It's penguin and Christmas time!

Hey, guys! First things first...
Thank you so much for all the sweet words you left under my last diffusive post. I'm happy you liked it as much as you did. But the dreamy frosty winter wonderland I started my last post with is already distant history and today's real weather can be seen below, behind and around my warm and cosy outfit. Or actually today's conditions are even darker than then, on December 6. Broadly speaking they're a mishmash of grey, slushy, rainy, wet, slippery and windy, briefly - a mess. Just like I was last week but I put up a quick and decent fight and climbed out of it... after a mandatory teeny-tiny wave of despair of course. So I guess we'll see if our holiday weather will be a mess or it fights until it's white and dreamy again. But how do you guys feel about all the fuss around white Christmas? What kind of Christmas will you have?

Anyway, I can't quite talk about our plans for Christmas... because we just don't have many 100% fixed ones yet. But if we happen to do something particularly cool I will certainly tell you about it later. For instance we bought some chilli-lemon and some peppermint gingerbread dough so gingerbread (and cake!) baking is definitely on the agenda. And I also crave a classical yummy potato salad with plain yogurt so that must be made as well. All in all I'm waiting for an idyllic, peaceful and joyful Christmas. That's my wish this year. Besides, our lovely Christmas tree is ready since yesterday and we have all the necessary presents but still must wrap everything.

Now, before I completely forget - my outfit from December 6. I was so eager to wear and show my cutie-pie penguin top from H&M kids that I even overlooked the gloomy slushy circumstances in order to serve you today's photos. And guys, this is seriously the softest piece of clothing I own so the ones who considered getting it - go for it if you haven't yet (link)! Oh and after taking these photos I was skilful enough to step on a secret ice and snow covered puddle and feel the cold water gently filling my boot. How neat. So, after all the complications I really really hope you enjoy those pictures regardless of the somewhat poor light because I think that penguin with the cute pink neck (?) sort of brightens things up.

H&M kids top (link) | thrifted scarf | Sheinside coat (link) | Guess Premium jeans | thrifted boots.

Last but not least - I hope your Christmas time sparkles and shines and all your wishes and dreams come true. And you feel the blissful happiness all year round! Merry Christmas, sweeties!

ps. My Christmas week includes entirely 6 spare days: I have to work only on Tuesday and that's a huge huge yay! Oh and I got rid of my long hair on Wednesday and it feels great! Can't wait to show you!


Winter came and went... and left a big haul behind

Happy December, you-all! I'm going to start today's post with three particularly wintry and frosty photographs I took on December 2 close to my office during my half-hour lunch break. In other words here in my tiny hometown November ended and December arrived together with temperatures steadily between -10 and -17°C and of course a decent amount of snow came down as well. Luckily it kept going for a single week and then the rain came along and now everything's grey and muddy again. Well, at least it's not freezing anymore, if that counts... I mean, frosty and sunny is by all means beautiful but I do not enjoy the cutting cold very much.

Anyway, moving on with today's wide-ranging post. November 22 was just the right day for a nice little shopping trip in the capital town. We caught an 8 o'clock train, walked a great deal (=at least 6 km), shopped at two different shopping centres and ended up with quite a few Christmas presents and then of course the urgently needed goodies we I gathered for us. So the next six photos will illustrate our day in Tallinn and you can explore the majority of the bits and pieces we tracked down there. Oh and this time I added the product information and other fun facts below my haul photos so keep on scrolling.

H&M kids pile top €14.99 (link). I'm sure it's already obvious why I "needed" that one but if not - it's freakin' adorable, love at first sight! And pieces like my oh so sweet penguin top are the clear reason why it's mandatory for me to always check those kids departments;
H&M home candles 2-pack: a squirrel and a rabbit €2.99 (link).

Tiger gem biscuits €2; white tea with peach, green Ceylon tea, green tea with pomegranate and black tea with forest fruits, all made in Sri Lanka €4.

Tiger Christmas red carved glass bowl with a carved lid €2 and a classic tea-strainer €1. Tiger is definitely the coolest goodie store I have visited so far and since they have 404 stores in 25 different countries I recommend you to locate your nearest store through their home page here. Or have you already visited them?
Joie measuring spoon set €1.40 0.40;
Casa Stockmann tea bag tray set €3.90.

Decor Stockmann Winter Wonderland pillowcases €9.90 7.60 each;
Casa Stockmann LO VE pillowcases set €12.90 9.03;
Stockmann Always kiss me goodnight sign €11.90 4.20. As you can see I went slightly overboard with home related stuff but what can a girl do when she's at her favourite shopping centre, it's Christmas soon and cute stuff surrounds her everywhere she looks? Of course I indulged!

