Life lesson learned the hard way

sigh - to exhale audibly in a long deep breath, as in weariness or relief.

Unfortunately this is exactly how I have been feeling already for a way too long time. I don't actually want to whine and complain or reveal too much at this point but I feel like I have reached a decent, annoying (definitely temporary!) deadlock and by all means I'm not happy about it and must get out of it for good. Besides, on top of everything else I landed at the eye clinic in Tartu on Sunday!

Because on Friday, May 24 a big pile of sawdust got into my eye while making firewood and it stubbornly decided to stay there literally forever. My poor left eye... I foolishly tried to scratch off the hidden sawdust and made things nothing but worse. My vision was blurry, painful, irritated and inflamed and the whole weekend was completely ruined since I was absolutely out of action.

So on Sunday my limits were once and for all exceeded and we finally decided had to drive to Tartu and visit the clinic. My young skilful doctor was awesome so I didn't even mind the quite uncomfortable procedure and gosh it felt extra pleasant and easy after every single bit of the malicious sawdust was finally removed. Oh and I promise from now on I will always wear sunnies whenever I happen to be in close proximity to a chainsaw.
And my conclusion? Relevant life lesson learned the hard way but at least learned.

Have you learned any valuable life lessons lately?

On a brighter note, visiting Tartu meant some necessary consolation shopping with E.'s sister E. And in addition to quite joyless household goods I purchased two beautiful pieces for myself: a pastel dip dye sweatshirt (17.95 9.95 euros) from Kids by Lindex and a rose gold snake necklace (9.95 3 euros) from Seppälä. That sweatshirt conjointly is my very first dip dye item and I'm completely in love with the cute summery pastel shades and comfy 1/2 sleeves. Oh and I had been scouting around for such snake necklace pretty much forever!

By the way, since I already took up the mandatory clothes' talk I will also tell you a few quick words about my outfit from Sunday, May 26. In other words my mom brought me the fierce leopard head print top from an H&M store in Stockholm, Sweden and she also pointed out my dad was the one who actually tracked down my strongly desired top. Maybe I'll show you the whole Stockholm haul in a future post but when it comes to that specific top I just had to jump the gun a bit.

H&M top | thrifted Kenzo cardigan | thrifted Outfitters Nation guys' jeans | Miss Sixty peep toe pumps.

Last but not least I hope you like my photos full of total Estonian greenery. It was a very random location on our way back home from Tartu on Sunday.
+ 16 more workdays left and I will finally have my 17-day vacation, a completely NON-preplanned one by the way. My last one happened in distant October 2012 so I don't even remember how it should feel like... I guess we'll see :)


For cowards there's no reward, i.e. Eurovision 2013 talk

For my non-European readers' information (just in case you didn't already know) the Eurovision Song Contest is a big annual singing competition held among many of the active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union. The contest started off as early as in 1956 and is one of the longest-running television programmes in the whole world. My country won the competition in 2001 and our victorious song was "Everybody", performed by Tanel Padar, Dave Benton and 2XL (listen and watch here).

Anyhow, year 2013 in Malmö, Sweden was special because I saw the entire, nearly 3.5 hour long show without accidentally falling asleep in front of the telly. Besides, I discovered a wonderful song that unquestionably was the pick of the bunch: Margaret Berger "I Feed You My Love" (listen and watch here). She and Norway should definitely have won the competition... but I love the song and as a matter of fact the whole futuristic sci-fi vibe anyway and nobody could beat that. Therefore I obviously didn't like Emmelie de Forest's "Only Teardrops", i.e. this year's winner from Denmark. It was just excessively boring and plain and reminded me of last year's powerful winner Loreen way too much (for example because of performing barefoot).

party songs: Montenegro, Germany, Norway, Slovenia;
pop songs: Malta, Sweden, Hungary;
powerful ballads: France, Russia, Ukraine.

