Extra hasty June

Long time no see, my sweeties :) Or should I even say especially long time no see?
Well, I guess it doesn't actually matter anymore since I'm finally here and in proud possession of two different sets of summery photos and collages tensely waiting to be shared. Those pictures will conjointly partially show you what I have been up to in June, my summery birthday and holiday month.

So, for one important thing I celebrated my 27th birthday on the 14th (the right day) and on the 15th of June. By the way, my summer vacation also began on the 14th and that day additionally stood for crucial manicure, a required hectic hour in the office and a refreshing visit to the hairdresser (she used an exclusive technique called Flamboyage from Davines to make my tricolour streaks but you'll see those already in another post). Anyway, on June 14 we celebrated the special event together with my parents, brother and grandparents. And besides the always obvious barbecuing I made a chocolate truffle cake and our very first sandwich cake with ham and cheese (and garlic.. quite a lot of it, to be precise).

thrifted Carnegie of London maxi dress | thrifted waist-belt | thrifted Högl shoes.

Fishbone dress | thrifted waist-belt | Oriflame bracelet.

When it comes to presents I received my very first Chanel nail colour (in beautiful coral shade 647 Lilis; Limited Edition, by the way!) for one thing and since it was a first I wanted to share it with you too. By the way, have you recently experienced "a first" in your life? It can be absolutely anything!

Talking about my birthday, we celebrated it once again on the 15th with my fiancé's parents and sisters. And once again we barbecued but additionally served vegetable salad with potatoes and mozzarella and banana-Nutella muffins (that I also made today for E.'s little relatives who absolutely loved those :).

All in all I had delightful time with the people who are close to me and this is definitely the best thing when it comes to birthdays. Nevertheless I didn't unfortunately take too many photos but you can still see two of my ensembles (including my fabulous thrifted vintage maxi dress) from June 14 and some other various b'day snapshots from both days.

On a completely different note my monochrome photos are slightly older but I still wanted to show you those as well because I quite like it how they turned out and they're from June anyway.
My next, once again colourful post, on the other hand will probably tell you about our day trip to Helsinki, Finland. It took place on June 18 and was one extremely long-lasting exhausting yet eventful trip. So, keep your eyes open for that and I'll "see" you already next time (soon, I hope!)!


Trip season opening

First things first: thank you so much for all the comforting, sweet, thoughtful words and scary but useful tales about your thrilling incidents with eyes. You, guys, seriously are the best! By the way, I successfully completed the anti-inflammation treatment and am now (almost) carefully enjoying my normal eyesight again :)

But let's get to the point of today's particularly summery post. The very hot beginning of June (my birthday and vacation month as well!) produced us (myself, E. and my mom and dad) a trip to Haapsalu, a cosy seaside resort town located on the west coast of Estonia. There we visited a flea market, had lunch at pleasantly peculiar Müüriääre Café (in the food photo - my smoked chicken and blue cheese quiche with green salad = delicious!), walked by the sea and attended the spring fair in Epp Maria's Gallery.

By the way, that well-mannered handsome dragonfly actually dined with us and flew away as soon as we left our table. I guess sometimes even insects feel like associating. However, unfortunately the spring fair was not that great: several clothes and shoes were slightly too dirty and worn out for my liking (I'm a real nitpicker). Nevertheless I came across a brand new pair of beautiful silver earrings (8 euros) embellished with deep black zircon so it turned out to be a little success after all.

Before heading back home we visited scenic Nõva village and Peraküla beach for a short time which obviously means I want to go back and explore more and more. The fragile sand drifts, pleasantly scented beautiful pinetrees (conifers are my utmost favourites!) and naturally the sea itself just stand for real Estonian summer in my book and nothing can beat that. Although I must also point out the water was freezing and my feet grew numb while taking the photos. But all in all the four of us had a blazing hot and amusing much needed vacation day by the beautiful sea.

Emporio Armani sunnies | Monton (?) earrings | H&M hair elastics | Oriflame bracelet | Lacoste camera bag | thrifted ICON mini dress | Jeffrey Campbell Bad Alice flats | mom's freshly thrifted cardigan.

By the way, talking about the sea, I and E. will visit Helsinki in Finland on June 18 during our summer holidays. It's a one day cruise and we have considered visiting Helsinki Zoo in Korkeasaari when it doesn't rain or The Tropical Animal House Tropicario and The University of Helsinki Botanical Garden at Kaisaniemi when it should rain for some weird reason. A little shopping is a must too, of course but only a little ;) Perhaps I will even put together a tiny wishlist and share it here with you. We'll see that.

For the time being my Finnish readers (hello Elisabeth, Lara and Satu!) but also everyone else who has some can share their recommendations concerning our trip. I have been to Finland pretty much a thousand times so discovering something fresh and cool would be particularly awesome.
Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my photo heavy post, and definitely share your thoughts with me because I love reading those. Till next time, sweeties!