Chicnova giveaway!

Hello, sweeties! I know I actually promised to tell you about our half-day trip to the capital town and share my purchases. But since the lack of adequate or whatsoever daylight has successfully stopped me from taking photos of those goodies I'm going to spoil you with an awesome giveaway instead! It is my very first giveaway and the prize comes from generous Chicnova, a fashionable online store that spreads clothing, denim, footwear, bags and accessories for bold, adventurous women. They offer free shipping to all countries in Europe, Asia, America and Oceania plus two countries in Africa (Egypt and South Africa). To get a closer look at the shipping and whether they ship to your country click here.

SO, the lucky winner will get a 30$ to 50$ coupon with what she can purchase something awesome from Chicnova. And why 30$ to 50$? Well, because the more traffic and participators this giveaway brings, the bigger coupon the winner will get. Tempting, isn't it? And here are some simple requirements for you to participate:

1. Register on Chicnova. Just click here to do it.
2. Leave a comment with your registered e-mail and the link of your favourite item on Chicnova.
3. Be an official follower of my blog. You can do it via Google Friend Connect by clicking Join this site or/and via Bloglovin' here. At least one of the two ways is mandatory so leave your username(s) and the information about whether it's GFC or/and Bloglovin' in your comment below. And do leave only one comment per person.

And that's it! The giveaway will last for 10 days. Then I will choose the lucky winner by using random.org and forward the winner's e-mail information to Chicnova who will send the coupon directly to the lucky person.

I also compiled two versatile collages to show you what are just a few of the possible prize options (I can secretly reveal I want everything from both collages, oops). Every one of those cool items costs $10.00 to $30.00 but here are the exact details and product links:

Bags & accessories:
1 Vintage PU Fringe Studded Shoulder Bag $30.00 link
2 Lovely Bird Ear Studs in Gold and Blue $10.00 link
3 Fluorescent Multi-layer Beaded Necklace $18.00 link
4 Diamante Butterflies Short Necklace in Contrast Color $24.00 link
5 Diamante Rivets Bracelet in Punk Style $14.00 link
6 Diamante Earrings with Hollow Out Bowknot and Beauty Head $10.00 link
7 Cat and Dog Brooch $23.00 link

8 Cotton Blend Socks with Rabbit Print $10.00 link
9 Grey Spotty Dog Print Casual Sweatshirt $29.00 link
10 Cartoon Pattern Round Neckline Sweatshirt $28.00 link
11 Houndstooth Knit Dress with Pearl Pockets $24.00 link
12 Deer Fox Forest Pattern Printed Cotton Sweatshirt $25.00 link
13 Dogs Print Point Collar Chiffon Blouse $27.00 link
14 Bird and Flower Print Chiffon Blouse Semi-sheer Sleeve and Back $29.00 link

Just pick your favourites out of my collages or straight from Chicnova's website here and participate! The giveaway closes on January 3. Good luck and Merry Christmas, dear readers! See you in my next, hopefully trip... or why not Christmas related post! :)


Another Oriflame haul

Hey, everyone! :) I hope you all spent a delightful third Sunday of Advent. And did you notice how incredibly imperceptibly Christmas Eve is sneaking in? Merely 6 more days and it's already here! Unbelievable,isn't it? But as a free bonus blissful Christmas time also stands for a wonderful 6-day long mini vacation for me. And I will start year 2014 with a cosy 3-day long weekend so how awesome is that? Honestly, I'm already daydreaming about this great luxury :)

But let's carry on with some six essential beauty products I ordered from Oriflame (link) and received last Wednesday:
Fairy City Lights Eye Pencil (shade - Black Shimmer) -

limited edition retractable eye pencil that glides on smoothly for a creamy, velvety texture and shimmering pearly finish. I've been testing it persistently since last Thursday I think and it's perfect for someone who's rather lazy highly impassive when it comes to make up (that's me, obviously!). It doesn't require a super steady hand but still is effective and really does its job.

