Spa vacation in northeastern Estonia, day 2

Howdy! It's almost October and as well the beginning of the last quarter of 2013. Unbelievable, isn't it? But therefore it's also naturally the last time to tell you about the fascinating day 2 (September 3) of our breezy spa vacation in wonderful Saka Manor. Do read about day 1 here if you already haven't done so.

Our main goal for September 3 was completing Saka Hiking Trail and it was one hell of a tough nut to crack! Why, you ask? Of course because we didn't bother to study the map. But at least I studied it now and even created an illustrative scheme to share our brilliance with you :) So, let's start from the very beginning, i.e. the Seatower (sight number 1) I told you about in Spa vacation in northeastern Estonia, day 1.

Our "troubles", on the other hand began when we rushed downStairs (number 2 from the scheme, also my second photo). We unintentionally ignored numbers 3 (Cambrian Terrace) and 4 from the scheme, quickly accidentally saw number 5 (Blue clay) and then struggled upstairs to bring a plastic bag from our hotel room for exciting fossils (my 5th and 6th photo lower down) and stones.

Then we once again voluntarily missed the map and rushed down the crazy stairs to navigate towards sight no 6 which we... well, missed. Instead we kept on walking until it already seemed like forever, even infinity (2 decent hours had passed actually) so we finally decided to turn back. But meanwhile the tide had started and it was quite complicated to get back with dry feet. Anyway, luckily E. detected carefully hidden sights no 6 (Limestone shore forest) and 7 (Saka (Kivisilla) Cascade) and we were saved!

Emporio Armani sunnies | Maison Scotch necklace | Lindex bomber jacket | Reserved tee | Diesel belt | Amisu pants | Guess sneakers.

Next we saw sight no 9, i.e. Kõrtsimäe Cliff that is part of Saka Cliff. Kõrtsimäe (Tavern Hillock) got its name after a tavern that was situated there in the 19th century. Plus we had to face another crazy stairway (my 11th photo). Sights no 11 (Manor Park) and 12 (Saka Manor House) were already seen so we used a shortcut to get back and therefore unintentionally missed sight number 10 (Bunker Hill and military Saka). Whoops, right?

All in all we missed only 3 sights and saw entirely 75% of them and additionally we now have a very good reason to return to the beautiful manor. Well and actually it didn't matter at all that we spent at least 3 hours to complete the 2-km-long trail and even then missed some rather important nuances. After all it was still an excellent adventure and we found some amazing stones and fossils, perfect for DIY projects!

So, after discovering the beautiful surroundings and having pure fun in the pool area (where we detected a children's ball and the crazy competitive games began!) it was time to enjoy the spa treatments again. Both of us got to try a health capsule treatment for 30 minutes: one Spa Jet and the other Spa Oceana but who knows who got exactly what? At least I don't any more. However that might be, both encompass light therapy (including infrared), hydro and aroma therapy and vibration massage. All of those components worked together and in my opinion it was a very interesting experience. Almost felt like boiling since the temperatures revolved between 40 and 50°C. Quite crazy, right? I would definitely do it again!

Anyway, we finished our spa day with some wonderful food - sage scented chicken fillet with herb roasted potatoes, artichoke and white wine cream sauce for the main course and warm raspberry cake with vanilla ice cream (mine)/chocolate cake with wine cream cheese and apple coulis (E.'s) for dessert. It was all absolutely divine!

Seppälä snake necklace | thrifted vintage blouse | thrifted Sufer Paris top | thrifted TwentyFive:Seven jeans | Guess Ivian bag | Topshop Jazzhands glitter peep shoes.

Last but not least I want to give out that Spa vacation in northeastern Estonia, day 3 will not contain much spa talk any more but it will show you incredibly summery and warm photographs taken at Kauksi beach. Plus a very colourful outfit of the day. But for the time being enjoy my photos from exciting day 2 and let me know what you think because I just love hearing from you! And I want to thank my regular/favourite readers for the feedback. You're truly the best! :)


  1. hea paks kiisu! ja mul on jube kahju, et pole sel sügisel saanud mahti mõnd uut matkarada avastada, aga ehk jõuab veel... mnjah, teadagi

    1. kiisu oli väga nunnu, jälitas meid seal salaja :P ja miks ei jõua? oktoober ja detsember pidavat suhteliselt soojad tulema, nii-et võimalusi kindlasti tuleb veel üheks pisikeseks matkaks.

  2. Oh wow, the Seatower is an amazing site! I love the mix of mustard yellow with red too :)
    Also, the outfit of you in the green top and lovely kimono is perfect <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. I especially like the photos of the stairs and the stones. It looks like a really wonderful day of adventures, pool, spa treats, and food! Truly a day to remember!

  4. Seems like you had quite an adventure! The sights are so beautiful, especially the water and the fossils. SO COOL. I would love to visit someday :)

  5. Nice. I love the pics.. haha, the stairs must have been tricky :D But they look cool XD. And WOW, are those fossiles *_* ?!!? Like always, your outfits are lovely. The dog tee is super cute :3

    1. yeah, I wrote about them between the photos too ;) and I will show the result when a DIY project concerning our fossils is completed. don't know when though, haha.

