Trip season opening

First things first: thank you so much for all the comforting, sweet, thoughtful words and scary but useful tales about your thrilling incidents with eyes. You, guys, seriously are the best! By the way, I successfully completed the anti-inflammation treatment and am now (almost) carefully enjoying my normal eyesight again :)

But let's get to the point of today's particularly summery post. The very hot beginning of June (my birthday and vacation month as well!) produced us (myself, E. and my mom and dad) a trip to Haapsalu, a cosy seaside resort town located on the west coast of Estonia. There we visited a flea market, had lunch at pleasantly peculiar Müüriääre Café (in the food photo - my smoked chicken and blue cheese quiche with green salad = delicious!), walked by the sea and attended the spring fair in Epp Maria's Gallery.

By the way, that well-mannered handsome dragonfly actually dined with us and flew away as soon as we left our table. I guess sometimes even insects feel like associating. However, unfortunately the spring fair was not that great: several clothes and shoes were slightly too dirty and worn out for my liking (I'm a real nitpicker). Nevertheless I came across a brand new pair of beautiful silver earrings (8 euros) embellished with deep black zircon so it turned out to be a little success after all.

Before heading back home we visited scenic Nõva village and Peraküla beach for a short time which obviously means I want to go back and explore more and more. The fragile sand drifts, pleasantly scented beautiful pinetrees (conifers are my utmost favourites!) and naturally the sea itself just stand for real Estonian summer in my book and nothing can beat that. Although I must also point out the water was freezing and my feet grew numb while taking the photos. But all in all the four of us had a blazing hot and amusing much needed vacation day by the beautiful sea.

Emporio Armani sunnies | Monton (?) earrings | H&M hair elastics | Oriflame bracelet | Lacoste camera bag | thrifted ICON mini dress | Jeffrey Campbell Bad Alice flats | mom's freshly thrifted cardigan.

By the way, talking about the sea, I and E. will visit Helsinki in Finland on June 18 during our summer holidays. It's a one day cruise and we have considered visiting Helsinki Zoo in Korkeasaari when it doesn't rain or The Tropical Animal House Tropicario and The University of Helsinki Botanical Garden at Kaisaniemi when it should rain for some weird reason. A little shopping is a must too, of course but only a little ;) Perhaps I will even put together a tiny wishlist and share it here with you. We'll see that.

For the time being my Finnish readers (hello Elisabeth, Lara and Satu!) but also everyone else who has some can share their recommendations concerning our trip. I have been to Finland pretty much a thousand times so discovering something fresh and cool would be particularly awesome.
Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my photo heavy post, and definitely share your thoughts with me because I love reading those. Till next time, sweeties!


  1. maiken, that quiche looks and sounds yummy! your thrifted mini dress is perfect for summer and fits you fabulously. :) those little tree photos are sweet.

  2. You always have such wonderful little trips! I'm loving this floral dress and your green cardigan. :)

    Trendy Teal

  3. Hey, awesome post...love it!
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  4. I'm glad to hear (read:)) your eyes are getting better!! I have some issues with eyes and I can relate - that's scary and really really annoying.

    P.S.: That floral dress is adorable! And it fits you perfectly, babe.;)

  5. Wow, I felt like this blog post was made for me - twice! First, when I saw that dragonfly, I was like wooooow! Such an amazing shot, I don't know if you would like to share it but if that is the case, I would love to have it as an email so I could print out the photo. It's very rare to get that good and close of a shot of a dragonfly!
    Second, I'm delighted over the fact that you will visit Helsinki, and so soon! I got now widely excited about this fact and I will email you about this tomorrow! ;) How many days will you stay here for?

    E from Helsinki

  6. The earrings are beautiful. So classy and versatile! And I like the dress as well. So colourful :)


  7. It sounds like a nice trip! And how lovely that you're already planning your next one! You're so lucky to be so well travelled!

  8. YAY! Glad to hear that your eye is getting back to normal. And Haapsalu sounds like such a fun place, I love seaside resorts! So calming and cozy:) And ooo your floral dress is really pretty, I like the print and colors it has! WHOA that is a really cool picture of the dragonfly. Can't believe it's so in focus. Looks really cool :p

  9. I'm glad to hear your eye is finally getting back to normal - and hurray for summer holidays finally arriving! I know that this is something that you wait for all year and I'm so excited for you that it's finally here, you definitely deserve the break :) I've never been to Helsinki, but I've heard wonderful things about it; I can't wait to learn more from you when you get back! In the meantime, I'm enjoying your day trip photos, particularly the one where you're standing in the surf. What a beautiful photo of you!

