Loosen up my buttons

Hey! My longfrantically-awaited vacation is reality now and I actually started writing this very post on Tuesday while lying lazily in the sun, working on my tan, enjoying my ephemeral freedom. And most definitely I can't believe the last month of summer is pretty much over and it will be autumn month September beginning already from this Sunday. Absolutely unreal, isn't it?

Anyway, since so many of you, my dear readers, have repeatedly been interested in my our vacation plans I'm now finally going to reveal a little something. That is to say we will spend September 2 till September 4 in Saka Manor. It is a special place high up on the mighty limestone bank where natural and cultural heritage meet. Natural, by the way, means one of Estonian national icons limestone, and cultural stands for the neo-renaissance style mansion. Our package there is called Relaxation Package and I believe it's exactly what we need to get ready for new professional challenges ;) But enough of all those spoilers! You will hear everything you need when we're back and hopefully full of new energy and power.

Now, let's talk about today's first set of photos (hence the title too, obviously). I recently got some fresh second hand buttons (check out the collage above) and after that decided to show you my modest collection of second hand, mostly vintage buttons. Everything here is gotten for free and my utmost favourites are probably the golden and silvery ones demonstrated below in separate photographs... though I actually find them all pretty awesome and utterly photogenic. So, I'm highly curious, do you, guys, collect something rather odd as well? What?

Prada sunnies | Seppälä earrings | thrifted Satsu London dress | thrifted Divided by H&M jacket | thrifted Lady Carlotta vintage pumps.

And lastly the second, whopping bunch of photos, each and every one taken on August 11 when we were heading back home from Rakvere, using those old, rustic country roads. We both drank in the unusually heavenly silence and stillness while taking those outfit shots. I also just had to snap those other photos to share the beautiful late summer surroundings with you so I do hope you enjoy everything I have for you today. And be sure to let me know what you think because reading your opinions always motivates me to give my very best :) See you after our spa break!


Eyes of the tiger in Viljandi

Hello! A particularly busy weekend just ended and instead of relaxing we stubbornly wrestled with our firewood for the quietly arriving winter. In my opinion autumn is always the shortest season and winter just cuts in by force although it's clearly the suckiest time of the year (heating everything, thick clothes, snow and slipperiness everywhere = triple annoying!). Anyhow, our firewood is in its place now and that's already a significant win. Plus, dealing with the firewood for two long days in a row stands for some hardcore workout and that's also a pretty nice win ;) But enough of all that talk about working since I actually wanted to tell you about our lovely day trip to Viljandi, one of my favourite towns in Estonia.

So, as early as on August 3 I and my fiancé decided to spend a hot summery Saturday in Viljandi. We walked through the beautiful cosy Old Town again and again, at the same time visiting a couple of thrift shops. I spent merely 1.30 euros in one specific store and got an absolutely fabulous (how can I not love the royal print?) vintage blouse for 1 euro and a cute little box with an elephant painting for 30 cents. I just really like elephants for some reason :) But I also came across those particularly cool earrings (€4.95 1) while visiting local Seppälä and I'm rather crazy about that kind of earrings so it was an excellent discovery! Do you own something similar?

Emporio Armani sunnies | Lindex statement necklace | Kids by Lindex crop top | Lindex belt | Amisu denim shorts | Tamaris sandals | thrifted vintage satchel.

Anyway, on top of everything else we put Café Harmoonia to the test and it came out as a definite winner. My green salad with chicken fillet and Caesar dressing was delicious and it filled my tummy for a surprisingly long time. E.'s barbecue smoked pork tenderloin was also tasty and actually the whole experience was utterly pleasing. Check out their detailed Facebook page here.

By the way, later on, before arriving home we stopped at a gas station and tried pita kebab for the first time ever and gosh it was yummy! Another magnificent discovery from that day. So in the same way as always I hope y'all enjoy the photos. And do wish me luck and durability because there are only three more workdays left and my especially long-awaited vacation is finally here! See you!


