Tidal Wave

Hello, my sweeties! In all probability you can't imagine what a huge struggle and trouble it was for me to kick off (and also finish) the present post.
Wise people state that we should consult with our pillow when we're tangled in our lives but it doesn't always work that way in reality. The freshly gone week was tiring, stressful and simply heavy on my mind but also on my inspiration and will level. Altogether it felt (and still slightly feels) like the shortest month of the year put me to the test for some reason or other. And it has been tough but on the other hand everything happens for a reason and I honestly believe in this saying. Besides, this simple idea always gives me power to stay strong, move forward and make a bigger effort. Thumbs up, you know!

Hilfiger Denim beanie | Accessorize bow earrings | pieces tube scarf | O'Neill jacket | mittens made by E.'s mother | Cubus pants | Valentino bag.

But all right, the actual goal of this post was to share a few brief sentences about our trip to the wilderness called Kõmmaste village in Harju County (you can browse my previous Kõmmaste posts from autumn 2010 here and here if you're interested. I personally suspect that autumn tends to be a bit nicer than winter...). Anyhow, on the 9th of February I and my fiancé took an early morning train to Tartu, walked several many kilometres in heavy snowfall and eventually came across E.'s family to start our practically endless journey to E.'s grandparents' place in far-off Kõmmaste (picture that: more than 250 km, frantic traffic (jams), excessively wintry and slushy weather...).

In spite of everything we finally landed in the middle of the picturesque pine forest I was hinting at in my last post more than a week ago. And then it was all about E.'s grandmother's birthday celebrations with heaps of delicious home-cooked meals like chops, blood sausage (a big no-no for me)+bacon, different salads, swiss roll and so on. When all was said and done I felt exhausted and only desired to bump into a bed or at least something equivalent.

The next day started off with a pleasant wintry stroll in the wonderful pine grove (my favourite type of forest by the way) that was widely surrounding us. Followed by aimless wandering around the household. Time ticked away rather quickly and shortly we began driving back. I love road trips, I really do but nothing beats the feeling of sleeping in your own comfy bed at your own sweet home. Don't you agree?

*The first 9 photos were taken on the 9th and 10th of February in Tartu (my outfit) and Kõmmaste (everything else).

Last but certainly not least I'm going to share another 10 snapshots with you, all taken in February. And here come the exact dates and my tiny clarifying remarks:
1-11.02-my home alone dinner;
2-17.02-the very first and self-made (by my fiancé) shashlik of year 2013. Was yummy!;
3-4-24.02-my oh so sweet consolation;
5-5.02-visited my childhood hairdresser, that conjointly meant heaps of catching up and a beautiful braid;
6-16.02-7-17.02-Valentine's Day treats;
8-9-10-23.02-thrifted war stripe tee from Emilio, from men's section, 2 maybe?

So, I hope you enjoyed all the photos and my jabber too.
See you soon, my favourite readers!


One man's trash, that's another man's come-up

Fundamentally two weeks ago I and E. decided to do our weekly grocery shopping in Põltsamaa, the wine capital of Estonia (and I believe we still have a bottle of native golden apple wine waiting for us). Additionally I was quite eager to visit and explore local thrift shops, actually two stores, and my haul was pretty neat, to be honest. So, the list of my fresh thrift shop treasures:
  • a diamond or kaleidoscope print dress (5) from River Island. Or at least I am going to wear it as an airy dress or tunic because it's actually quite enormous (insane size 18/44!!) but a classy waist-belt is surely the perfect and proven solution at this point. And I really love my hybrid dress ;)
  • a particularly flashy neon Muppet print tank top (3) from New Look. It's brand-new with tags still attached and I'm secretly considering the possibility to make it narrower but we'll see about that. What a perfect piece for blazing summer days anyway!
  • shark-like fishie shaped earrings (1). Once again something that screams summer at the beach. I realize I'm totally leaving out spring and even stubbornly ignoring current annoying wintertime but I just can't help it. And the harsh fact that my first vacation will certainly not arrive before June is not helping either. Damn, how many "crucial" issues all at once! Anyway, my thrift shop treasures.
  • adorable pug themed plates (3 each) from Sylvia Smith Ceramics, made in England (in 1986). Those are the perfect plates for tremendous dog lovers (i.e. us) and how smart are the amusing serial paintings on them. Just wonderful!

On a different note, you can probably spot the difference between my gloomy outfit photos below (taken on the 2nd of February) and everything else (taken on the 3rd of February in our garden). It's incredible how much life, emotion, sharp details, interesting effects and shadows sunshine adds to photos! I often feel uninspired when there is no vivid, caressing bright light around me. It's probably because of the fact I'm a summer child and will always be one. What about you? In which season do you feel the best?

So, I hope you enjoy the slightly different photos and homely locations because my next post will also be rather native. The reason? E.'s maternal grandmother celebrated her birthday and they live in the middle of a beautiful pine grove, roughly 200 km from us. But this is already another story with new, very wintry photos. For the time being let me know about your thoughts on this one and (try to) enjoy February because already the next month will bring us the official beginning of spring!