I also have a Fairy City Lights EDT that contains a fresh green accord, juicy wild strawberries, soft and feminine jasmine, candy apple and sweet toffee scent. Smelling it is addictive and it's one of my two current favourite perfumes by the way. And you're going to see both of my favourites when you keep on reading. Which one is your current favourite in the world of perfumes?

Essentials Lip Balm with Almond Oil -
this silky and softening balm with vitamin E and natural almond oil is a perfect winter lip balm. It protects, helps the lips avoid drying out and smells delicious. It's probably the silkiest lip balm I have ever owned :)

Aqua-Rhythm Intense Hydration Youth Preserve Tinted Moisturiser (shade - Natural Beige) -
according to Oriflame it's a tinted moisturiser that instantly restores a healthy glow to tired, dull skin. Contains ingredients that won't clog pores. Also with hydro-protect complex and shea butter to leave skin amazingly soft and comfortable. Can replace Day Cream.

So, since I didn't have a decent day cream anyway I decided to give it a go and after a few days I can say it blends in with my skin like a charm, covers some rather delicate imperfections (like slight redness) and indeed successfully replaces a regular day cream. I'm loving the mild texture and the discreet but pleasantly present smell that reminds me of my Oriflame Optimals Skin Youth night cream.

Nature Secrets Soap Bar, Exfoliating Shower Gel and Hand Cream with Energising Mint & Raspberry -
I could not believe beauty products with raspberry can have such a natural and refreshing (and addictive!) scent so I keep on sniffing the shower gel over and over again :P Hand creams and shower gels are probably my most used everyday beauty products anyway which means I just can't have too many of those, especially the ones with wonderful scent.

And last but not least, since I'm haulin' anyway I also wanted to share something my parents brought me from their recent trip to Spain: my favourite mascara (link) since forever, oh so sweet and tempting Elie Saab Le Parfum EDP (I tried it in the first place as a joke because I'm driving a Saab but unintentionally fell in love and here we are now - happily together!) and one or two more touristy goodies. And when it comes to tourists I made a big and important step towards being one as early as next year ;)

By the way, next time I can show you an outfit again, in addition to a routine haul because last Saturday we finally took a quick trip to our capital town Tallinn and well, obviously I shopped a little :) But for the time being browse those almost utterly material shots and.. enjoy! :)


I shine, the city never looked so bright

Have a happy and shiny December, guys! How has your first winter month been so far? Mine has been hectic, at work and at home. Actually I haven't even been to many other places besides those two. But luckily last Saturday was so beautifully sunlit that I decided to properly take advantage of this little miracle, fair and square! So I grabbed my little four-pawed furry friend (who, by the way, happens to LOVE snow, unlike me, obviously) and we headed outside to discover the frosty, icily crisp winter wonderland called our backyard.

Frankly I had to go anyway because I promised to present you an amazing thrift store find of mine and here it finally is (plus taking photos indoors would have just been pretty stupid ;). So, drumroll, please...
A truly splendid and exquisite pair of vintage 1990s Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban oval arista gold sunglasses! They came with an original case and lens cloth, they're in perfect shape, they're my very first Ray-Bans, also my very first round sunnies and.. well, to put it in a nutshell, I just really love them :) And gosh how comfortable they are so I suppose I and them were meant to be together and I was meant to pay only 2 ridiculous euros to ensure our happy symbiosis. Phew! That sure was a lot of fate at once but that's what thrift shopping is all about and why I love it so much.

thrifted vintage Ray-Ban sunnies | thrifted vintage Monet earrings | thrifted wool scarf from 1986 | thrifted Reflex faux fur jacket | Monton leggings.

On a completely different note, it was the perfect timing to deliver some fierce bokeh shots and I'm a complete sucker for those. So I was fairly excited while crawling on the frosty grass and seeking for the best and the most fascinating angles. I was like a kid in a candy store actually. And I hope I will experience at least as good conditions when I'm introducing my next thrift shop finding to you. Again something awesome, by the way. Something that was made entirely by hand ;) But for the time being do enjoy today's photos and definitely let me know what you think because I love hearing from you.