Good old Karepa beach

Hello! My inspiration level, mainly when it comes to blogging, is extremely low right now and writing this post has been a massive struggle but I'm still bravely doing it because after all I'm as stubborn as a mule :) So, more or less two weeks ago I and my fiancé repeated our own history and took a nice little road trip to Karepa beach, also called our paradise beach (look back on our previous trips from 2011 here and 2012 here).

We just love the place because it's truly peaceful, i.e. noisy kiddies and their unconcerned parents haven't occupied it; only some well-mannered individuals and sweet doggies have. Besides, it's beautiful, the sand is silky smooth and the seawater of the place is pleasantly warm. Which also means I swam for the very first time this summer and it was awesome! So I believe you understand me when I confess I didn't want to leave.. at all. I even wanted to move there, haha. But it was already late, we both got terribly hungry and still had to turn back.

Tommy Hilfiger Swimwear bikini | D&G sunnies | thrifted dress | gladiator sandals from Crete.

But now, several weeks later I discovered additional interesting information about Karepa medicinal plant gardens, Kalame Farm Museum and a couple of authentic local pubs in Altja and Palmse. Conclusion? Obviously we yet have a lot to discover and experience.

Anyway, we completed our day off with hamburgers (I tested Hesburger's Ruis Burger and quite liked it) and some "mandatory" sale shopping in a New Yorker store. As you can see I scraped up a pair of studded apricot tan colour pants (€29.95 6.95) and a pair of spectra green bikini bottoms (€8.95 2.95; I wanted the top part too but the only one left there was huge). But all in all the sales in Rakvere were quite boring and in most stores of course not even big enough to catch a glimpse of their goodies. Or I simply want to whine, who knows.

On a completely different note, about 28 days (including 19 workdays and 9 days off) to go and my second, 17 days long short vacation will be finally here.. or at least it should be. I bet I already sound desperate but I can't help myself, I'm in great need of my holidays! Oh and before I go, I have been tensely assorting and organizing my jewellery collection and can probably show you the result soon, of course if you're interested, so be responsive and let me know :) And by all means enjoy my summery photos because unfortunately autumn is not far any more. See you!


  1. Great body and seems like such a nice quiet place to relax.x

  2. Oh what lovely photos, it almost made me feel as if I were the one on the beach! Thanks for sharing!

  3. My motivation to blog was also super.. not ;P! Now I'm back, hope it will last this time.
    Love the place, peaceful beaches are the best! Also, love your tats!!!
    Happy holidays :)
    And yes please, really wanna see your jewellery ;D

  4. Silky sand? Is that possible or am I laying behind on something? Wow, you have a great body! (i.e. impressed over here) and yes, I 'm curious at your jewellery collection.

    X me-travelleroftheworld.blogspot.com

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  6. Oh man, it looks like paradise for sure! These are stunning photos girl, I'm pretty jealous ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. I love that last photo, I don't know if I would be brave enough to stand in drass/ plants that long. Ah that beach sounds like a dream. Props to you for blogging even if the motivation was lacking, we've all been there. Nothing wrong with counting down the days to the next vacation ;)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  8. You had me at "noisy kiddies and their unconcerned parents haven't occupied it". Our beaches are crammed with so much annoying families its frustrating!

    Hooray for the upcoming vacation ^_^

  9. Looks lovely and sandy. I love sandy beaches

  10. Hiya dear, yes I can understand why you didn't want to leave. As for motivation for blogging we have all been there I am sure, but glad that you stuck it out to make this post. I love your fab finds as always, you're a gifted thrifter! Wishing you much inspiration and a joyous coming week. xx/Madison

  11. Oh 17 days is definitely not short! Enjoy your second vacation :) x

  12. A bech without noisy kids and their ambivalent parents sounds blissful... it looks like you had the place practically to yourselves, its no wonder you didn't want to leave; overall I'm not a beach girl but looking at these photos I'm thinking maybe its all of the crowds and people and noise and garbage that really bother me. I'll have to test this theory if I can ever find a quiet beach ;) I'm so glad to hear that your next vacation is coming up soon. My month long holiday begins on Thursday (although in truth I still have to work, but I'm limiting my schedule a lot; this is the advantage of working freelance) and I can't wait!

