In a tidal wave of mystery...

Hello again, guys! Have you heard the song "Safe and Sound" by the American indie pop/rock duo Capital Cities? I'm pretty sure you all have but if you (miraculously) still haven't, do it here right away because it's one brilliant piece of work, isn't it? They slightly reminded me of the Australian duo Empire of the Sun at first when I didn't even know their band name yet. And I believed they actually were those guys before I not long ago came across "Safe and Sound" music video and finally got the song for myself. Well and now I just love the song and the fact how carefree and upbeat it is, and it also inspired the title of today's post, obviously. By the way, what is your current favourite song? I would love to check it out!

Monton doggie earrings+necklace | thrifted Kenzo cardigan | Hilfiger Denim top | Diesel belt | thrifted Nudie Jeans jeans | Chillin accessories boots | Holly & Whyte by Lindex bag.

Anyhow. I promised to tell you a little about October 12 when I and my parents did some shopping in Tallinn. I also said I didn't buy much but I still did come across a few exciting things that you can see from the following three collages:
1 - Heavenly delicious Lemon sorbet scented soywax candle from JOIK (5.40€) and a set of 2 cute little dessert ramekins (3.80€) I had been looking for since... September actually.
2 - Guess quilted leather gloves (66.50€) bought for me by my generous mom. And then there is this tiny Fiorelli bag... which I actually found from a local thrift store for ridiculous 2€ and decided I should give clutch-like bags a chance.

3 - Cynos Silvertree Argan oil Thairapy bouncy curl cream (280 ml 9.40€) + a mini size (10 ml) Morocco argan oil as a free gift. Haven't tried the oil yet but I have been using the curl cream for two weeks now and I'm genuinely pleased with it (and this IS a rare case when it comes to my moody hair). It smells nice, detangles my wet hair like a pro (hallelujah!) and leaves the hair nicely manageable. It's so easy to comb my hair after washing it when I have applied this product! So, all the ladies with curly, wavy or textured hair, I definitely recommend it to you.

So, I hope you like today's autumn coloured photos because lately the presence of whatsoever sunlight has been way too rare here in Estonia and this fact has been stopping me from taking (Latvian, Oriflame, thrift store and some more) haul photos for the blog. But I will probably still tell you about a road trip to Latvia in my next post, so beware and see you next time!


Mid-autumn at the Ice Age Centre

Hello, sweeties! It's about time to finally tell you a little about the fascinating Ice Age Centre we visited already more than three weeks ago - on September 28. However, first things first! I want to demonstrate three cool things I purchased on the very same day: a spring-like necklace (6.95 2.09€) from good old Seppälä, clearly the most awesome thrifted mug (1.40€) that was handpainted in Thailand and last but not least those black and silver boots (39.99 17.99€) from Cropp's Chillin accessories. Those boots derive from their Glossy Chillin collection and have been my everyday boots ever since I bought them. So, don't be too surprised when you see them boots through my posts again and again because already two autumn outfits besides the one in today's blog post are waiting to be shared ;)

Lindex necklace | thrifted Connect by Lindex sweater | Amisu jacket | Fishbone men's pants | Chillin accessories boots.

Anyhow, the Ice Age Centre, right? It is situated on the shores of beautiful Lake Saadjärv in tiny Äksi borough, Tartu County and there is more than 2 200 m² of exhibition space divided on three extensive floors, each and every full of stories about ice ages on the background of world history and human beings in the wonderful constantly changing nature.

The first floor is all about the mystical animals from the ice age (mammoths, Irish elk, cave lion), ice ages on the background of world history and how the world became a livable environment for us, human beings. By the way, when it comes to the mammoths' reconstruction the best scientists in the world served as consultants throughout the complex preparation process.

The second floor introduces heritage of the glaciers in today's landscapes, development of nature after ice age, traces of ice age in folktales and piercing dioramas of different animals. Those dioramas were incredibly authentic, such an amazing sight to see! And I was delighted to reminisce about my long ago trip to Norway in 2006 when I had the fascinating opportunity to touch a life-size forceful glacier with my own two hands (see my quick two photo collage above).

Anyway, the third floor focuses on meteorological observations and the climate, the role of a human being in climate changes and naturally the big questions - will there be a new ice age? and does the future depend on us? All in all I and my fiancé both loved the whole experience and I would warmly recommend the Ice Age Centre to everyone who enjoys wisdom and knowledge. Check out their website here and also let me know what do you, guys, think about science centres and have you visited any?

