Spa vacation in northeastern Estonia, day 2

Howdy! It's almost October and as well the beginning of the last quarter of 2013. Unbelievable, isn't it? But therefore it's also naturally the last time to tell you about the fascinating day 2 (September 3) of our breezy spa vacation in wonderful Saka Manor. Do read about day 1 here if you already haven't done so.

Our main goal for September 3 was completing Saka Hiking Trail and it was one hell of a tough nut to crack! Why, you ask? Of course because we didn't bother to study the map. But at least I studied it now and even created an illustrative scheme to share our brilliance with you :) So, let's start from the very beginning, i.e. the Seatower (sight number 1) I told you about in Spa vacation in northeastern Estonia, day 1.

Our "troubles", on the other hand began when we rushed downStairs (number 2 from the scheme, also my second photo). We unintentionally ignored numbers 3 (Cambrian Terrace) and 4 from the scheme, quickly accidentally saw number 5 (Blue clay) and then struggled upstairs to bring a plastic bag from our hotel room for exciting fossils (my 5th and 6th photo lower down) and stones.

Then we once again voluntarily missed the map and rushed down the crazy stairs to navigate towards sight no 6 which we... well, missed. Instead we kept on walking until it already seemed like forever, even infinity (2 decent hours had passed actually) so we finally decided to turn back. But meanwhile the tide had started and it was quite complicated to get back with dry feet. Anyway, luckily E. detected carefully hidden sights no 6 (Limestone shore forest) and 7 (Saka (Kivisilla) Cascade) and we were saved!

Emporio Armani sunnies | Maison Scotch necklace | Lindex bomber jacket | Reserved tee | Diesel belt | Amisu pants | Guess sneakers.

Next we saw sight no 9, i.e. Kõrtsimäe Cliff that is part of Saka Cliff. Kõrtsimäe (Tavern Hillock) got its name after a tavern that was situated there in the 19th century. Plus we had to face another crazy stairway (my 11th photo). Sights no 11 (Manor Park) and 12 (Saka Manor House) were already seen so we used a shortcut to get back and therefore unintentionally missed sight number 10 (Bunker Hill and military Saka). Whoops, right?

All in all we missed only 3 sights and saw entirely 75% of them and additionally we now have a very good reason to return to the beautiful manor. Well and actually it didn't matter at all that we spent at least 3 hours to complete the 2-km-long trail and even then missed some rather important nuances. After all it was still an excellent adventure and we found some amazing stones and fossils, perfect for DIY projects!

So, after discovering the beautiful surroundings and having pure fun in the pool area (where we detected a children's ball and the crazy competitive games began!) it was time to enjoy the spa treatments again. Both of us got to try a health capsule treatment for 30 minutes: one Spa Jet and the other Spa Oceana but who knows who got exactly what? At least I don't any more. However that might be, both encompass light therapy (including infrared), hydro and aroma therapy and vibration massage. All of those components worked together and in my opinion it was a very interesting experience. Almost felt like boiling since the temperatures revolved between 40 and 50°C. Quite crazy, right? I would definitely do it again!

Anyway, we finished our spa day with some wonderful food - sage scented chicken fillet with herb roasted potatoes, artichoke and white wine cream sauce for the main course and warm raspberry cake with vanilla ice cream (mine)/chocolate cake with wine cream cheese and apple coulis (E.'s) for dessert. It was all absolutely divine!

Seppälä snake necklace | thrifted vintage blouse | thrifted Sufer Paris top | thrifted TwentyFive:Seven jeans | Guess Ivian bag | Topshop Jazzhands glitter peep shoes.

Last but not least I want to give out that Spa vacation in northeastern Estonia, day 3 will not contain much spa talk any more but it will show you incredibly summery and warm photographs taken at Kauksi beach. Plus a very colourful outfit of the day. But for the time being enjoy my photos from exciting day 2 and let me know what you think because I just love hearing from you! And I want to thank my regular/favourite readers for the feedback. You're truly the best! :)


Goodies from Choies

Hello again, my lovelies! Entirely two posts in one week, WOW, I'm surprising even myself here!
Therefore, without any further ado I want to showcase my first three goodies from spunky choies.com: shirt with contrast panel in baroque print (from a really cool brand named Elf Sack), the golden lion head crude necklace and wine red elastic high waist leggings (clickety-click on the specific item to see its original page and why not get it for yourself ;).