  13. Oh it looks like a nice, beautiful and quiet place. I would totally love to spend my vacations there. I love your new pants and also the pictures as usual :)

  14. such lovely photos!!! i love your swim suit! its so cute :D


  15. Lovely photos i like it and also amazing outfit

  16. That beach sure does look peaceful and relaxing. I love that. And I love your bathing suit and dress!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  17. I'm happy to see that you've enjoyed the seaside as well! That last photo of you is just beautiful! And again, love your tattoos. I lose count on how many times I've told you that. Don't worry, your holiday will be here soon! Any plans?
    Thank you Maiken for your lovely comment on my blog!

    E from Helsinki

  18. That beach looks so beautiful and peaceful, wonderful pics Maiken ! And you have an awesome figure in a bikini, congratulation ;) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
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  19. looking so nice in all photos

  20. Now this right here is paradise! Such beautiful pictures:)! Btw, thank you so much for the kind words on my video! I'm following you now on GFC:)!

  21. Beautiful photos. Wish beaches over were that gorgeous.


  22. ah, the beach! such a summery and wonderful feel about this post!

    lindsey louise


  23. That beach sounds so great, I love it when the water is actually warm enough to swim in! And that printed dress you're wearing is sooo pretty, I really like how flowy it looks. And nice purchases! The studded jeans look so versatile:)

  24. you seriously take the most amazing photos! and great pants! so cute. you also look fab in your bikini. so jealous!


  25. ma just millalgi mõtlesin, et mida aeg edasi, seda külmakartlikumaks ma muutun ja esimene ujumine jääb aina kaugemale ja kaugemale... sel suvel jõudsin millalgi juuli keskel korra merre ja paar päeva tagasi peipsisse. ja kogu lugu. minu kohta jube vähe, aga siuke jube külmavares on minust saanud, et kole kohe :D

    1. minu esimene ujumine toimus 13. juulil, niiet ka peaaegu juuli keskel, ja pärast seda polegi rohkem kuskile veekogu äärde jõudnud. loodetavasti ikka tekib veel neid käikusid enne, kui sügis jälle möllama hakkab.
      aga üks kurb uudis ka. sa läksid jälle spämmi :(

    2. kfg%$8#!fghhj !!! ma ei oska kohe midagi öelda selle peale enam...

  26. Good for you for pushing through your inspiration block, I've been having the same thing. Getting to town only once a week for internet and trying to scheduale posts blows. :P (Hah, I shouldn't complain at all.) I've been mia lately but it's so exciting seeing your posts because I love seeing the beautiful scenery in your country and really, you do take the best pictures of flowers! I've been studying your photographs trying to figure out how to take photos of flowers but mine never come out as vibrant as yours do. (Your's should be published, they're beautiful.) All of that sand looks amazing and wonderful and it's cool to finally see some photo of your tattoos, they're really cool looking!

    1. thank you, dear :) maybe it comes down to the lens? I'm usually using 35mm F3.5 macro lens from Zuiko Digital. it's perfect for capturing the tiny details and nuances. by the way, if you have any questions just send me an e-mail :)

  27. That looks the perfect beach!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  28. This beach looks awesome, I think I'd love to know Karepa, and it has a medicinal plant? Even better!
    You look really gorgeous!!!! In a great shape, congratulations! I'm trying to lose weight, gained due to something awful that happened 2 years ago. So wish me luck! You really look as an inspiration, really beautiful!
    I always love your finds, and prices! Wow, those amazing pants for that price? Unbelievable, again, congratulations!
    I know what you mean, by needing holidays! I came to South America to relax and it seems it went a bit wrong and now I want to go back to the UK again soon! I hope the time for your vacations arrive soon too!
    I want to thank you for your always amazing words to me! I want to say that I look forward to reading your thoughts and you don't know, in this short time we "know" each other, how much they mean! I think you are a great girl! denisesplanet com

  29. Thaanks ♥

    Oh this place is so beautiful, I wish I could go in holidays this year...
    Btw the pictures are great, & you're such in a good shape!


  30. I need a beach day so bad! Lovely photos! :)


  31. You look incredible on the beach?! Id live in a bikini if I had a body like yours :D
    That beach looks and sounds so perfect and beautiful,no screaming children?sounds perfect.
    I love your goodies and such a shame you couldnt get the matching bikini top,I love the bottoms,such a lovely pattern.
    Your last photo is really beautiful!
    ..and of course Im jewellery obsessed and would love to see your organised jewels! x

  32. maiken, yes i want to see your jewelry collection! i adore the black and white photo of you in the field. i'm jealous of your beach trip. sending hugs to your dog elvis. :)