Extra hasty June

Long time no see, my sweeties :) Or should I even say especially long time no see?
Well, I guess it doesn't actually matter anymore since I'm finally here and in proud possession of two different sets of summery photos and collages tensely waiting to be shared. Those pictures will conjointly partially show you what I have been up to in June, my summery birthday and holiday month.

So, for one important thing I celebrated my 27th birthday on the 14th (the right day) and on the 15th of June. By the way, my summer vacation also began on the 14th and that day additionally stood for crucial manicure, a required hectic hour in the office and a refreshing visit to the hairdresser (she used an exclusive technique called Flamboyage from Davines to make my tricolour streaks but you'll see those already in another post). Anyway, on June 14 we celebrated the special event together with my parents, brother and grandparents. And besides the always obvious barbecuing I made a chocolate truffle cake and our very first sandwich cake with ham and cheese (and garlic.. quite a lot of it, to be precise).

thrifted Carnegie of London maxi dress | thrifted waist-belt | thrifted Högl shoes.

Fishbone dress | thrifted waist-belt | Oriflame bracelet.

When it comes to presents I received my very first Chanel nail colour (in beautiful coral shade 647 Lilis; Limited Edition, by the way!) for one thing and since it was a first I wanted to share it with you too. By the way, have you recently experienced "a first" in your life? It can be absolutely anything!

Talking about my birthday, we celebrated it once again on the 15th with my fiancé's parents and sisters. And once again we barbecued but additionally served vegetable salad with potatoes and mozzarella and banana-Nutella muffins (that I also made today for E.'s little relatives who absolutely loved those :).

All in all I had delightful time with the people who are close to me and this is definitely the best thing when it comes to birthdays. Nevertheless I didn't unfortunately take too many photos but you can still see two of my ensembles (including my fabulous thrifted vintage maxi dress) from June 14 and some other various b'day snapshots from both days.

On a completely different note my monochrome photos are slightly older but I still wanted to show you those as well because I quite like it how they turned out and they're from June anyway.
My next, once again colourful post, on the other hand will probably tell you about our day trip to Helsinki, Finland. It took place on June 18 and was one extremely long-lasting exhausting yet eventful trip. So, keep your eyes open for that and I'll "see" you already next time (soon, I hope!)!


  1. Yeah long time no see! First of all happy belated birthday I know you had a nice time. I like that floral printed maxi dress, it looks good on you! And I also like your hairstyle, nice change!
    Your photography is always a pleasure for the eyes.
    You must be enjoying your summer vacation right now, good thing :)

  2. Happy belated bithday! Good to know it was a wonderful one :)
    These maxi dresses you're wearing are both lovely - I'm especially fond of the pink one

    Trendy Teal

  3. Happy belated birthday dear ^_^ You look fab in that dress <3 Glad to see you're back ^^

  4. Happy B-Day!!! :) Wish you all the best! ;) That floral dress looks amazing on you. Oh.. nad your manicure... it looks wonderful! Beautiful white&black photos;)

    With love, Egle Ge [HideInSugar}

  5. Happy belated Birthday Maiken,you look so beautiful in that floral thrifted maxi dress,such a gorgoeus colourful print.Glad to hear you had such a wonderful day,best way to spend a birthday,with great food and company. Those bannana and nutella muffins look and sound insanely good! I love the sound of the technique your hairdresser used,flamboyarge?! sounds very fanscy and exclusive.I love it when you share photos of Elvis :D so adorable,looks so soft and fluffy!
    I hope your well,and Im glad you had such a wonderful time x

  6. Happy belated birthday birthday twin :) (haha we share the same birthday)! You look beautiful in that dress! The Chanel nail polish is so beautiful, I love buying and receiving nail polish but I always forget to paint my nails haha xx

    Almost Delightful

  7. Happy belated birthday dear ! I am so in love with your printed maxi dress, it's totally gorgeous and you wear it with great style =) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  8. Happy belated birthday! Seems like you had a fun day (and yum, banana nutella muffins, they look sooooo good)! I love both dresses you are wearing. The first one has such a beautiful print and the second has a fantastic color :) Love the pictures (as always). I'm always amazed at how professional they look, and the monochrome is a nice touch :)

  9. First of all - happy birthday dear Maiken! all the ever best to you darling! You look absolutely stunning in that maxi! Oh my! It's definitely one of my favorite looks of yours! You're flawless, gorgeous and incredibly beautiful!
    I also noticed your fantastic manicure;)
    looking forward to your photos/ stories from Finland!




  10. I can't decide which dress I like better on you. You look gorgeous and I love your hair styled like that. Also, happy belated birthday! We are now both 27 (for a short while... ) :)

  11. That is an absolutely gorgeous dress!! I also love how you did your hair!!

    Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin'/Facebook?

    Sophisticated Lace

  12. You look so pretty in both of these dresses. Love that pink color on you. Hope you had an amazing birthday!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. Happy belated birthday!!!!! :) you look so beautiful in that maxi dress!!!