Maxi love, at last, and a tiny Lindex haul

Howdy! Do you remember my thrifted black Fancy Girls maxi skirt with two different types of exchanged golden buttons from my previous post?
So, it's one of my two maxi skirts and that's it, my entire modest collection. At least one section in my wardrobe is very modest, which, as a matter of fact, is a great success in my book, haha. Anyway, I wore this specific skirt for the very first time already on July 27 when we took a casual shopping trip to good old Tartu. And when it comes to shopping I was also highly reserved and came across only three suitable cheap things, all from trusty Lindex.

Emporio Armani sunnies | Monton earrings | Cubus top | thrifted Fancy Girls maxi skirt | Jeffrey Campbell Bad Alice flats | Hello Kitty watch.

For one thing I finally discovered a pretty much perfect statement necklace. When I saw it I immediately knew this was the right one for me and moreover it was the last one available there with such a wonderful price (€17.95 5.39!!). Secondly I attacked their children's department and this was a great smashing success as well. In other words I got myself brand-new (obviously, haha) minty-peachy bikini for absolutely ridiculous €2.69 8.95 and a fantastic tiger print crop top (€14.95 4.49) that is just perfect for a girl born in the year of the tiger and proudly wearing a tiger tattoo. Are there any "tigers" among my readers too and do you have a special "thing" with your animal sign? Oh and if you don't even know your animal sign yet check it out through this site. By the way, I sported the tiger top together with my statement necklace the weekend before last when I and my fiancé spent a lovely summer Saturday in Viljandi. But this is already another post's story with new photos.

Today's topic, our July 27 ended at my parents' place with a small barbecue party. I didn't take too many photos there but you can still see something, for example my fresh yellow (and at the same time my only pair of) flip-flops from Guess brought to me by my mom on the very same day. Besides, Elvis and Jenny (my parents' doggie) also joyfully greet you :)

Anyway, less than two more weeks left and my vacation is finally here (gosh how desperate I must sound but I just can't help myself any more, it's so close!). Oh and if all goes well then I can soon tell you about a delightful collaboration offer I got a few days ago. Exciting exciting! But for the time being enjoy my photos and definitely let me know what you think!


Blurred tales

Happy August! Honestly, I can't believe the last month of summer 2013 has already arrived! But at the same time August's sudden entry means my second vacation will be here in just about 3 (hopefully quick but effective) weeks, yay! But enough of that. Today's post is more than blurred, it's about a rather old outfit, a blossoming cactus, blazing summer weekends, some thrifted, non-thrifted and DIY clothes... and another, more recent outfit. So, let's better get started!

In the first place you can see my simple outfit from July 14, conjointly something I wear pretty much every day to work, i.e. a simple duet of a dress and a comfy pair of pumps or flats. When it comes to the photos that cute furry lady next to me is my grandparents' St. Bernard Laura, by the way. She is one of the sweetest, warm-heartedest doggies I've ever met, and a poseur too, apparently. Oh and that concrete H&M dress (€29.95 10) came from Finland together with my parents and the light pink H&M sweater with a bright pink splash on it (€14.95 7; no. 1 in my "new in" collage below).

H&M dress | Emporio Armani sunnies | KayleighJean bracelets | Miss Sixty pumps.

The other items from my collage are following: no. 2 - thrifted floral velvety skirt for autumn (€0); no. 3 - thrifted Cheap Monday tank top (€1); no. 4 - thrifted Fancy Girls maxi skirt with exchanged buttons (€0); no. 5 - DIY maxi skirt made from a thrifted fabric (€0). And when it comes to item no. 4 you will see me wearing it for the first time already in my next post (check out the sneak peek photo of that outfit below my "new in" collage!) so be on your guard ;)

Anyhow, the rest of my various photos were taken at our home on July 26 and 28. One of my three cactuses blossomed and that's always a pretty sight worth capturing. And last weekend I made a quick and yummy pizza with Gouda cheese, cheese sausage, tomato, onion and basil. As you can see Elvis was also keeping his sharp eye on the pizza and beer. So I hope you liked this prompt post because I really wanted to share those slightly nostalgic photographs from bygone July. By the way, what are your plans for the last month of summer? Take care and let me know your thoughts :)