  6. Hahahah, I didn't knew sight seeing was so complicated :D Glad you had an awesome time, can't wait for the next post!

  7. The stairs look so cool, but definitely tricky! I love your shoes in the second outfit, so cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Wow, those stairs are crazy, and very unique architectural-wise. I love the photos of the water and your bright orange pants look great on you! Wishng you a great week. x/Madison

  9. Amazing nature shots! And the rasperry cake looks so yummy!


  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one whose hikes fo like this - I admit it's always my fault, I'm usually in far too much of a rush to actually read the map and, well, we both know how that goes :) Still, it looks like you saw some stunning sights. I can't get over how beautiful the photo of those stairs is! And I think after all that climbing you had certainly earned your spa treatment and dinner (which looks absolutely delicious, by the way.) I can't wait to read about the final day of your adventure!

  11. wow what a beautiful magical looking place ;) haha those stairs are crazyyy! looks like you had a wonderful time :)


  12. Oh jeeej! the second part of the spa vacation! I was looking so much for it;) The photos are amazing. I love the one from the lake, the stares and the wet stones. You always make such great nature shots! And you're as stylish as always. Love the metallic/sparkling heels




  13. Love your outfit with the green top! Bright colors look beaitiful on you Maikeni! :)
    And thanks a lot for your compliments of my shoes!! I'm really happy you liked them! Unfortunately I can't give you an address to buy them..my friend just started created a line of shoes and this is one of the first style, she still doesn't sell online but I'll let you know as soon as she does ;)


  14. the food, sparkle heels, orange pants! so amazing!

  15. these shots are AMAZING! what a fantastic experience!! i'm super jealous! there really are so many beautiful places in the world! thanks so much for sharing!
    xx Corinne
    Cat Eyes & Thigh Highs

  16. Estonia looks beautiful! Unlike any landscape I've seen - and I adore your mustard jeans =)
    - Che


  17. cool post! ^^


  18. You have a real eye for photography---somehow, you make the smallest details look interesting, and you pick up on the best angles for the staircase as well as the view of the beach. Your black and white pictures are fit to frame!



  19. maiken, i was exhausted looking at those steps and reading of all that walking. i'm glad it was an adventure, and you enjoyed it. the photos show how exceptional the scenery was. the spa treatment after must have felt heavenly. i can't decide what dessert i would prefer. i like how you paired the red guess shoes with the amisu pants. your day 3 thrifted green blouse with glitter gold shoes outfit is one of my faves!

  20. what a fabulous vacation! those stairs look so crazy. i am loving your orange pants and beautiful green top. you always look amazing!


  21. My gosh what a trek,2 hours and the tide coming in,atleast its beautiful there and ou found those fossils,so cool and interesting.And atleast you were prepared for the walk in those cool colourful trainers!
    Though you missed a few least if/when you go back there still be some exciting things to see,what an adventure!
    Those spa treatments sound incredible,my gosh the temperature though?! maybe a little hot for me :D what a way to end your day with that incredible food,it looks divine,to perfect to eat,like art on a plate.
    I also love your outfit,that necklace is gorgeous,and those heels with the glitter on the back! I've wanted a pair ever since I saw mui mui's a couple seasons ago! x

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  23. The place looks amazing, & I love the big cat ^^
    Btw I fell in love with your glitter heels & the vintage blouse - it's perfect!

  24. Wow, that looks like so much fun! That cliff is awesome and you took some great photos! Also, I love your outfit for hiking, those pants are so cute! It looks like you had a great time, followed by great food! Love your last outfit too, that bag is really nice!


  25. What a scenic trail! Can't wait to see all the DIY's you come up with, with your findings :) The spa trip sounds rather relaxing! And of course the perfect end of the day with delish food mmm.

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  26. Looks like fun! Really relaxed and comfy outfits too - perfect for walking 3 hours!

    x Gi

  27. Your photos are always so stunning!! The first set especially captured me. and the one of the pebbles on the shore...TAKE ME THERE!!!

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  29. Estonia looks really beautiful! :)


  30. wow so cool i always wanted to make spa-vacation <3
    and the beach seem to be so lovely
    and btw. i lvoe the glitter h eels wish i had a topshop next to my place

    Hope you may visit my blog,too
    Your Amely Rose from:

  31. Oh, that had to be a fun adventure!! And you got plenty of great stuff to take home as memories - the fossils and these gorgeous pictures.;) As for the food, I'm sure you licked those plates!:D

  32. Beautiful photos Maiken! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Since you dream about food, I do believe you're a kind of food traveler. You might not travel only for food, but food leaves a long-lasting impression on you.

    E from Helsinki

  33. Wow, some of those photos are crazy gorgeous. I love the map and seeing your hiking spot, that does look like quite the trail but the steps in the second picture are quite stunning. On a small note, I love that you wore appropriate hiking gear! It's always funny to see pictures of bloggers saying they're out hiking and then they're wearing six inch heels and tight skirts.

  34. WOW that vintage white blouse is gorgeous, so ornate. I love the print. ALSO those sneakers are FANTASTIC. What a pop of colour! Love your pictures of this place, it looks just so relaxing and tranquil. Perfection.

    Couture Caddy

  35. Wow that cat is fat lol. The scenery is really beautiful, loved the picture of the bridge : breathtaking!
    I love your mustard pants,, they're perfect. In the second outfit what I love the most is the shoes.
    The more I read about this spa vacation, the more envious I am haha.