My H&M interest list and a small haul

Since I have this quiet wish to visit our capital town Tallinn before Christmas strikes and year 2013 closes and we DO have entirely three H&M stores there only since this year I thought putting together a small wishinterest list would be a lovely idea. So I explored the whole wide page TWICE... and guess what? I came across only five likeable things. Which is great actually. Great for my wallet and great for my wardrobe (=great for ME too, right?). By the way, since the ladies' section didn't produce much I entered the almighty men's and kids' sections and found two very different but especially awesome sweatshirts. And here they all come:

1 natural white knitted hat (link) €9.95
2 kids' extra girly light pink sweatshirt (link) €9.95
3 pink jersey pyjamas (link) €19.95
4 men's P.U.G.S sweatshirt (link) €19.95
5 coral knitted cardigan (link) €29.95

Dear readers, what is your favourite item from my interest list? Which one should I definitely get?

Anyway, today's other subject to share is one particularly cheap Seppälä and two of my favourite thrift stores' haul. So, in October, more than a month ago I snatched this lightsome camo jacket and a national blue-black-white* scarf from Seppälä (*a fact for my foreign readers - those are the beautful colours of our national flag). I found the jacket from kids' section (again!) for 24.95 3, the scarf was merely 12.95 1 and I saved almost €34 on the whole. Now that's what I call a great sale success! ;)

When it comes to my thrift shop findings I'm going to show three today and leave one particularly precious and spicy bargain for the next post. And believe me, it's absolutely worth the wait! But now about the other three. This partially see-through maxi skirt (€2.5) is my favourite maxi skirt. It's so easy and flowy and I love it! Slightly too sheer for autumn and winter though so I'm already waiting for spring :)

My leggings (€2) are originally from H&M and they have those cool mesh-like details in front. Again something lighter for warmer days. And last but clearly not least I got this classic prof line coat (€3.2) with shiny golden buttons. I discovered it when its price was 8 or 6 euros and thought I should wait and see. Good things indeed come to those who wait then. It's an old cliche but a valid one. Oh and why do I always come across the best springlike pieces when proper spring's at least at a distance of five cold full-length months? That's just mean.

Anyhow, I hope our somewhat crappy mirror isn't too crappy for you and I promise I will clean it (eventually :D). Enjoy, sweeties, and let me know what you think. See you!


November moments

Hello! Long time no see! Time has been mercilessly flying by during this brief week or so, and working hard day by day only accelerates this inevitable phenomenon. But finally I really pulled myself together and am going to share a decent bunch of various November photographs with you, all deriving from November 10 until the day before yesterday.

The first ten pictures originate from last weekend when I and E. took a very functional trip to Viljandi. And the minority of my photos point out a few rather exciting moments from home, so you just keep on reading if you're even a little curious to find out what has been happening lately!

Therefore, we spent November 16 in always cosy Viljandi town. Mainly because we were looking for some missing tiles for the cellar wall but also because I was scouting around for an additional clothes rack and a few plastic baskets to perfectly organize my handwear, hats, scarves, shawls etc.

By the way, we had to drive back and forth, up and down to finally catch pretty much the last clothes rack in Viljandi. The last man standing cost me only around 10 euros so at least it clearly was a great success! Plus I received fresh motivation free of charge. And besides, I made a secret promise to myself anyway so that I could treat myself with something special when I succeed in perfectly organizing the whole thing. And when I say special I mean special special ;)

gifted earrings | Cubus necklace | thrifted faux fur jacket | thrifted vintage Hardob blouse | thrifted 
waist-belt | Guess leggings | Detox boots.

Anyhow, we both found a pair of shoes as well and mine are the cutest slippers in the whole wide world. They're cat face slippers from Blink, they cost 39 24€ and it was THE LAST pair in the store and in my size! Well if that's not pure fate then I really don't know what is. They were totally waiting for me to show up and take them home. Tell me, have you, guys, been in a similar, fateful situation? Share your stories! By the way, I came across the very same pair of shoes (link) while visiting asos.com. My cat face slippers are out of stock there but the original price was entirely 53.91€ so thank God for good old regular stores!

And last but not least some homekeeping moments and news:
1. Our current collection of scented candles. Right now we're almost done with the chocolate candle but which one is going to be next? Probably spicy Apple cider or smooth Lemon sorbet from our Estonian brand JOIK (link).

2. It's home improvement time again! And to be more precise it's our bedroom's turn to gain a completely new look. So far we have catered two different wallpapers, plasterboards, paste and other required substances and as you can see the room has been cleared. My post about our old bedroom is here and I will most certainly make a new one when we are once done with the improvement.

3. In this cardboard box above you can see my Wednesday goodies: new beauty products from Oriflame, some Christmasy sweets and a fir shape cutting table/decoration made by my grandfather, the handyman. So I should probably compile a haul post for you in a little while ;) But for the time being I want you to enjoy those November moments, including my black & red & white outfit from November 16. We accidentally discovered this cool abandoned gas station near Aimla village by the way and want to go back in spring to explore some local hiking trails. Anyway, that's it, see you all next time!


Born Pretty

Hey! As once promised, today I'm going to show and introduce to you what I got from a joyfully colourful online store called Born Pretty (explore their cute and pink website here). So, without further ado I chose and received two pairs of earrings and a necklace. And believe me when I say it was colossally complicated to make my selection because their range of goods is, to put it mildly, beyond enormous (and incredibly cheap, too, so a hundred-percent temptation).

