Spa vacation in northeastern Estonia, day 1 (+ a beauty haul)

Before telling you all about our first day, September 2 in Saka Manor I have a small beauty haul which I find worth sharing. I bought each and every product from Rakvere before heading to Saka Manor and well, here they all are!

rasà purifying face mask with natural clay and sage for all skin types (50 ml €2.70) -
a gentle and effective skin care product for deep cleaning. Clay stimulates skin's natural functions and purifies pores. At the same time an excellent combination of medicinal herbs (sage, ivy, weed) firms the skin and helps to control skin's lipid balance. I can sincerely say this is the best face mask I have ever used and it leaves my face oh so soft and satisfied in every possible way! I definitely recommend it to you :)

rasà mild herbal shampoo with camomile, marigold and avocado extract for sensitive skin (250 ml €2.70) -
it's paraben and SLS free and doesn't comprise any aggressive agents which may irritate scalp or cause allergic reactions. Extracts of camomile, marigold and avocado soften and smooth the hair. It smells like a nice handful of natural herbs and lathers quite decently but unfortunately remains slightly too weak for my capricious (=extra long + extra thick + stubbornly curly) hair. It cleanses properly, yes but it also causes some unwelcome tangles I'm not too thrilled about.

rasà nutritional hair balsam with cashmere and D-panthenol (150 ml €2.40) -
cashmere gives hair flexibility and healthy shine and D-panthenol maintains hair's natural humidity balance and increases resistance to harmful environmental effects. When I apply it I can totally feel the smoothness at first but when it's time to rinse my hair is not so smooth anymore and it doesn't make combing easier like it actually should. So I guess the shampoo and the conditioner from this Lithuanian brand are just not the best ones for me although I do like the shine and the tender herbal scent they leave behind.

By the way, since I'm highly curious: what are YOUR favourite (and of course the most efficient) shampoo and conditioner?

John Frieda root awakening® strength restoring™ shampoo (44 ml less than €0.50) -
stimulates and feeds the roots, fortifying to reduce breakage for visibly healthier hair. Improves hair health with natural eucalyptus and totally smells like it too! I grabbed it because of the handy travel size and haven't tried it yet whereas I simply haven't travelled long distances lately ;)

Lindex skull shape hair elastic (€2.95) -
I just absolutely love it and it had been consistently tormenting me since the very first time I saw it in the same Lindex store!

Anyway, now about our very first day afternoon in utterly cosy Saka Manor.
After checking in we first explored the Seatower. Soviet border guard's powerful projector was situated inside that extravagant building till 1992. In the dark it lightened the sea in a radius of 10 km. Nowadays it contains a spectacular sightseeing platform (perfect for taking outfit photos ;) and five conference rooms. By the way, when you look closely at my evening outfit further below you can see that building making a display in the background but first comes my purely casual outfit of the day.

Emporio Armani sunnies | Chillin accessories stud earrings | Lindex bomber jacket | Maison Scotch long-sleeved tee + necklace | thrifted Gap Jeans denim skirt | Guess Ivian bag | Jeffrey Campbell Bad Alice flats.

But then it finally was the long-awaited spa time! We spent almost 1.5 pleasant hours in the pool area and enjoyed the pool with a waterfall and underwater jets, a contrast bath, classic Finnish sauna and steam sauna to the utmost. Time spent well flew by imperceptibly of course and next both of us could use a massage armchair for the first time ever. I personally think it was a pretty cool experience, especially because of the intensity (strong is good!) but E. prefers the good old classical massage.
I thought about taking some pictures too but honestly I was enjoying myself way too much to actually go and get the camera from our room.

So, in the evening we had reservations in their exquisite à la carte restaurant located on the basement floor of the Saka Manor mansion. We had pork striploin roulade fillet with cream cheese and vegetables for the main course and lime cream cheesecake with raspberry coulis for dessert. It sure was a delicious evening in wonderful atmosphere. And we also found ourselves a well-fed hairy stalker who you can see below ;)

Oriflame earrings | Lindex statement necklace | thrifted Never Mind knitwear | thrifted Cheap Monday tank top | thrifted TwentyFive:Seven jeans | Guess Ivian bag | Topshop Jazzhands glitter peep shoes.

All in all it was a lovely first day and I hope you, my dear readers, enjoyed my oh so long post. The next one will be a surprise post by the way! It's not going to be Spa vacation in northeastern Estonia, day 2 yet so keep your eyes open and I'll see you soon!


  1. I've never heard of cashmere in hair cream before, it sounds so luxurious! Can't wait to see and read more about your vacation!

  2. The pictures are really nice - it looks like a very nice place to go for a relax time :))


  3. Sounds amazing and the food looks so good! I need a spa day! :)

  4. Your spa day sounds like it was amazing and relaxing. So fun! And you look so pretty in this last outfit!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. This sounds like such a beautiful and relaxing day! I love your shoes too :)
    Have a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah


  6. Your spa vacation sounds absolutely wonderful... and like just what I need after two weeks of non-stop travelling! You must have come home feeling so relaxed. I love both of the outfits you've shown here, but especially the second - you know how I feel about black and white :)

    As for shampoos, my favourites in France are from Garnier. They're inexpensive but still work really well. In North America my hair is still trying to figure itself out... it's hard to say if my shampoo is working well when my hair is different every day!

  7. Looks like superb time :). Alo, love your style as always! :) I like John Frieda products too, but my fave shampoos and conditioners are Paul Mitchell- just that I rarely use them since they are expensive. I use any cheap stuff from the market, lol :)
    x, Lara

  8. Wonderful! I am due for a spa day soon, perhaps on the weekend. You look great, I particularly love that jacket and your bags. Looks to be such a wonderful time and great products too. xx/Madison :)

  9. Anonymous17/9/13 06:30

    Wow, a spa vacation! I need one of those! It sounds so relaxing! My favorite shampoo is actually the John Frieda root awakening one! I also love my L'oreal everpure conditioner, because it's very moisturizing! The water looks absolutely amazing there, what a beautiful place for a spa day!