But that's not all! I still have three more pieces to show you (plus our Elvis who shows you how to take an evening nap). All three things are thrifted and the first two were brand-new when I discovered them. So here they come, once again provided with my remarks and specifications.

thrifted AC/DC sweatshirt €4 because I practically live in sweatshirts when I'm not at the office;
thrifted Kristine Vikse Agnes sweater (its official shade - dusty olive) €5. 80% of it consists of warm cosy lamb's wool and it's actually worth around €140 (link).

Kristine Vikse is a Norwegian designer by the way and you should definitely see her wonderful Fragments of Norway scarf collection here. The 50% silk-50% wool scarves are photo printed with six different motifs from Norway. Oh and she started her own company in 2006, by chance the same year I spent two weeks in Norway. Would love to go back one day and get myself one of her beautiful scarves, preferably Norwegian wood or Svartisen... or Aurora Borealis.

thrifted Guess sunglassses from mom who came across a cute case for glasses and didn't even notice the case was filled with a classy pair of Guess sunnies. She didn't need the glasses so lucky me!

Wow, once again I was planning on posting a rather shortish story but things turned out as usual. And I honestly applaud to the ones who had strength to finish the whole thing! Next time I will present another proper outfit post so see you then, and for the time being enjoy the Christmas month and my matching snowy photos!


Late autumn reminiscences

Well hello! Long time no see, and unfortunately in the same way as always, if you already know me my blogging habits well enough. But I'm not going to look for a sad pitiful excuse like a "dramatic" motivational crisis nor play the classical "I'm so busy!" card. I'm just saying my days are way too short for all the things I have to do and want to do. Or I'm simply a lousy planner. Or perhaps I sometimes procrastinate way too much. Go figure.

But all my Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays vigorously* tick away at work and after that I'm generally as exhausted as a marathon runner, a mental marathon runner of course. Okay, some of those workday evenings also include a nice little workout to properly seal "the marathon runner deal", the physical part of it. *I'm currently working on the development plan regarding the public water supply and sewerage system of my hometown.

And then there are those always ephemeral weekends, my temporary rescuers. I have no idea where those disappear. But most likely somewhere between managing a capacious household and a garden, occasionally taking some nice little road trips, trying to actually put my feet up (and epicly failing in it), you know, just doing this and that. By the way, I'm curious if I'm alone in this great mystery of life or is there someone else with me? How do you guys cope with it?

Moving on, today I'm sharing two sets of autumn photographs with you. Because better late than never, right? The first one presents a very simple three-layered outfit I wore ages ago - on October 4. In fact it's an entirely thrifted ensemble (with the exception of my tights and such, obviously). Once again it's rather blackish but my faithful colour bomb from Kenzo tones it down just enough and I'm more than happy with the outcome. What do you guys think?

Haga Eyewear sunnies from cococherry | thrifted Zara TRF faux leather jacket | thrifted Kenzo kimono/cardigan | thrifted Bik Bok dress | thrifted H&M booties.

Now, the second batch of photos is even more ancient than the first one and derives from remote September 25. We had our last official vacation week of 2014 back then and besides relaxing at Saka spa we visited E's grandparents in Kõmmaste village, an "easy" 200 km from our own place. It's always like an endless drive but their warm idyllic household in the middle of all the beautiful grand firs and pines totally makes amends. Their two four-legged sausages dachshunds, devious kitty, bossy rooster and constantly clucking chickens are all such cool individuals and I just love observing them. And yes, the chickens too, I even fed them and I love farm animals and agriculture overall.

So, I hope you enjoyed my today's thoughts and photos and I really appreciate you who find time to leave me your notes and flashes of wit despite the fact I'm pretty much as rare as the lunar eclipse here in my blog. I do have big piles of stuff to share and I think next time I will show you a mostly home related haul mixed with a few sweaters and sweatshirts for the chilly season. Which, by the way, started off with the first snow, glazed frost and more than 120 traffic accidents here in Estonia last Friday. But I'm going to show you some snow already in my next post so see you then!


Mini spa vacation - day two (MIB* edition)

*Maiken In Black

Hello and happy November! Since my October was not-so-great I'm now desperately counting on a better November that will solve all my problems. According to the bona fide half of my brain it should be something like kaboom!, and that's about it, everything problematic is gone forever! Blue-eyed much? I know, but as someone smart once said, hope dies last. And I'm seriously putting my best foot forward to stay positive and simply give my all when it comes to my part in things. So, dear November, please be good to me, and do not prove hope is actually for fools. Believe me, there is absolutely no need for that.

Now, on a completely different note you may remember this gloomy blog post from last month. I was looking back on the first day of our mini spa vacation in Saka Manor in that post and at last it's time for day two, distant September 23. Although, spa-wise day two simply meant that we woke up, had an extra scrumptious breakfast (their crunchy croissants... yum!), packed our belongings, said goodbye to Saka Manor's very own kitty called Santsu and in a short while made a beeline for Rakvere. Which of course brings us to a teeny-tiny (discounter) haul and an outfit of the day, MIB edition!

