A tropical getaway: part 2

Can you believe it's almost April and the first quarter of 2013 is over? I sure can't... However, this also means my first vacation is at a distance of less than two and a half months and I'm already excited in advance! But let's not get carried away. Instead I'm going to continue with our tropical getaway from March 16 and for starters present my outfit of the day.

I definitely need to point out that grey D-XEL sweatshirt I discovered while exploring the little boys' section in a nearby supermarket. It cost25.90 15 and it has leathery elbow patches that perfectly match my brown hued outfit and I sure love it! Shopping in children's section almost always does the job for me.

Prada sunnies | Seppälä chandelier earrings | thrifted blouse | granny's pendant | D-XEL sweatshirt | thrifted Morgan de Toi imitation leather skirt | Guess handbag | Sempre boots.

Which leads to my four purchases from Tartu on March 16: two in beauty department and two in clothes and accessories. I haven't used The Body Shop's coconut shower cream yet but the label tells it's a soap-free cleanser with Community Fair Trade virgin coconut oil from Samoa and so far I've always had nothing but positive experiences with their other shower creams and gels. Besides, the strong scent of coconut is my big favourite!

Anyway, I also purchased myself the popular FIT ME concealer (6.99) from Maybelline in shade 10 (light). I wouldn't say it's actually very light in reality but it does fit me fairly well and I have been using it daily for a couple of weeks. The applicator is handy, the texture is nice and it covers quite decently. But when compared to my other concealer, Oriflame's Studio Artist concealer that is almost empty for the time being, FIT ME still comes off second-best after a tense dispute held in my head because Studio Artist's texture is even smoother. What is your favourite concealer?

Moving on, I got two awesome pieces from Lindex: a necklace (9.95 2.99) and a bomber jacket with leather sleeves (49.95 14.99). I had been wanting that green big beaded necklace for long months and finally it was cheap enough! Oh and the jacket was actually discovered by my fiancé. I love the leather sleeves and it fits just perfectly. Too bad I can't wear it yet but what can us, Estonians, do when our so called spring still produces slush or snow every now and then. By the way, I already snatched the perfect pair of crazy fierce wedges to combine with my new bomber jacket or whatever else and I'm totally thrilled about those.

Last but not least I'm sharing a few photos of our Easter decorations and sweets. This year we collected nearly ten toy-filled chocolate eggs instead of the usual ones that seemed just too regular and not so exciting at all. Are you curious to see what was inside our chocolate eggs? If yes, I can show everything in my next post ;) But for the time being do enjoy my photos and let me know what you think. See you, sweeties!


A tropical getaway: part 1

I promised to share our third orchid exhibition visit with you and I'm going to do this in two separate posts. Mainly because I have heaps of lovely photos to publish: numerous photos of the exhibition(s), my outfit of the day, my glorious purchases and additionally a couple of splendid essential newcomers in our dining and living room. So, this time you can see various beautiful orchids, a cute red-eared slider, a newcomer in my Orchidaceae family and also those fresh pieces of furniture.

Without further ado, on the 16th of March we started our sunny but still crisp day at the exhibition that took place in the Botanical Garden of the University of Tartu. Which, by the way, was founded as early as in 1803 and is the oldest permanently working botanical garden in the Baltic countries and at the same time one of the easternmost botanical gardens in the European Union.

What I love the most about visiting that specific botanical garden in the middle of Estonian chilly and snowy March is the tropical climate. This warm humid getaway calls astonishing Crete to my mind and besides gives hope and energy to hold on as long as the actual summertime arrives. Additionally I of course love orchids and all other plants and adorable creatures such as their red-eared sliders. It indeed was a lovely forenoon!

Inspired by the first exhibition I purchased a sophisticated Ludisia Jasper Velvet from the second one of the day which, by the way, took place in a gardening centre called Jardin and offered more than one hundred different species of beautiful orchids. However, my fresh orchid leads to our day by day developing household and the last subject of today's post - the newcomers in our dining and living room.

Therefore we finally came across and naturally bought a fine folding corner sofa consisting of dark leather and wood and brown polka dot fabric. Looks proud and conjointly goes very well with my vintage working table. That table used to be a sewing machine from a well-known company called Singer but E. skilfully restored the entire thing and the outcome is now in front of you. I know I sure love it!

I also hope you enjoyed my very floral photographs and that you like orchids even in the least if not in heaps ;) My next post will bring you my outfit (which for one thing contains something from the little boys' section) from March 16 and moreover a few bargains so be prepared!


No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn - Hal Borland

Hi! How's it going? I hope it's significantly warmer where you are because here in Estonia it still is all about the low degrees of frost (every morning I see at least -20°C(=-4°F) reveling on the screen of my car computer. How "awesome" is this!). Therefore I'm acting like a complete dreamer for a change and starting this post with a few unseen outfit photos and mouthwatering barbecue snapshots taken on ancient May 15, 2012. And yes, I'm fully aware of the harsh fact it's not May 2013 yet but I just miss the truly warm sunshine, beautiful green surroundings, lightweight clothes and by all means - barbecues (just look at our classical barbecue evening meal!). Besides, we always barbecue when we can in order to save electric energy. How clever and tasty at the same time, right? ;) Do you, my readers, try to cut down your (electricity, water etc.) consumption (even occasionally)?

Seppälä wing earrings | thrifted xoxo blazer | thrifted Planet Excess by Luhta tunic | thrifted Cherokee jeans.

By the way, I was wearing a common workday outfit, a fully thrifted one, to be more specific and the asymmetrical hemline tunic is actually a children's dress which, luckily for me, fits like a glove.