  10. Im happy to hear dear that you feel better and that you had such a wonderful trip! You look flawless as usual! I especially love the photo where you're standing in water. It seems like the summer is fully on in Estonia! Have a great sunny week dear




  11. Glad your eyes are feeling better! Love that purple floral dress on you :)

  12. I love the floral dress on you, it's so pretty! The picture of you on the beach is beautiful. So glad your eyes are better!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. WOW the picture of the fly is AWESOME! What camera do you use ?
    You look so lovely in this dress ♥♥

    1. Olympus E-520 is my camera :)

  14. I love the ambiant of your photos. Floral printed dress with green sweeter is excellent choice!

  15. Oh my, I love these pics. You snapped a pic of a fly.. I wish I had a camera good enuff to photograph bugs! Haha, you have Lapin Kulta :D :D
    Wow.. About Helsinki, Korkeasaari is the 1st place I recommend to everyone. For shopping, have you visited Kauppahalli in Hakaniemi before (special little shops with cute and weird stuff plus snacks)?
    Also do visit Bubble, a soft drink bar in the railway station in case you like Bubble Tea :)

  16. Anonymous11/6/13 02:11

    Loved the picture at the sea! (I love the sea!) I liked the floral outfit very much! And the facade of the Cafe is so sweet with painted fruit! I like rustic places too, like the one with trees as benches - really very nice! I wish you a great trip on the 18th! I didn't find a heavy pictured post - I love seeing your pictures, honestly! Sorry that I didn't come here earlier, but I am facing some family issues... and need to solve them soon!

  17. This looks like such a nice trip. What a lovely post, and pictures to go with it! I look forward to reading about your time in Helsinki! I have family in Helsinki but have not be fortunate to go as of yet...


  18. love everything!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.com)

  19. Lovely photos :) Your floral mini dress looks really adorable and versatile piece - perfect for summer.

    Reply: Awwww thank you thank you dear !! I'm so happy right now. It means a lot that you liked it. :) Even though it wasn't completely my everyday-style, I loved putting this kind of outfit together and rock it ;)

    Indie by heart

  20. I always love seeing your travels!!! how cute are your parents. I love that shot of you and your mom. you look gorgeous in the florals and i'm drooling over those JC shoes!


  21. im glad to hear you're feeling better :) you look so cute with your pigtails!! and i love your dress!! so lovely :)


  22. Great to hear you are doing better dear. I always enjoy viewing your lovely photos nature and especially love the one of the dragonfly. Sounds like a nice holiday! Wishing you a wonderful week. xx/Madison

  23. You are so pretty with pigtails, you have the prettiest hair! (I'm so jealous of you ladies with the long, curly hair, it's just beautiful.) It looks like you had a pretty amazing trip, the picture by the beach looks awesome. It's so nice being able to get away for a while and get a chance to relax and un-wind. Those black diamond(im assuming they're black diamonds anyways) are really pretty!

  24. Please excuse my long absence, I am catching up now though! I love how whenever its raining and freezing here your posts light up and look so Spring! Very jealous. Love that floral dress on you so much.

    Couture Caddy xx

  25. väga nunnud kõrvarõngad! ja no Haapsalu on mul küll juba must-visit listis igal suvel mitu aastat järjest, aga ikka ma ei jõua sinna. viimati käisin päris väikesena, nii et ma siiralt loodan, et sel suvel nii jälle ei lähe, et sinna ei jõuagi...