  10. Looks like a lot of fun, love your outfit!
    Love this post :)


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    Instagram: KendraAlexandra
    Facebook: StolenInspiration

    Ohhh by the way we have a great giveaway on at the moment!

  11. You and your vacations...you always make me long for a trip. Haha, love your hair and houndstooth jacket! Plus, the spa products make me want to have a girl's night in and pamper myself :P

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  12. The whole first day and the relaxing spa vacation sounds perfect. I love the treatments you got - so relaxing! I'm very curious to hear about the day 2. Your matchy bags are awesome;)




  13. Omg, that food really does look exquisite, babe! And you looked just lovely, those shoes are pretty cool! As for the shampoo and conditioner question - I really don't care about the conditioner, I use whatever is available, but I'm really picky with my shampoo, I only use Head&Shoulders - I read somewhere that's really bad for your hair and scalp if you change your shampoo so that's what I'm sticking to.:)

  14. Oh I love the second outfit, so chic!

    Well I just realized that your not in my Blogroll & that must change!
    I add you immediately ♥

  15. John Frieda šampoonid-palsamid on minu kogemuse põhjal päris asjalikud ja ma isegi kasutasin neid mõnd aega. Fekkai meeldis mulle ka millalgi, aga ma lõpuks lihtsalt ei raatsinud seda enam osta... ja seda polnud siis Eestist saada ka (vb nüüd on, ma ei tea). aga millalgi ma hakkasingi mõtlema, et ei tahaks parabeene ja sulfaati sisaldavaid šampoone väga, sest need justkui kuivataks eriti mu juukseid ja peanahka koos selle jube lubjase Tartu veega, ja siis avastasin live clean (oli vist nimi) šampoonid, mis on rahakotile tunduvalt sõbralikumad (4.90 + partnerkaardi soodustus) ja töötavad minu juustel suurepäraselt :)

    ps! leidsin patsikad ka, aga eneselegi üllatuseks leidsin nad Lindexist. ja pärast nägin, et uhiuues H&Mis oli ka neid jee :)

    1. oi, ma polnud kuulnudki neist kahest, aga kui kunagi kaupsi jõudma peaksin, siis äkki uurin seda viimasena mainitud varianti :) ma olen nii halb klient olnud, et mulle ei saadeta isegi neid Hooaegu enam koju :D aga jah, see õige šampooni leidmine on ikka paras peavalu, eriti veel, kui juuksed ei tea vahel ise ka, mida nad tahavad, haha. ja muide, Lindex on viimasel ajal VÄGA positiivselt mind üllatanud. alles möödunud pühapäeval sai seal veidi šopatud jälle :P

  16. Oh, that cat on the last photo looks just like mine. Only fatter. A bit. Y'know. :D

  17. oh wow the spa part sounds amazing!! im glad you got some relaxation :) btw you look so gorgeous in the last look!! so fabulous and chic :)


  18. Ah a spa vacation, that's something I need to do as soon as I get a job and have a good salary. It sounds like you had a good time there, the pictures are gorgeous! I love your shoes in the first outfit and the whole combo of the second outfit.

  19. Great photos :)

  20. Sounds so relaxing,the massage chairs,pool with jets,yes please,would love nothing more then to go on a spa retreat. First of all,Im loving your beauty treats before and for,I love to do this,a set of all new products to treat,and try out! I love those jeffery campbell flats,and that guess bag,gorgeous flash of orange.Your meal from that basement resturant looks and sounds fantastic,though Id find it hard to eat,as it all looks so perfectly presented!!
    Happy to hear your vacation went so well,so far x

  21. ooo awesome goodies you picked up, and it looks like you had an amazing time! sounds like a gorgeous place!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  22. Spa day, glorious! What a lovely way to unwind with your man, sounds so relaxing! You look lovely, the jewelled statement necklace is so pretty!

  23. Oooh, what great beauty finds! John Frieda is a great brand. I personally like to use Ganier Fructis' Nutrition--it smells so good!

    Ah, what an exquisite looking trip--I'm dying at the photos of the scrumptious-looking food. I absolutely love your edgy looks too--your braided hair is so pretty and I love that chic orange bag! Your statement necklace is really something as well (:

    Glad you got a chance to enjoy yourself--sometimes it's nice just to live in the moment rather than worry about taking photos. You deserved this awesome vacay!

  24. First of all I am a fan of Maison Scotch! Second: Love all your outfits. You look amazing. Third thing, Rasa is Lithuanian brand, I've used it before I've found Uoga Uoga cosmetics (if you remember I posted about it on my blog);)
    I do not have any favorit shampoo, just buy it randomly.

  25. maiken, i want to go on a spa vacation! aren't you glad you got all those hair/skin products to discover which ones were best for you. i wish i could eat that cheesecake right this minute. ;) oh i wish it was cool enough here to start wearing jackets. your statement necklace with the houndstooth black and white jacket are very elegant! you've found some great thrifted jeans and denim skirt. lucky lady.

  26. “I thought about taking some pictures too but honestly I was enjoying myself way too much to actually go and get the camera from our room.” - This happens to me all the time. There are times when I want to take pictures of my spa experience, but I become overwhelmed by the relaxation and just forget to get my cam. Good thing you had your vacation and spa day. It can revitalize your body and relax your mind. :)


  27. What a lovely manor! To answer on your comment on my blog, you would definitely remember if you had visited Lapland, trust me!
    Yes, I've been to the North of Norway once by car from Finland...but I want to visit Oslo one day!

    E from Helsinki