November moments

Hello! Long time no see! Time has been mercilessly flying by during this brief week or so, and working hard day by day only accelerates this inevitable phenomenon. But finally I really pulled myself together and am going to share a decent bunch of various November photographs with you, all deriving from November 10 until the day before yesterday.

The first ten pictures originate from last weekend when I and E. took a very functional trip to Viljandi. And the minority of my photos point out a few rather exciting moments from home, so you just keep on reading if you're even a little curious to find out what has been happening lately!

Therefore, we spent November 16 in always cosy Viljandi town. Mainly because we were looking for some missing tiles for the cellar wall but also because I was scouting around for an additional clothes rack and a few plastic baskets to perfectly organize my handwear, hats, scarves, shawls etc.

By the way, we had to drive back and forth, up and down to finally catch pretty much the last clothes rack in Viljandi. The last man standing cost me only around 10 euros so at least it clearly was a great success! Plus I received fresh motivation free of charge. And besides, I made a secret promise to myself anyway so that I could treat myself with something special when I succeed in perfectly organizing the whole thing. And when I say special I mean special special ;)

gifted earrings | Cubus necklace | thrifted faux fur jacket | thrifted vintage Hardob blouse | thrifted 
waist-belt | Guess leggings | Detox boots.

Anyhow, we both found a pair of shoes as well and mine are the cutest slippers in the whole wide world. They're cat face slippers from Blink, they cost 39 24€ and it was THE LAST pair in the store and in my size! Well if that's not pure fate then I really don't know what is. They were totally waiting for me to show up and take them home. Tell me, have you, guys, been in a similar, fateful situation? Share your stories! By the way, I came across the very same pair of shoes (link) while visiting asos.com. My cat face slippers are out of stock there but the original price was entirely 53.91€ so thank God for good old regular stores!

And last but not least some homekeeping moments and news:
1. Our current collection of scented candles. Right now we're almost done with the chocolate candle but which one is going to be next? Probably spicy Apple cider or smooth Lemon sorbet from our Estonian brand JOIK (link).

2. It's home improvement time again! And to be more precise it's our bedroom's turn to gain a completely new look. So far we have catered two different wallpapers, plasterboards, paste and other required substances and as you can see the room has been cleared. My post about our old bedroom is here and I will most certainly make a new one when we are once done with the improvement.

3. In this cardboard box above you can see my Wednesday goodies: new beauty products from Oriflame, some Christmasy sweets and a fir shape cutting table/decoration made by my grandfather, the handyman. So I should probably compile a haul post for you in a little while ;) But for the time being I want you to enjoy those November moments, including my black & red & white outfit from November 16. We accidentally discovered this cool abandoned gas station near Aimla village by the way and want to go back in spring to explore some local hiking trails. Anyway, that's it, see you all next time!


  1. lovely shirt, the colors are nice (can't got wrong with red and white and black) and what cute shoes too!

  2. I absolutely love that outfit, so colorful and beautiful! What a lovely blouse and really nice jewelry, you look gorgeous! I love those cat flats! I have a pair of gold cat flats and I love them, they are so quirky and cute! Those candles look so nice, I absolutely love candles, especially around the holidays!


  3. Awww, these kitty loafers are freaking adorable! I love your rose print top too and the cute jewelry :)

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    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Love your pics :3! Old gas stand :). The moon pic!!!! <3!
    The cat slippers are super cute. I never find shoes from sales, never. My size is always sold out before the sales, I guess my size is the most common size in Finland - it's 38.

    Curious what's gonna become of your room. I love scented candles, but I'm picky about the scents :D.

    1. my size (39) is a very common size in Estonia so I was very surprised to see those perfect shoes there, sitting on the shelf all alone. usually when there is only one pair left it's tiny 36 or 37. and pretty much everything looks cuter in those sizes. anyway, I'm curious too! and I'm totally waiting for it to be ready! I hope my fiance is quick with all the work it needs :P

  5. awsi mis nunnud kiisukad!

    1. tahaks kohe väga-väga kanda neid juba, aga ei raatsi tööle vahetusjalanõudeks võtta, sest siiamaani on kõik sinna viidud kingad prügikastis lõpetanud mingil arusaamatul põhjusel :(

  6. Sounds like time has been flying by all around. I love the cat loafers, I almost bought a similar pair, but should have went back for them. Thanks for sharing all of your lovey November pictures. The new discovery hiking area also sounds nice. Have a great week! /Madison

  7. First off, that top is gorgeous! I love how the red flowers just pop. Second, you're right, those slippers are adorable. They remind me of the marc jacobs mouse flats :) Your pup is looking as cute as ever! And I am jealous of your candle collection lol

