Life lesson learned the hard way

sigh - to exhale audibly in a long deep breath, as in weariness or relief.

Unfortunately this is exactly how I have been feeling already for a way too long time. I don't actually want to whine and complain or reveal too much at this point but I feel like I have reached a decent, annoying (definitely temporary!) deadlock and by all means I'm not happy about it and must get out of it for good. Besides, on top of everything else I landed at the eye clinic in Tartu on Sunday!

Because on Friday, May 24 a big pile of sawdust got into my eye while making firewood and it stubbornly decided to stay there literally forever. My poor left eye... I foolishly tried to scratch off the hidden sawdust and made things nothing but worse. My vision was blurry, painful, irritated and inflamed and the whole weekend was completely ruined since I was absolutely out of action.

So on Sunday my limits were once and for all exceeded and we finally decided had to drive to Tartu and visit the clinic. My young skilful doctor was awesome so I didn't even mind the quite uncomfortable procedure and gosh it felt extra pleasant and easy after every single bit of the malicious sawdust was finally removed. Oh and I promise from now on I will always wear sunnies whenever I happen to be in close proximity to a chainsaw.
And my conclusion? Relevant life lesson learned the hard way but at least learned.

Have you learned any valuable life lessons lately?

On a brighter note, visiting Tartu meant some necessary consolation shopping with E.'s sister E. And in addition to quite joyless household goods I purchased two beautiful pieces for myself: a pastel dip dye sweatshirt (17.95 9.95 euros) from Kids by Lindex and a rose gold snake necklace (9.95 3 euros) from Seppälä. That sweatshirt conjointly is my very first dip dye item and I'm completely in love with the cute summery pastel shades and comfy 1/2 sleeves. Oh and I had been scouting around for such snake necklace pretty much forever!

By the way, since I already took up the mandatory clothes' talk I will also tell you a few quick words about my outfit from Sunday, May 26. In other words my mom brought me the fierce leopard head print top from an H&M store in Stockholm, Sweden and she also pointed out my dad was the one who actually tracked down my strongly desired top. Maybe I'll show you the whole Stockholm haul in a future post but when it comes to that specific top I just had to jump the gun a bit.

H&M top | thrifted Kenzo cardigan | thrifted Outfitters Nation guys' jeans | Miss Sixty peep toe pumps.

Last but not least I hope you like my photos full of total Estonian greenery. It was a very random location on our way back home from Tartu on Sunday.
+ 16 more workdays left and I will finally have my 17-day vacation, a completely NON-preplanned one by the way. My last one happened in distant October 2012 so I don't even remember how it should feel like... I guess we'll see :)


  1. Oh noes. That must have been horrid ><! I injure myself all the time but I don't learn easily :P!
    I love what you are wearing, that tee is super. I should once go to Estonia just to take a look at thrift stores ;)

    1. I agree, you really should. for example come to my tiny hometown where the prices at thrift stores are quite tiny as well ;)

  2. vähemalt näed sa rõõmus-värviline välja vaatamata igast hädadele :) see kardigan on oma värvide poolest täiesti ideaalne praeguseks ajaks ja mulle isiklikult meeldivad ka sellised oversized eest lahtised tegelased väga. kiidan! :)

    ja kui ma praegu hakkan mõtlema oma hiljutiste vajalike ja vähemvajalike õppetundide peale, siis meenub kohe see don't drink and skype :D ehk hoia veiniklaas arvutist heaga eemale ehk teisisõnu pole ma ikka oma kallist arvutit tagasi saanud niu-niu. no ju ma olin siis selle kuidagi miskipärast ära teeninud, et karma mulle niiviisi tegi..

    1. see oligi põhimõtteliselt see üksik rõõmus pilt, kui nüüd aus olla. kahel lõikasin lihtsalt mossis pead otsast ära :D aga see kampsik on tõesti ilmselt üks mu parimaid kaltsukaleide :)

      karma on jah selline "tore" asi. kunagi ei tea, millal ta rünnata võib :D igatahes edu arvutiga! tean väga hästi, mida tähendab pikki nädalaid oma läpakata olemine.

  3. I love that thrifted cardigan on you. It's so colorful and pretty! I hope your eye gets better soon!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Oh goodness! That sounds terrible, but I'm glad you saw the Dr. and got all the sawdust out! Love the Kenzo cardigan on you :)

  5. Love the post! You've got an amazing blog, and your style is the best :) You're in my favourites right now! ^^


    -- I want to live in L. A --

  6. Mul sattus kunagi küünte lõikuse ajal küüs silma. Oi oi see oli kohutav kogemus! Kõige jubedam osa sellest oli kui mu isa seda pinsettidega välja üritas võtta...õnnestus. Jube!