So, for one thing I finally got myself a proper peplum top! I like the material because it doesn't wrinkle at all (ironing - that's just not my thing) and of course I totally dig the surrealistic baroque print, plus the quality is really impressive!

Lindex hair elastic | top c/o Choies | F&F dress | Bullboxer shoes.

Secondly, if you can see me, an ever-faithful silver lover wearing a chunky, utterly golden statement necklace then it simply MUST be a good one. Well and it really is such a stunner. And the tough lionhead element definitely makes it stand out even more.

Last but not least I picked those burgundy leggings because of the rich red wine colour (one of my favourites, especially for autumn and winter) and comfortable high waist (they had a few tiny redundant snippets of thread peeking out here and there but I just cut those off). Once again the material is pretty amazing (and thick!): it doesn't wrinkle and the knees haven't become even slightly loose after a whole week of constant wear at work. Oh and their upper part doesn't remind me of leggings at all so I'm not afraid to wear them as proper pants.

Emporio Armani sunnies | thrifted vintage Monet earrings | necklace c/o Choies | thrifted ECRU vest | leggings c/o Choies | Bullboxer shoes.

Anyway, I wore everything for the very first time last weekend which I, my fiancé and our little Elvis spent in Tartu. When it comes to that specific weekend I will definitely write another post about it since some pretty adorable photos and news are additionally waiting to be shared. And I photographed my shopping haul yesterday because I got some really, really exciting sale finds that weekend! But Spa vacation in northeastern Estonia, day 2 has to be created as well (almost 200 photos to choose from so quite a challenge for sure!).

All in all I have literally tons of stuff to share but right now I hope you enjoyed those two outfits featuring some wonderful items from Choies. By the way, have you, guys, ordered anything from choies.com? Share your wisdom! ;)
See you, sweeties, and a huge thank you to Choies for the awesome pieces! :)


Spa vacation in northeastern Estonia, day 1 (+ a beauty haul)

Before telling you all about our first day, September 2 in Saka Manor I have a small beauty haul which I find worth sharing. I bought each and every product from Rakvere before heading to Saka Manor and well, here they all are!

rasà purifying face mask with natural clay and sage for all skin types (50 ml €2.70) -
a gentle and effective skin care product for deep cleaning. Clay stimulates skin's natural functions and purifies pores. At the same time an excellent combination of medicinal herbs (sage, ivy, weed) firms the skin and helps to control skin's lipid balance. I can sincerely say this is the best face mask I have ever used and it leaves my face oh so soft and satisfied in every possible way! I definitely recommend it to you :)

rasà mild herbal shampoo with camomile, marigold and avocado extract for sensitive skin (250 ml €2.70) -
it's paraben and SLS free and doesn't comprise any aggressive agents which may irritate scalp or cause allergic reactions. Extracts of camomile, marigold and avocado soften and smooth the hair. It smells like a nice handful of natural herbs and lathers quite decently but unfortunately remains slightly too weak for my capricious (=extra long + extra thick + stubbornly curly) hair. It cleanses properly, yes but it also causes some unwelcome tangles I'm not too thrilled about.

rasà nutritional hair balsam with cashmere and D-panthenol (150 ml €2.40) -
cashmere gives hair flexibility and healthy shine and D-panthenol maintains hair's natural humidity balance and increases resistance to harmful environmental effects. When I apply it I can totally feel the smoothness at first but when it's time to rinse my hair is not so smooth anymore and it doesn't make combing easier like it actually should. So I guess the shampoo and the conditioner from this Lithuanian brand are just not the best ones for me although I do like the shine and the tender herbal scent they leave behind.

By the way, since I'm highly curious: what are YOUR favourite (and of course the most efficient) shampoo and conditioner?

