it was far more interesting and weird when they all sung in their languages) and I don't like this...semi-finals and finals shenanigans... Before it used to be just a final and that was that

  29. I don't watch the Eurovision because I rarely look TV...

    Btw your outfit is really pretty & elegant, these colours suits you very well ♥♥

  30. Such cool outfit! I like the jacket the most! :)

    If you want you can participate in a giveaway on my blog! :)

  31. Yes, I'm really looking forward to visiting Estonia. We're renting an apartment with some of my best friends so it will be just wonderful, I'm sure! Thank you for the great links, I'll look into those!
    I spent only two hours in Stockholm (since most of the day was spent working there), so I only had time to lunch and buy my boyfriend a shirt there :)
    I've already found a light blue shirt :)
    I've deleted the word verification part on my blog now, so it should be easier to comment!

    E from Helsinki

  32. I've only recently heard of Eurovision but it looks like a super awesome show! It's so cool how all the countries are competing. And ooo "I feed you my love" is now my favorite song, it's so catchy! And aww that shaun the sheep lunchbox is so cute. I use to watch that mini tv show all the time:)

  33. "enjoy the hot weather"--haha, I will try, though where I am the hot weather isn't always the best of things. ;) Sooo humid!

    I seriously LOVE that necklace. It looks like it'd be a pretty simple DIY. The color is just awesome and it looks great against your plaid shirt.

  34. cool outfit, great pictures!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  35. Anonymous28/5/13 01:15

    I've heard of Eurovision before, but I've never seen an episode! I think it's cool though that different people from different countries come to compete. Anyways, you look amazing in these photos! I love the thrifted Ralph Lauren blouse you got. Amazing steal! :)

    P.S. Thank you so much for all the support you give my blog and for the all comments. <3

    - B

  36. I've heard of Eurovision offhand before, but never really knew what it was. I shall check out the songs you mentioned :) Love the outfit! I can't believe that chambray-ish shirt is children's, what a great find. And that trench! The pattern makes it such a statement piece

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  37. I have to admit,I only watched a little of Eurovision this year,its on for so long,but I enjoy seeing the defferent music styles from all the different countries,so much colour,creativity and passion.
    Yummy McDonalds,they do the best burgers :D I love your cute lunch box,that you take to work everyday!
    Your black and white photos are beautiful,look so chic.I adore that coat,love the pattern!

  38. I haven't heard of Eurovision but that sounds so fun! love to hear new music! speaking of love, that jacket is amazing. and my kiddos love eating McDonalds too!!!


  39. THAT check is fantastic on you and with the Ralph Lauren.... weee my perfect outfit!! You are such a babe! LOVE LOVE LOVE. I think this could be my favourite outfit on you. ALSO, that burger looks amazing. I love your food adventures as well :)

    Couture Caddy x