All in all I picked and kept 10 songs I liked the most. First place obviously belongs to glorious Margaret Berger and Norway but the remaining 9 I was not able to rank since they all have something I really like. I'm still going to divide all those songs into three different categories: party songs with respectable beat (perfect for driving), easy and somehow cute (and definitely cheerful!) pop songs and powerful ballads. I even put together this exquisite illustration to show you my favourites so have a look at it and the ones who are competent, I would really love to hear/read YOUR thoughts on Eurovision 2013.
By the way, I also happen to know Eurovision has been shown outside Europe, for example in Australia, Canada, China, the United States and so on. Have you, my non-European readers, ever watched it?

thrifted earrings | Lindex necklace | Vero Moda trench coat (with replaced thrifted buttons) | thrifted Ralph Lauren (children's) blouse | bow belt from muuu.ee | thrifted TwentyFive:Seven jeans | Vagabond boots.

But now a few quick words about today's main photos. They derive from ancient April 27 when conjointly was the last time I took a lightsome shopping trip to Tartu with E. (time sure does fly like crazy!). I ate the most delicious and divine hamburger ever (seriously (!!!) yummy McDonald's New York Classic with beef), got the cutest Shaun the Sheep lunchbox that I now use every single workday and also bought a few colourful necessities. I haven't used Lumene's Natural Code Stay In Control Anti-Shine Toner (6.30 euros) that contains 90% natural ingredients yet but as soon as my Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner from The Body Shop runs out I immediately will. Oh and those perfectly nautical and comfy slippers (6.79 euros) are my huge favourites now!

Before I go I hope you like the photos, and the ones who are scouting around for some new nice tunes should definitely browse my Eurovision 2013 favourites via YouTube links I added under the illustration.

Enjoy the hot weather as long as you can, sweeties, because eventually it will rain again anyway (like it already happened in Estonia ;)


Going Kenzo

So, guess who just scored her very first and highly significant and absolutely wonderful thrifted Kenzo item?
Yes, of course you're right. This girl here, obviously.
It's a gorgeous colourful loose cardigan with different floral patterns and it only cost me 5 modest euros. I could not believe my luck, especially after such a dreary, stressful and tough week. Thank you, my darling Kenzo knitwear, for making me happy again.. well, or at least making it possible for me to take a turn for the better.

But in addition to THE cardigan last week also produced me a thrifted Dorothy Perkins maxi dress from their Petite Collection. It was 3.50 euros and now I really have to finally style something "maxi" (I was actually kind of scouting around for a maxi skirt since the last time I owned one was in my teen years but hey, a maxi dress is as good as a skirt, if not even better and easier to combine too).
How do you get along with maxi dresses and skirts?

Anyhow, the majority of today's sunny photos originate from distant April 20 when I and my fiancé attended his paternal granddad's birthday party in Järvakandi (previous photo heavy Järvakandi posts from 2011 here and here and from 2012 here). E.'s dear grandfather turned 80 which is a very mighty number, isn't it? The food was delicious and our time there flew by incredibly quickly. By the way, our little trip also included some nature time and I came across my this spring's first hepaticas and coltsfeet. And I was pretty much tickled pink because it was finally pleasantly sunny and the flowers were blooming and... you know, after all that winter everything just screamed "spring!". Therefore I truly hope you enjoy today's photos as much as I enjoyed the proper beginning of spring. And of course tell me what you think :)
Happy spring, sweeties!

sunnies from Crete | matching O'Neill bracelet and necklace | CROPP studded bracelet | thrifted att. imitation leather jacket | thrifted Primp hoodie | thrifted Emilio tee | Tommy Hilfiger Denim jeans | Detox boots.

ps. Lõpetuseks veel üks väike eestikeelne pöördumine/abipalve...

Olen vahelduva eduga juba tükk aega juurelnud oma pisikese (ja kindlasti soodsa!) blogipoe avamise üle. Müüki tuleks kõiksugused vidinad minu oma garderoobist, seal hulgas second hand kraam (ka vintage), aga muidugi ainult korralik, mitte mingi topiline või kulunud jama, ning samuti põhimõtteliselt uued asjad, mida on võib-olla näiteks vaid paar korda kantud.
Niisiis, minu Eestis pesitsevad lugejad ja muud toredad tegelased, mida sellest mõttest arvate? Kas oleksite huvitatud sellisest tulevikurubriigist minu blogis?