    1. issver sussver, kõlab nagu seik mõnest musta huumoriga (komöödia)filmist. pole kunagi millestki taolisest kuulnud, nii-et vau, tõesti väga hull ja eriti nõme juhus! ja vedas, et ise kätte saite! minu saepurupoisid olid nii peidus, et polnud midagi teha nendega enne kliinikut.

  7. Such a great outfit! I love tyhe cardigan :)
    big kiss!

  8. LOVE everything on this post, including the tattoos! I just posted about a giveaway I will be running worth over $140! I think you'll love it! You should participate;)! You could be the winner :D:D!


  9. the colorful cardi and your tee! wild wild wild! love your outfit.´


  10. aaaaaaaahmazing, i loved!!
    hope youll also like my purposes

    Sergio, xx

  11. Oh my gosh! That sounds horrible :( At least you're eye is better now. I love the outfit-- I think it is one of my favorite one of yours to date :) Your mom has great taste in picking that top out. Yay for vacation!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  12. thats such an awesome top!! love it!!! and the cardi is soooooo beautiful :)


  13. Ouch! That does not sound like it was the slightest bit fun. I'm glad you got that taken care of! Anyway, that cardigan is awesome. It looks so exotic.

    May the force be with you.

  14. oh no that sounds horrible, but i'm glad the doctor got the sawdust out! Sounds sooo painful though :(

    I loooove your heels! The color is so bright and really pops against the beautiful greenery! And that top is really cool, so fierce! :)

  15. Oh ouch, that sounds so painful! Having something stuck in your eyes (something so delicate) is awful :/ Glad you got it fixed though, although that must've been on long weekend. Keep your sunnies on when near chainsaws! Aha sounds like you learned your lesson.
    I adore those bright heels and the fun print shrug <3

    Trendy Teal

  16. Oh, your poor eye! Glad to hear you were able to get the sawdust removed, but it must have been so painful. The feeling of deadlock you describe sounds so familiar to me, and is actually the exact reason we came to France. I hope you'll be able to find something similar that gets you out of that place.

    And on a fashion-related note, I think this is one of my favourite outfits of yours - all of the bright contrasting colours are just gorgeous together!

  17. Oh you poor thing. I had a huge dust speck in my eye once, it was horrific -_-
    Glad you're feeling better.
    And don't worry for feeling under the weather these days, it happens to the best of us :D
    Wow, that thrifted Kenzo cardi is extraordinary!

  18. Anonymous30/5/13 20:29

    Oh, no, I hope everything is OK now! What can I say, I have eye problems since I was a child, so I not only understand how you felt with blurred sight, but I can also say I do protect my eyes whenever necessary - now you know what to do, and lessons are like this, we always learn from our mistakes. Sad it was painful, but as I said, I hope it's OK now. I loved the ombre top, so nice colors! And the Kenzo cardi or kimono, amazing! You always find amazing pieces! I am glad you will have vacations soon!!!! Sorry I didn't comment before, I was very jet lagged last week, but now things are normal again! The old posts were scheduled, but today things got to be normal again!

  19. Sounds horrible, sorry for you! Hope everything is better now.
    I really like your ombre top. But what I love the most is your colorful jacket, looks perfect!

  20. I'm so glad your eyes are fine! What an ordeal! One of my greatest fears is blindness so I can definitely sympathize with your situation. Sunglasses ARE important!

  21. oh oh..hope ur eyes are OK now!! And so sorry for hearing that you are having a difficult time patience wise! Hope everything sorts out soon! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  22. Aw, sorry to hear about your eye! Hope everything gets better soon!

    You have the coolest wardrobe. That graphic tee and that colorful shrug are so edgy and chic! You rock it girl!

  23. uhh I hope you get well SOON!!! ;)
    I'm sure the bright kimono will help to cheer you up hehe and the tshirt is super cool!!!
    Thanks for asking about my future plans!! but the reality is that I don't know what to do yet! My brain is a mess right now! haha For now I'm going to try to find a job here (but is really difficult because of the visa and all the problems that foreigns have when finding a job in other country...) BUT I'm gonna try and if not then maybe I'll to London by October... we'll see ;P


  24. That sawdust experience sounds dreadful, hopefully you are doing much better now. As for holidays, we are taking another mini one soon, but our busy schedules are almost impossible this year. I love the ombre colourful top! Wishing you a great weekend! xx/Madison

  25. That Kenzo cardigan is stunning ! I am sorry for your sawdust adventure and for your poor eye ! I have very sensitive eyes, that's also why I always wear sunglasses ! Kisses and get well rested =)

    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  26. I love the colours in your outfit! The cardigan is really great with that tiget shirt!