    1. need kõrvakad on mu suured lemmikud nüüd ja õnneks sobivad põhimõtteliselt kõigega :)
      aga suvi ju alles algab järgmisel nädalal, nii-et küllap ikka jõuad oma Haapsalu tiirud ära teha veel ;)

  26. all the photos look super cozy and like you are having quality time!!! AND the pizza looks incredible yummyyyyy :D


  27. Hii darling! Long time no speak! I'm terribly sorry about that, I've just been having the worst past few months trying to scrape it through my final year of uni! But that's all done now, so I'm back to blogging! I can see I have a lot to catch up on!
    I'm really sorry to hear about your eyes, but at the same time very happy and relieved to hear that it's all better now! definitely a lesson learned the hard way!! Must have been such a scary experience.. :/
    You look gorgeous as always and i love the edits to the grey photos!! :)
    XOXO Kasia

  28. Oh, an olive trench coat sounds interesting!
    I didn't know that you sew!
    I thought I might print a photo of your dragonfly and make a poster of it :)

    E from Helsinki

  29. I really like your photographs! And the dress looks great with that cardigan!


  30. Amazing pics dear Maiken ! Love that floral piece, also, you look amazing !

    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  31. Stunning photos, especially the little insect! Amazing! Great style :-)

    Sky High Style


  32. Reply to your comment:
    I haven't tried Lipcote before, but it has proven itself to be worthy all money (even though it was REALLY cheap ;)) I hope you'll find something similar too! I haven't spotted Lipcote or anything like it at our stores, but perhaps you have more luck. :)
    I haven't used Aussie before either, so it was nice to get this one with great sale. They cost over 10 euros here, and to me that is a lot for shampoo .. Well, they're really great products that take proper care of my hair, so I guess it's not that big of a price after all :)

    AND yayy, have a nice visit in Finland! Too bad I'm not coming over to Helsinki yet, I will in two weeks .. Because I'll go to Riga for 5 days! :) My summer vacation started last Friday and I can't wait to get abroad - even though it's just this little trip. I better make some other plans for the holiday as well, otherwise I'll wait for the trip during the whole vacation :D

  33. heyyy babe! long time no talk :) how are you? Miss you! I've been crazy busy with school. i didnt catch the post about your eye sight, but im happy things are better :) i've changed a lot of stuff at my blog currently, new name and everything! i plan to blog more now that school is (kind of) slowing down :) talk soon and hope you are well!

    xx james

  34. very dreamy pics...
    Love them!

    I absolutely adore your blog. Your style is great with wonderful pieces.

    Following u now via Goggle +/ bloglovin/ facebook. Follow me back if you like! ♥
    Say meow to me on:
    Miss Aggie Kwong
    Facebook: Miss Aggie Kwong

  35. Yay finally time for your well deserved vacation! That close up of the dragon fly kinda freaked me out, not gonna lie, but composition wise it's so beautifully taken! Your time at the beach sounds so wonderful. Too bad you didn't get to go at the end of the summer cause the water would be warmer, but it still looks pretty :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  36. Such an amazing photos, especially love the earring you bought. They are adorable!!
    It good to hear, that your eye is already better.
    Have a wonderful time on your vacation! I remember you've written of how you are waiting for holidays to come. See, they came!! :D Now I'm the one who is craving for vacation.

    With love, Egle G. {HideInSugar}

  37. Glad to hear your eye is recovering nicely! Your dress is beautiful and I love that photo of you in the water. What a neat photo of the dragonfly, up close and personal.

  38. ure a june babe! now i know that. Happy birthday in advance if its not here yet. U look beautiful as always esp in those braids. nice set of earrings i must say.

  39. Anonymous21/6/13 08:18

    Oh my! What happened to your eyes? I'm really glad that you're doing well now! I'm sorry I haven't been in touch. Anyways, amazing post. I've always liked flea markets. I'm hoping to visit one soon.

    I hope you had a fantastic time at your cruise and that you'll have an awesome time in Finland!

    P.S. Thanks for always supporting Viva La Breee!

    - B

  40. That's an amazing place! So quaint and homely =) Love the floral dress - and that coat!

    - Che


  41. Aw, so glad to hear that your eyes are doing better! Glad you survived that scary situation!

    What a lovely place! your hair is so pretty in braids and I just love that pretty floral dress!

    Following now on bloglovin (:

  42. That first shot is so enchanting! Wow, you can even make a fly's head look beautiful, and I'm usually squeamish when it comes to bugs. Great photos!


  43. Hope you've been enjoying your long awaited holiday! This looks like such a wonderful day out,Id be walking in that water too,even if it was bitterly cold,I love the water and beaches,and cant think of anything more relaxing.Shame about that market not being great,but those earrings are gorgeous,even if you have to rummage through alot of stuff,if you find a gem like these its worth it!
    I love that little dress your wearing,looks wonderful on you. x