A different kind of Dermoshop and Oriflame haul

I was completely eager to write this post a lot earlier but then suddenly arrived the warmest (and the most exhausting) weekend ever. We finally experienced practically +20°C and that of course meant some breezy sunbathing and plenty of important outdoor action such as planting a baby pear-tree and a green currant + seeding some multicoloured carrots, dill and various lettuces. Soon different onions will follow and we already eat our delicious home-grown cucumbers too. But enough of my gardening news now...
although this post contains several springlike pieces of our garden anyway, all from sunny May Day :)

So, without further ado, for one thing my freshest beauty products from Dermoshop:
1. Argan Oil Winter Hair Repair (290 ml 7.90 EUR) - can be used daily as a conditioner or also as a mask 1-2 times a week. This product contains efficiently moisturizing luxurious argan oil, strengthening keratin and replenishing provitamin B5 (read more here). Unfortunately I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure I very shortly will.
2. Amber Body Lotion (240 ml 2.90 EUR) - I use it practically every day and it's one pretty awesome and efficient moisturizer. The strong sweet fragrance comes from almonds and vanilla and I'm a girl who loves intense scents! Its texture is lightweight and smooth as well (read more here).
3. Amber Shower Gel (240 ml 2.70 EUR) - the partner of my body lotion of the same name. As soon as one of my current shower gels from The Body Shop empties I will start using it and I believe it's conjointly my very first Dermosil shower gel ever (read more here).

4. Tar Spa Bath Salts (270 g free bonus product) - another product with extra strong scent but I just adore the smell of tar! And I keep trying to put it to the test for a nice foot bath but time always evaporates imperceptibly and it's still waiting for me (read more here).
5. Primo Anti-Wrinkle Eye Gel (2.5 ml 4.90 EUR) - this cooling gel promises to refresh, soothe and moisturize. And I do like that cooling and calming effect in the early mornings but I keep turning back to my All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage from Clinique because of its metallic (very chilly!) roll-on and better texture (absorbs considerably faster!). Besides, Dermosil's product doesn't want my concealer on top of it. Those two simply don't match very well and on weekdays that's an issue but I can always use it in the nighttime or on Sundays since it actually works pretty decently after all.
6. Primo Self Tanning Facial Moussy Cream (2 free samples) - I used one sample and unfortunately didn't like the product at all: the smell was quite bad (and typical for a self tanner) and the final result slightly too uneven although I applied it evenly and moderately. Definitely not a keeper.

And secondly something new and also a couple of old-timers from Oriflame:
7. Milk & Honey Gold Shampoo and 8. Milk & Honey Gold Conditioner - hair care set only 3.89 EUR - read about my good old favourites since 2011 here.
9. Lip Impact Crayon in shade Striking Rose (4.59 EUR) - after my first, very brief impression the colour I chose seems to be really intense and bright on the lips! Smells like irresistibly sweet candy by the way and definitely is long-lasting. But I haven't used the product properly yet so it's too early for an adequate opinion and I still wonder how to sharpen that thing when necessary?
10. Pure Nature Organic Açai Berry & Pomegranate Lip Balm (1.79 EUR) - red-tinted lip balm containing antioxidants that help shield the skin from damaging free-radicals. Unfortunately not a very good product because it just doesn't make my lips smooth enough (and the package strikes all the time, i.e. the product doesn't properly move back in). "Mediocre" is probably the fairest judgement for that cheap lip balm.

Have you tried any of these products?

Last but not least you can see my May nails from yesterday. The manicure was followed by 9 512 steps i.e. 7.13 km long walk with my mother to complete the sunny Monday properly and healthily.
Enjoy the photos and let me know what your thoughts are. And I honestly hope to see you sooner than usually because I have so much (for example entirely three outfits ;) to share with you!