  27. Glad your eye is better. And that Kenzo cardigan looks even better on. Just beautiful.

  28. Awesome outfit, the colors are amazing!
    Hopefully your eyes is now better ♥

  29. Oh Maiken, that is definitely worrying news! I hope you're feeling better already! Get well soon!
    I'm happy to see that you are enjoying as hot weather as we are :) Today we had a stunning 28 degrees!
    Again, I have to mention that I love your tattoos..I can't wait much longer, soon I'll take my third one!
    I'm also happy to hear that you're finally getting a vacation, you're so worth it! Midsummer gives us three free days in a row, so that's exciting, but my actual holiday (first part of it) will be in the beginning of July. I've never had a holiday in July so that will be exciting.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!

    E from Helsinki

  30. I love your cardigan sooooo much! sorry about the sawdust issue. I've gotten stuff in my eyes before and it hurts so bad! I know hard it is to function when it happens. glad you went to the clinic!


  31. Ohhh Sorry about that :S Yes, its a life lesson, but sometimes is a very bad experience...

    Anyway, I LOVE your Kenzo cardigan, its great!! Your outfit is one of my favourites, you look fantastic!!!


  32. Oh, you should have gone to the clinic sooner, you were so lucky you didn't require surgery! The same thing happened to me when I was little, only that I stayed for 4-5 days like this and I needed surgery because it was really bad. On a brigther note, I'm happy you're alright and I absoultely love the styling you pulled off, that top is fierce!

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x

  33. the tiger shirt's freakin awesome and i loooove your tattoos! xx


  34. oh maiken, i'm so sorry you had to go through all that with your eye. it sounds miserable. are you ok then? i want you to enjoy your upcoming vacation.

  35. I´m sure everything will be fine!just keep smiling and having that fabulous style of yours ;)
    I have to say I absolutely LOVE your colorful cardigan.

  36. Oh you dear, poor thing! I hope you feel now way better and that you don't have any problems with your eyes! On the bright note - you look wonderful no matter what! I love that colours on you! And torquoise heels look absolutely gorgeous!

    Take care dear Maiken!




  37. I love your shoes! such an unlikely but brilliant choice with this look. very eclectic meets chic, I love your style girl :) Looks like you had a great shopping turnout!

    The House of Shoes

  38. My eyes waterd whilst reading about the saw dust?! Oh my gosh I hope your alright,sounds painful and uncomfortable.Sorry to hear your not feeling great lately.Hopefully your shopping and amazing dip dye find helped you feel a little better after what happend to your eye.
    I cant believe you got this top,I almost bought this the other day,and the only reason I didnt was to save money,now you've got me tempted to go back to H&M love the print.
    Not long until your long deserved break,hope your well maiken x all the best x

  39. Hi Maiken,
    I'm sorry to hear about your eye and I'm glad that your vision is clear again. Still like your Kenzo cardigan very much and your heels fit so nicely with them ;)

    xx Bree

  40. Amazing tshirt! you look so gorgeous!

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  41. waow..your super awesome cardigan is worth possessing..send me if you get bored with them

  42. Oh that sure is an AMAZING piece, that ombre sweater ! :) Lovely colours.. And cute necklace too! I think I've seen it at Seppälä. :)
    Also love your tiger tee! ^^

    Auch, sorry to hear about your eye :/ More careful next time ♥

    Indie by heart

  43. OH DEAR, BIG HUGS, hope ur eye heals in no time. It must be unbearable. Can empathize with that. Whatever it is u still look amazing whatever condition ur eye is in. :) Take care!

  44. Holy cow, that sounds awful! I'm really nervous with anything having to do with eyes since it freaks me out about things touching them or getting into them. (I don't know how people with contacts do it.) I really hope your eye feels better and that you get better, that's just frightening.
    I really identify with your first paragraph, I've been going through something sort of like that and I hate complaining and it's not something I really want to talk about on the internet but its hard to have days where you're trying to just be normal and your feelings and emotions at the time are anything but calm or normal. I hope everything is alright with you, you are such a kind and sweet person and I feel awful that all is not right in your world. If you ever want someone to talk to, just email me. (I also want to say thank you so much for your kind words these past few weeks, I've been a terrible blogging friend and I apologize so much. Your words always mean so much to me when I read them and they've really helped me a lot these past few weeks. Thank you.)

  45. I love this outfit so much, that tshirt and that coat is so cool! Plus those jeans look amazing on you - I've yet to find a light denim that I love! :(

    Couture Caddy x