The best cure for an off day is a day off - Frank Tyger

Greetings! Those of you who have read (and I really appreciate you for taking the time and sharing your views) my The Last Stand review already know that I and E. had a classic movie date on the 26th of January. But our day off in cosy Tartu didn't begin with watching The Last Stand. In the first place we walked to the centre of the town from the railway station, had an extra strong and yummy breakfast at McDonald's and did some shopping.

For example E. bought us both a wildlife mouse from Trust. Mine is a snow leopard mouse and his is a snake mouse. Those are seriously the coolest mice I have ever seen and in addition I have a very warm relationship with leopard print so I and the snow leopard mouse were definitely meant to be. By the way, Trust also offers the crocodile mouse and the tiger mouse. You can see for yourself when you click here. But how cool is your mouse?

Anyway, I purchased some eatable things, something domestic and naturally a few clothing items that were simply too good to miss. Those golden pants from Orsay shop were such a bargain (34.95 9.95)! In fact everything inside that store was entirely 70% off that day and I just had to obtain my very first Orsay goodie. And how darling are those super cheap (two pairs 1.24) partially see-through socks that will certainly be my spring and summer favourites.

etcetera hat | Seppälä earrings | Guess by Marciano scarf | thrifted Reflex faux fur coat | New York Laundry (boohoo.com) sweater | thrifted H&M leggings | Valentino bag | Sempre winter boots.

But before I continue with our day in Tartu, a funny incident happened to me and my mom. You know that purple hat I purchased almost a month ago from Tallinn and am also wearing in current post? My mom hadn't seen it and still completely randomly bought herself the exact same thing about a week ago. How funny is this? I guess those purple etcetera hats simply run in the family. Still, what a coincidence!

Anyhow, after everything I already told you about we landed at café Kapriis that we previously visited in August 2012 (my post about it). Naturally my fiancé ordered the most expensive dish available (red wine beef steak) so I was the modest one in our little family and enjoyed the cheapest salad which was still tasty and filling. I just honestly believe there must be balance in life. And I would love to go back to Kapriis in order to taste the next salad from their menu.

Last but not least we saw a friend and his lively doggie Bosse and after a little chat we had to catch the train again. All in all it was a pleasant day full of much walking, delicious food, lightsome shopping and a lovely movie experience. I'm always in great need of such days to relax a little. And of course I hope you like my photos and those small collages I compiled.
Till next time, sweeties! :)


The Last Stand (2013)

Not in his town. Not on his watch./
Retirement is for sissies.

The Last Stand is a piercing 2013 action film starring the 38th Governor of California, notorious Arnold Schwarzenegger. The film is Schwarzenegger's first lead role since 2003's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. It's also the first American production for director Kim Jee-woon. Additionally I would like to point out brilliant actors such as Johnny Knoxville, Eduardo Noriega, Peter Stormare and Luis Guzmán but more on that later because first comes a quick synopsis.

After resigning from his position with the Los Angeles Police Department Sheriff Ray Owens (Schwarzenegger) chooses to settle down in the peaceful, quiet, almost crime free border town of Sommerton Junction.
Unfortunately for Owens, Gabriel Cortez (Noriega), the most notorious, good-looking and wanted drug lord in the hemisphere has escaped from jail and is making a beeline for Sheriff's little town (using a powerful modified Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1). Sheriff Owens is forced to rejoin his team in order to capture the runaway before he crosses the border of Mexico and is lost forever.

Therefore, action films have not always been my cup of tea but at the end of January I and my fiancé felt like going to the cinema and The Last Stand happened to be the only film that fit into our plans and minds. And we both loved it! So, what did I exactly love?
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger who in my opinion was so much better here than back in The Terminator days. The 65-year-old action star still has the coolest German accent but in The Last Stand he was very down-to-earth, likable and witty - really a pleasure to watch! And how brilliant was the spicy yet respectably humorous fight scene between Sheriff Ray Owens and criminal Gabriel Cortez!
  • As said before I also loved Johnny Knoxville's character Lewis Dinkum who even (or obviously) reminded me of Knoxville's Jackass days. Lewis was totally peculiar, such an amusing and crazy guy with all his historical war material and funny outfits.
  • Additionally I enjoyed Peter Stormare's, Luis Guzmán's and Eduardo Noriega's acting because they all were utterly believable and carelessly talented. But you have to see them to completely understand what I'm so rapturously babbling here.
  • The Last Stand pretty much made me jump, it was so gripping and intense! But it also made me laugh and smile, a few cruel scenes brought some sorrow too. It really offered everything.

Even some unreal car scenes and (in my book) weak female character by Jaimie Alexander didn't reduce my delight and positive emotions. And those emotions decently surprised me since I wasn't expecting anything as awesome when we sat down in the cinema. I believe I have found my favourite action film and I would love to see The Last Stand again. 10/10

What are your thoughts on The Last Stand, Arnold Schwarzenegger, action films in general?