    Mili from Call me, Maeby

  8. Lovely candles! And your necklace is nice as well!
    Thank you Maiken for stopping by my blog!

    E from Helsinki

  9. Love how the photos started in BW and then a pop of red comes from your blouse. Beautiful Maiken :)


    xo Jess

  10. You have a lot of beautiful things <3 like your kitten flats and your dress. Love the pattern


  11. Oooh you look so cute in this outfit, I love it and the place where your take the picture is really cool too !

  12. Wow - you really are giving your bedroom a whole new look, how exciting! I've had decor on my mind lately, but I'm not very handy at home improvement projects so I think it will all just stay a dream :) And as for those cat slippers, it definitely was fate. Similar things happen to me now and then... sometimes you just know a piece is meant to be yours and all of the stars align for you to take it home. Speaking of your cat slippers, how cute does Elvis look standing next to them? He is such a handsome guy!

  13. Hi dear Maiken, I see you've changed your layout and ready for Christmas;) It looks really pretty dear! You set me in the mood too;) What for your November moments I absolutely love your shots of nature (how cool is that moon?!), delicious candles and your earrings are amazing as always!:)




  14. I love your pretty top and of course those adorable shoes!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. Love your necklace! And renovating the bedroom sounds & seems perfect. I'd love to do something with our place - soon :D

    Love, Satu
    Indie by heart

  16. so cute photos, love the feeling:))
    Emma xx

  17. Hiya Maiken! gosh I love those adorable cat shoes,so cute,the last pair and your size,you know its meant to be if that happens,and of course Elvis makes the whole photo even cuter! :D
    I look forward to seeing how your bedroom turns out,what an exciting project,I have to say though that paper that is up is absolutely amazing?! The tree wallpaper si gorgeous!
    I love your box of goodies and amzing how your grandfather made the wooden tree,its amazing,I love hand made things,so much more special x
    And last but not least your outfit,I love your top,black and white with the punch of bright red is just beautiful! Hope your well and look forward to your next post :)

  18. maiken, you continue to astound me with the all the hard work you and e put into your home. you should be proud. you definitely deserve a treat. yes the cat slippers did seem like fate. i felt like that about many happy only one in my size specially priced finds. your snowy blog background is ever so pretty. elvis is a cutie. look forward to your hikes at the old gas station later, and let's talk about your elegant mostly thrifted outfit. very nice indeed.

  19. Oh my goodness, you have such an eye for photographs, I was "ooooh-ing" over every one although the second photo of the gas station is really amazing. Its so moody in the black and white, i always love seeing pictures of your country because its so beatiful. (it look like such a gorgous place to visit and you do an amazing job showcasing that.) congrats on finding the cat slippers in your size, I usually have the same problem with finding shoes in my size. And how exciting about redoing your bedroom! I'm working on ours as well, I sort of neglected it all summer while we worked on the essentail house repairs but now that winters here, I can do some cosmetic fixes. (I'm working on the hardwood flooring in the kitchen, its going to be nice to have actual cute flooring in there.). I've been awful about getting on the internet but I did want to come say hi and see how everythings been with you.

  20. Those slippers are adorable!! And you're really lucky you got them at such a great price.;) I love your candle collection, I'd light that chocolate one right now!! I hope you're having fun re-doing your bedroom, dear, and that you're not stressing too much over it.;)

  21. Oooh, sounds like you've been busy! You look quite classy in these photos and your cute accessories certainly top it off. What an exquisite feather necklace!

    You are simply the queen of good deals! Haha, I absolutely love it when you stumble upon a pair of shoes you want in the perfect size, especially when they're the last one. How serendipitous! And those cat flats are so adorable--it's so cute to see them next to your precious dog. That moon photo is also stunning.

    Ahh, I'm a sucker for a good candle. I'll bet that the apple cider one smells fantastic. Good luck with your re-designing! Have a happy week!

  22. I remember when you told me about those candles. They look so good...and I am still to try them.

  23. your top is so beautiful! the print is lovely :) and your flats are absolutely adorable :D


  24. I think the same about the Dior print, but I love the roses too much so finally I like it ^^
    Thank you, I will wear pink oftener !♥

  25. looks like you had great November!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  26. Your slippers are so cute, and I love the floral top you wore in those amazing pics ! The abandoned gas station is such a cool place to take pics ! :) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  27. Maiken,

    Loving these beautiful pics they are gorgeous!! My favorite picture is the abandon gas station...I love the edginess. Can't wait for your haul it looks like you have tons of goodies!! Happy November pretty girl.


  28. What a WONDERFUL post:) your blog is such a great inspiration source

    Check out my new post...a Divine Swedish chocolate recipy:)

    Have a fab weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - Swedish decor, food, and fashion

  29. Beautiful outfit , your top is fabulous :)