Anyhow, first of all you can see my very newest (and sequent, oops) golden necklace. Its official name according to bornprettystore.com is Fashion Punk Metal Lionhead Pendant Necklace (link) and it looks just as good and shiny as in the photo. I have even worn it to the office in addition to my spare days and it has definitely made some daring statements ;) And its price? Only 4.48€/5.99$!

Secondly comes the first pair of earrings with a rather insane official name - Earring Fashion Dazzling Rhinestone Metal Chain Multicoloured Gem Tassels Design (link). The name may be very heavy and although I was afraid of the opposite those earrings are actually unbelievably lightweight and easy. I love all those intense colours and the festive shine. Plus they're absolutely comfy which is so important when it comes to slightly bigger earrings. Because who would want beautiful but uncomfortable earrings that force you to tear them off together with your poor ears, right? Oh and the price? Very modest 2.28€/3.05$.

And last but certainly not least my adorable lizard earrings with an official name Texture Retro Copper Lizard Stud Earrings (link). I obviously chose those because we have four lizards at home and my fiancé loves those tiny creatures. And it's very cool how they hold on to my ears and just hang there like some especially tough warriors. But there is one sad fact...
While preparing this post and dealing with the photos I noticed both of the poor lizards are missing their back left foot toes. Probably a defective work but it doesn't actually bug me because at least both of them look alike :) And the price? Merely 2.46€/3.29$!

All in all I'm happy with everything Born Pretty (link) sent me (thank you! :) and if you, guys, are interested in clothing & apparel, home & garden, jewelry & accessories, makeup & beauty, nail art, watches and more then go for it! I even have a 10% off coupon code JET10 for you!

And besides, in addition to incredibly affordable prices and decent quality Born Pretty store offers worldwide free shipping so tell me what could be better? Plus it's also a wonderful opportunity to supply some unique Christmas presents and avoid unnecessary stress and struggle later ;)

Born Pretty (c/o) necklace (link) and earrings (link; link) | Seppälä hair bow | Fishbone Denim vest | Choies (c/o) top | thrifted Bik Bok pants | Ángel Alarcón boots | thrifted Aspis leather bag.

By the way, this outfit originates from November 3 and in addition to goodies from Born Pretty it also includes two of my most recent thrift finds. Those Bik Bok pants cost "entirely" 1€ and the leather bag was made in Cyprus and cost me 4.50€. It's my favourite bag right now :) Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my photos and don't forget to explore Born Pretty and make use of the 10% off code!


There's something about Valmiera

Well hello, November!
Our first Saturday of November was rather busy. The last autumn leaves needed raking, our garden had to be prepared for once arriving snow and winter, some laundry had to be done and... my October purchases eventually had to be photographed! It was a sunny morning so I grabbed my fresh bits and pieces, took Elvis and did what I had to do. Completed the busy day with a nice workout accompanied by the coolest show ever - The Vampire Diaries. But hey, I'm actually here to tell you about our third trip to Valmiera in Latvia! The first one took place on October 10, 2012 and you can read about it here and the second visit derives from June 27, 2013; you can see all about it here.

Anyway, it was October 19, we were with my parents and for starters felt the sinful need to enjoy some McDonald's time in Tartu. Our next stop was Rieteklis Juniper which is the largest juniper in the Baltic states. Its circumference is respectable 2.7 m and the juniper is named in honour of the poet Rieteklis who used to live and spend his spare time in the area.

Rieteklis Juniper

It was such a scenic and peaceful place and places like that always fill my heart with pure joy. But what as well brings me joy is... (drumroll) shopping and that's exactly what we did when we had arrived in Valmiera. My personal purchases were modest: a necklace with silver leaves (circa 6€) from Cubus and the sweetest Hello Kitty pajamas (circa 11€) from Lindex children's section. The bigger piles on the other hand contain eatable and drinkable things which, by the way, in Latvia are generally cheaper than in Estonia.

Anyway, after shopping we did some sightseeing and discovered some unfamiliar spots in cosy Valmiera. For instance I was extra determined to see the narrow-gauge railway bridge that was built over the spectacular 460 km long Gauja River in 1912. In 1969 this specific Ainaži-Valmiera-Smiltene railway line was closed and the bridge is now a popular pedestrian bridge. Besides, it looks really cool and even kind of retro!

Gauja River
Prada sunnies | thrifted wool scarf from 1986 | Klementi trench coat (used to be mom's) | Guess leather 
gloves | Lindex pants | Chillin accessories boots.

And last but not least came a rather unexpected visit to the Dikli Palace Hotel gourmet restaurant where I picked batter rabbit with goat cheese strudel and rose hip sauce. Mom took quail with chestnut puree, vegetables and horseradish sauce and our men chose pike perch fillet with grilled pumpkin, seafood, carrot butter sauce and green pea puree. It was a delightful experience but I'm probably an overly traditional girl who doesn't know a thing about gourmet food. Instead I love my chicken, salmon, fresh salads and occasionally my burgers and french fries and spaghetti and meatballs. But I also love diversity and new knowledge in every field. What are your views when it comes to food, gourmet and regular?

By the way, Dikli Palace's Neo-Gothic manor house was built in 1896 and the Palace was approved as an architectural monument of national significance in 1998. It is also known for its unique collection of more than 20 fireplaces and tile stoves. Therefore certainly a place worth coming back, in my long imaginary list!

up right and down left my meal
up left mom's meal and down left men's meal

All in all it was a really eventful and positively diverse day and I hope you, guys, enjoyed everything through my photos and stories as much as I did in real life. Next time I will show you what I got from kind Born Pretty Store who sent me three fabulous items to review. I'm excited and I hope you are too, even a little! So see you in my next post!