John Frieda root awakening® strength restoring™ shampoo (44 ml less than €0.50) -
stimulates and feeds the roots, fortifying to reduce breakage for visibly healthier hair. Improves hair health with natural eucalyptus and totally smells like it too! I grabbed it because of the handy travel size and haven't tried it yet whereas I simply haven't travelled long distances lately ;)

Lindex skull shape hair elastic (€2.95) -
I just absolutely love it and it had been consistently tormenting me since the very first time I saw it in the same Lindex store!

Anyway, now about our very first day afternoon in utterly cosy Saka Manor.
After checking in we first explored the Seatower. Soviet border guard's powerful projector was situated inside that extravagant building till 1992. In the dark it lightened the sea in a radius of 10 km. Nowadays it contains a spectacular sightseeing platform (perfect for taking outfit photos ;) and five conference rooms. By the way, when you look closely at my evening outfit further below you can see that building making a display in the background but first comes my purely casual outfit of the day.

Emporio Armani sunnies | Chillin accessories stud earrings | Lindex bomber jacket | Maison Scotch long-sleeved tee + necklace | thrifted Gap Jeans denim skirt | Guess Ivian bag | Jeffrey Campbell Bad Alice flats.

But then it finally was the long-awaited spa time! We spent almost 1.5 pleasant hours in the pool area and enjoyed the pool with a waterfall and underwater jets, a contrast bath, classic Finnish sauna and steam sauna to the utmost. Time spent well flew by imperceptibly of course and next both of us could use a massage armchair for the first time ever. I personally think it was a pretty cool experience, especially because of the intensity (strong is good!) but E. prefers the good old classical massage.
I thought about taking some pictures too but honestly I was enjoying myself way too much to actually go and get the camera from our room.

So, in the evening we had reservations in their exquisite à la carte restaurant located on the basement floor of the Saka Manor mansion. We had pork striploin roulade fillet with cream cheese and vegetables for the main course and lime cream cheesecake with raspberry coulis for dessert. It sure was a delicious evening in wonderful atmosphere. And we also found ourselves a well-fed hairy stalker who you can see below ;)

Oriflame earrings | Lindex statement necklace | thrifted Never Mind knitwear | thrifted Cheap Monday tank top | thrifted TwentyFive:Seven jeans | Guess Ivian bag | Topshop Jazzhands glitter peep shoes.

All in all it was a lovely first day and I hope you, my dear readers, enjoyed my oh so long post. The next one will be a surprise post by the way! It's not going to be Spa vacation in northeastern Estonia, day 2 yet so keep your eyes open and I'll see you soon!


Feeling classical

Long time no see, my sweeties. But time really flew by especially ruthlessly after we got back from lovely Saka Manor. And conjointly I'm now in possession of more than 300 vacation photographs (including entirely six holiday outfits!) from those three delightful days. But before sharing those (probably in three separate blog posts) with you I still have something rather classical from August 24, looking forward to be published.

In other words this is the thrifted outfit I wore to Tallinn two weeks ago. E. and his father had to go and they kindly brought me with them so that I could visit Estonia's largest shopping centre Ülemiste. So, obviously I shopped a little and got myself the cutest, the softest and the cheapest pair of tangerine sandals (€34.95 4.95) from New Yorker. The same store also treated me with the top part (€12.95 2.95) of my spectra green bikini I was talking about in this blog post. Yay for me! ;)

Oh and I additionally have a serious mission to get rid of all hair elastics with the tiny metallic element that harms hair. So, fortunately I came across those metal-free bright ponies while visiting an Accessorize store. It was a surprisingly complex challenge to find those actually so simple things though.

Emporio Armani sunnies | thrifted Gerry Weber blouse | thrifted Never Mind knitwear | thrifted skirt | o.i.s sandals.

Now, coming back to vacation related facts I already must slowly get ready for Tuesday when I (E. starts on Monday) have to officially return to work. But wait, there's more to this story..
I was suddenly offered another, additional job during my holidays. It's about public procurements and I took it which means from now on my evenings and weekends are particularly dense. But impossible is nothing, right? Or at least they say so, haha.

Anyway, I hope you like those late August photographs and my almost wholly black & white & thrifted ensemble. Enjoy your September and in the same way as always, leave me your thoughts :)