On the other hand the rest of my photos derive from wintry February and March but at least still are sunny and kind of hopeful. And you have probably noticed how little Elvis has been my favourite model throughout the cold winter. Oh and I'm not sharing these old photographs with you because I don't have anything newer. I certainly do have particularly fresh and colourful stuff waiting for you since I and my fiancé visited our third (and even a tiny fourth) orchid exhibition on the 16th of March.

So, keep your eyes open and meanwhile enjoy today's photo assortment and of course let me know what you think because I love reading your thoughts and opinions.

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Neon splashes meet modest metallic

Hey You!
Last Friday, March 8 was a double important day and I even canceled my highly addictive and essential 90210 marathon over the weekend to start writing this post for you, my dear readers. So, for one thing it obviously was IWD (International Women's Day) that is quite significantly celebrated here in Estonia. Our ever so practical men go crazy that day and empty all the flower shops to please their demanding female friends, acquaintances and loved ones. Even my otherwise busy workday in the office started with beautiful, fragrant flowers, my favourite chocolate buttons, delicate champagne and a modest slice of high-calorie yummy cake. Additionally my Phalaenopsis collection increased thanks to IWD and it simply was a lovely day but do see for yourself because I have compiled a sunny and colourful IWD collage for you. By the way, how was your IWD, ladies?

But now about the second, even more important event: it was our Elvis's third birthday, yay! We got our tiny muffin on the 16th of April, in 2010 when he was younger than two months and today he already is a little older than three years. Time does fly fast, doesn't it? And at this point I seriously recommend you to steal a glance at this nostalgic post to see my first photos of Elvis. You will not regret ;)

Anyhow, Elvis can occasionally be a (cute) little devil but I still love him to pieces and his loyal, sincere eyes are the most beautiful ones out there. Oh and for your information, my biggest and most complicated tattoo is partially (i.e. his paw and letter "E") dedicated to Elvis. And well, just look at him, what is there not to love? :)

Prada sunnies | Lindex neon rhinestone earrings | Cubus necklace | pieces tube scarf | thrifted Reflex faux fur coat | H&M cardigan+belt | thrifted Hennes Collection sheer top | H&M pants | Bronx boots.

And finally a bit about the majority of today's photos that were taken on the 2nd of March when we performed a swift trip to Tartu. My important goals there were to purchase a new good old reliable mascara and my second external hard drive. So, already for the hundredth time I chose Clinique's high impact mascara and the noted high impact favourites set. If you're interested in my all-time favourite mascara, browse this post and this post from 2011.

By the way, as you can see I already put the violet make-up bag into practice as a hard drive bag (2 in 1!). And when it comes to my fresh 500 GB Samsung external hard drive I vandalized (i.e. brought down for at least three times... third time is a charm, you know) my previous one from Apacer a long ago. Luckily the freshman is a tiny (only 8x11cm) cutie pie and I will take good care of it.

Anyway, I finally purchased myself a new (Dove men+care extra fresh) deodorant too because I had been using my fiancé's products already for too long. And yes, I do use manly deodorants because those are long-lasting, non-irritating, smell great and into the bargain cost ridiculously little (mine was 1.29!!). Have you, ladies, tried your other half's deodorant(s)?

Oh, as you can see we also stopped by McDonald's wherefrom I got myself an adorable fluffy red squirrel called Chewoo and totally enjoyed my favourite McRoyal burger.
So, once again I hope you like my (finally!) sunny photos and of course let me know what you think. See You! :)


Pink and gold

Happy March, everyone!
First and foremost I want to say thank you to those who were concerned after my previous blog post that was just enough complaining/whining. You are the best and your sweet and thoughtful comments naturally made me smile. Well and luckily evil energy-sucking February is over now and I can finally start with my boundless vacation wait. After all, only three and a half months to go and suffer and be patient with. What a joy, don't you think? But enough of the sarcasm now. When will arrive your next holiday? Are you thrilled or super thrilled?

my beautiful babies

Anyhow, I already said goodbye to February but I still stubbornly want to share the most depressing shopping trip ever from the 23rd of February. To cut a long story short it contained some "delightful" time at the division of emergency medicine in Rakvere. And let me tell you I simply hate every single hospital so this should probably clarify things a bit for you. I even completely lost my appetite and was not able to enjoy my Mediterranean chicken burger afterwards although I was actually starving. But I'm not going to look back on it any more because as usual, I know every single thing happens for a damn good reason.

By the way, in spite of everything bad I still accomplished highly decent and successful sale shopping at Lindex and Seppälä. Lindex delivered me marvelous apricot gloves (7.95 2.39), beyond adorable asymmetrical wolves' print top from kids' section (17.95 10.75) and a super cheap 3-pack of organic cotton lingerie (14.95 2.95). On the other hand good old Seppälä pampered me with a generous 3 for 2 offer I could simply not resist so I got a wonderful rose gold cuff bracelet (7.95 2) for summer, orange chandelier earrings (6.95 0) and orange hair bow clips (3.95 1). Gosh how widely I already miss springtime, waking from almost never-ending hibernation.

1-4 Seppälä;
5-7 Lindex;
8 Nasturtium officinale - watercress; Basella rubra - Indian spinach.

Talking about spring I also purchased Indian spinach and watercress seeds so now I have another lightsome planting job waiting for me. But presently bright green cucumber twins (the first photo!) and onion shoots are decorating one of our many sunward windowsills.

parrot earrings from muuu.ee | pta coat | thrifted Ban-Lon cardigan | Reserved top | Diesel belt | Orsay pants | Sempre boots.

Last but not least a few words about my pink and gold outfit (hence the title of this post). I was wearing my golden Orsay pants and pink orchid print Reserved top for the very first time and yes, I do have reddish streaks in my hair. Several of you already noticed and approved those so thanks! I love it too! ;) And once again I hope you like the photos. I'm quite pleased with the bright (pink) tone this time. So, enjoy and let me know what you think.
Till next time! :)