  14. Ah, finally! I know you were travelling, but I have come here sometimes, and I was just waiting for a new post! I don't mind black and white pictures, I think they are nice! So, don't worry about colorful posts! There was color, the first dress is amazing! I love prints! Then everything is amazing - the nails, the cuff, the salty "pie". I love it - I know many people don't, but I love that taste! I don't remember recently having lived something for the first time... mmmm... if I remember I will tell you later :) So that's why since the first time I visited your blog I liked you! Our signs are harmonious! Air element, Gemini - happy belated birthday, glad you enjoyed it! denisesplanet.com

  15. Happy belated Birthday wishes, and loads of hugs to your way :) Beautiful dresses & cute nails ! :) Really cute photos. x

    Indie by heart

  16. It' been ages since I've visited you! I've missed all your lovely photos :) and you look especially lovely in that long floral dress! Talking of firsts, my first ever designer item was my Tiffany necklace that I got for my 18th. I don't think I'll ever love a piece of jewellery more than it. It reminds me of home and my parents.

    Great post and photos!


    Click here to check out my blog – Hailes Hearts Fashion

  17. Happy belated!! You look so elegant in your maxi dress :) Oooh yay new chanel, the color is such a classic-- even if it is special edition lol. I love the nail art that you did with it. This is my first time hearing of a sandwich cake, very interesting hehe, it looks good from the picture!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  18. THAT DRESS!!!!!!!!!! is gorgeous!!! well...almost are gorgeous as those black and white photos!!! everything's just so summer...rey!

  19. Happy Birthday!!! Gorgeous dress, the styling possibilities are endless! Mmmm the food looks delicious! You should be a nature photographer, you are so talented.

  20. Congratulations Maiken! You look so beautiful in your stunning maxi dress! Thank you for your kind words on my blog! I really appreciate all the feedback you give me concerning my blog! I can't wait to read about your experiences here in Helsinki!

    E from Helsinki

  21. Happy belathed birthday! It's good to know and see that you are enjoying your vacation to the fullest. And that dress! You look gorgeous in it!


  22. olles paras maksiseelikute ja -kleitide fänn ütlen ilmselgelt, et superilus kleit on!

    ma näppisin ja hoidsin ka seda küünelakki käes - nii ilus suvine värv - aga mul on üsna sarnane toon olemas, nii et kaine mõistus sai imekombel võitu ja Chanel on küll Chanel, aga püsib jätkuvalt kehvasti peal :( aga noh, muidugi varvastel jällegi veits paremini :) ja värv on ilusilusilus!

    1. jah, tuleb tunnistada, et varvastel on tõsiselt hästi püsinud! vaatamata pidevale paljajalu ringi patseerimisele, lõputule muruniitmisele ja sellele järgnevale roheliste jalgade metsikule küürimisele ning lihtsalt mullale, liivale, tegelikult mis iganes suvistele teguritele :D ehk siis hea mitu nädalat on juba lakkimisest möödunud ja hetkel veel pole erilist kulumist märgata.

  23. glad you had a good 27th birthday dear maiken! pretty you in your dresses, the lovely greenery, and dear elvis. your nails look wonderful. i bet you are excited to try your new chanel polish. i want banana and nutella muffins. i'd never seen a sandwich cake before. i learn such new things from the blog world. :)

  24. Happy belated birthday, Maiken! It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful celebration - you're right, the most important thing on birthdays is to have a wonderful time with friends and family. I love the floral dress you wore - the long, elegant cut is absolutely perfect on you! And I'm sure it will look even more beautiful with your first Chanel manicure, how exciting! This week I got my first Diptyque candle - just a small thing, but one I've wanted for a long time, so it was very exciting :)

  25. Happy birthday lovely!!!! :) It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! I am very jealous of all of your bbqing going on! Haven't had the chance to bbq this year yet myself!
    i adore your thrifted maxi dress! You look gorgeous! i really love your hairstyle as well! so, so summery!
    banana-Nutella muffins?! please please share the recipe for that!!! I would love to try to make my own! they look delicious!!!!
    Can't wait to see what the Chanel nail polish will like on you!
    And yes, I did have a first recently: speed dating! On a plane! Hahah.. I know what it sounds like it! But still! My most recent post is about it, it's totally different to what I usually blog about.. :)
    Thank you so much for your kind words!! I'm so happy you like the header, it really means a lot to me! Definitely, I think once you reach the stage where you feel like you need a new one, you won't blog as effectively until you do! Well, that is at least true for me :) So maybe the trick to not be behind in blogging is to upgrade the header and make the blog feel fresh overall? :)
    XOXO Kasia

  26. Beautiful pictures Maikeni!! and you look gorgeous in that pink dress!!! :D


  27. Wow you look soooo pretty! These two dresses are amazing, I fell in love with the first one ♥♥♥

  28. that dress looks so beautiful on you! I love it. Happy 27th Bday! My 27th year was the best. a lot of wonderful things happened. I hope it's the same for you!


  29. Well, happy (extremely belated) birthday to you! I hope you had a lovely day. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous. I love the long sleeves and tropical print! Oh, and, that is the cutest dog ever.

    May the Force be with you.

  30. Happy belated birthday! Your hair is so pretty and I love your dresses! They're so stylish girl! The dogs are super cute and your photography is so pretty--I do that too--we all post some old photos every once in awhile. I'm glad you shared them!

  31. What a beautiful printed dress the colours are gorgeous on you, and happy belated birthday dear. I was just thinking of you, and yes we both were on a bit of a holiday. :-) Glad that you enjoyed yourself. Stunning as always! Wishing you a lovely week and new month. xx/Madison

  32. woww your thrifted maxi dress look incredibly beautiful! love the colors & the prints <3 and omg those sandwiches look super yumii!!

    lots of love xx