By the way, in my next post I will probably tell you about my recent trip to our capital town Tallinn, show you my casual shopping day outfit and of course what I got from the stores (a small hint for you - not much :) But for the time being enjoy today's photos and all that ice age talk. Stay warm and see you next time!


September fragments (including a haul)

I remember I once mentioned some mysterious sweet news to you, something that happened in bygone September. So, in other words I would finally like to show you young Tutanhamon (those photos of him were taken almost a month ago, on September 15). He's the freshest member of E.'s family in Tartu, Dogue de Bordeaux, a little cuckoo but still a darling. Only our little Elvis dislikes the new guy, probably because of his height and width and supreme curiosity.. or at least I think so. We still expect those two fellas to be friends of course, one day :)

But now a small yet versatile September haul needs to be shared. So for a start a few home goodies: a lovely 16-piece Jet cutlery set (17.50€), the cutest (and at the same time "accidentally" the pinkest, oops) chewbone assortment for our manly man Elvis and a thrifted handmade tealight holder (2.50€) from Finnish brand Muurla.

And secondly some fashion goodies: Holly & Whyte by Lindex bag (34.95 17.45€) with the perfect strong shape and in joyful grass green shade, a delicate mandatory M-necklace (4.95 2.48€) and Seppälä bow shape hair accessories (4.95 3.46€). Plus a doggie shape golden jewellery set (18,90 16,84€) from Monton. I had been checking those earrings and the necklace out for long weeks and then got the last ones from that specific store and with a little discount. Pure destiny, don't you think? ;)

By the way, when it comes to hauls I still have a few decent piles of fresh beauty, fashion and home goodies waiting to be photographed (for example yesterday I shopped a little in Tallinn ;). Plus I will tell you about the fascinating Ice Age Centre we visited on September 28. And another exciting collaboration is also ahead of me and my blog (a really cool online store contacted me this week and I guess we'll see how it goes).

So, as you can see I have quite a lot to tell you about but for the time being definitely enjoy today's photos and let me know what you think and what is the coolest thing you have recently bought?
See you in the next post, sweeties! And the ones who keenly speculated about my shady arms - thank you! ;) I still have no idea what actually happened though, haha.


Vacation finale in northeastern Estonia, day 3

October is already ruthlessly rolling and I'm ready to share the final batch of our vacation photos taken in northeastern Estonia. In a nostalgic summer village called Kauksi, to be more precise. And nostalgic because when I was a little girl I practically lived there during our hot Estonian summers. Today the scars on my knees and the distant corners of my memory remind me of those childhood summers. I remember there were those extremely slippery and sandy flagstones that took you to the beach and well, of course I slipped and fell pretty much every time I used that devilish flagstone path. And this is the simple story behind my numerous but proud knee scars. I guess I have been quite fantastic in falling and stumbling through all my conscious life actually :)

Anyway, this time we were just passing by on our way from Saka to Tartu and since it was a beautiful sunny September day we decided to take a small walk there. So, we came across this teeny joyful booth that looked just perfect behind my colourful outfit. By the way, I found those sandals with neon yellow accents on the first day of our spa vacation and they cost me ridiculous 29.99 6 euros. I love it how they match my Cubus necklace but on the other hand it's a little sad I probably can't wear them before next summer or spring... However, we also ran into those Great Spotted Woodpeckers who seemed to be everywhere around us (in 2011 I got some pretty amazing close-ups of the same species, peek here to see those!).

Emporio Armani sunnies | Cubus necklace | Cubus sweater | thrifted Resort dress | Simple & Chic sandals.

But despite all the caressing early-autumn sunshine, mellow woodpeckers and beautifully iridescent Lake Peipus I still missed our sweet little Elvis. He was staying with E.'s family in Tartu while we were getting pampered and I was so happy to see him again (such a wuss, I know, haha). Anyway, I hope you enjoy those warm and sunny photographs in the middle of this gloomy and rainy autumn day evening. Happy October, guys!

ps1. The Vampire Diaries is on again and S05E01 already was insane! Are you as excited as I am?

ps2. I assorted and adjusted my dresses and coats today and discovered something in the process...
My arms have grown longer since the beginning of this year and I had to abandon majority of my best coats. And no, the sleeves didn't shrink as a result of washing so damn you, my traitorous arms! And besides, how does something like that even happen? How?? :D