So, for starters come the three/four new goodies from good old Rakvere:
I a sweet pale pink Matthew Williamson for Lindex bracelet (€10 4) you actually already saw me wearing in this blog post. Besides, how pretty is its box!?
II a pair of gorgeous turquoise denim shorts from New Yorker (€19.95 1!!!). Nice deal, huh? Summer is forgotten and shorts are dog-cheap. Only too bad I must wait an eternity before they can finally see the light of day.
III a cute set of floral pillow cases (€2 each) simply because we are renewing our whole bedclothes' collection. And that's that.

Now a few quick words about my darkish ensemble. Practically 75% of the things I'm wearing here are thrifted and my especial favourites and current everyday sidekicks are the miniature but compact Florence by Italy bag and the comfiest H&M wedge booties ever. Both are thrifted, obviously.

Emporio Armani sunnies | LINE collection coat | thrifted scarf and golden bracelet | thrifted Zara Trafaluc peplum top | thrifted 25:7 (Bik Bok) jeans | thrifted Florence by Italy bag | thrifted H&M booties.

By the way, thrift shopping has lately been my remedy and passion at the same time. Calvin Klein, Guess by Marciano, Lauren by Ralph Lauren and MICHAEL Michael Kors have been the most prestigious recent findings but my complete list includes more and more smashing pieces. If only we had more sunny days to capture all the haul photos I would like to because in addition to my thrifted goodies I also have some awesome home related ones and they're all worth sharing with you. But for the time being enjoy today's photographs and definitely let me know what you think because I love hearing from you! See you, sweetie pies!


A new car, a new coat and a sudden crisis

Howdy, guys! Oh wow, life has been a real roller-coaster since my last post. Or actually it was a roller-coaster already before my last post. And my poor little head has been tightly filling with all sorts of thoughts which are slowly spilling over and squeezing out of my ears, eyes, mouth (figuratively speaking, of course). Sounds odd, or quite the contrary, familiar? Well, in one way or another, welcome to my recent overthinking state of mind!

But at least I completely realize that when I'm overthinking my mind is going round and round in an oppressive loop instead of holding its spirit high, confronting the existing tribulations and victoriously moving forward. By all means I know I must win back my peace of mind and do it now, not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow. But the big question is: how exactly should I do it? Will I succeed? When will I succeed? That's already three questions but I'm sure you get the big picture and sense my teeny "crisis" here. And to tell you the truth writing those points down has already helped a little.

So, on October 11 our household (or should I say CARhold?) got another new member - a blue estate Saab 9-3. And now I own two 9-3-s and am perplexed. I know I should sell the oldie but after those 6.5 years spent together my heart just breaks when I even think about it. Every machine has its pros and cons and maybe I'm a weirdo but the pure thought of letting go makes me melancholic and clingy. And yes, I do know I'm talking about cars, those metal creatures, and probably not many of you understand me but that's the truth and nothing but the truth.

8 years between those two cars make them both unique and I've got a feeling it's going to be one tough decision to let go and come to terms with the present... or not to let go at all. We shall see. But right now see this old blog post from August 18, 2012 because it's the exact same location near Järvakandi and it contains my soon 15-year-old loyal sidekick.

Anyway, now on a completely different, fashion related note. Sometime in September contacted me the well-known Sheinside online store and they kindly offered me an item from their ineffably vast selection. I shortly thought - why not?, then spent several days on frantically choosing the one, finally realized I simply needed a more or less warm autumn coat and then picked the black one you can spot in today's photos. If you're interested in seeing it through their homepage click here. And I confess I've been wearing that thing ever since I got my curious hands on it. It copes with lightsome minus degrees, is cosy and looks pretty rad - overall a great success!

Emporio Armani sunnies | Guess scarf | Sheinside coat (link) | thrifted Scotch Shrunk shirt from little boys' section | thrifted Diesel belt | Fornarina pants | Chillin accessories boots | Matthew Williamson for Lindex braided bracelet | thrifted golden hearts bracelet | Oriflame earrings.

All in all I hope you enjoy those sunny autumn shots and also bear with my whining. And I admit - writing those messy thoughts down and "digesting" it a little has already helped me to see it all way more clearly. Each and every problem has some kind of solution and I'm already working on finding mine. Oh and what a contradiction that exactly today's vivid photos are accompanied by such complaintive musings. Anyway, see you in the next post, guys!

ps. I took the last two photographs on September 27 but everything else derives from October 11 when we were heading back home from Tallinn through Järvakandi where we visited E's grandparents. Our sudden surprise visit made them oh so happy :)