Born Pretty 2 and a Christmas flashback

Howdy! I want to start today's post with a small reminder, i.e. I want to refer to my 30$ to 50$ Chicnova giveaway and ask if YOU are already participating? If yes, cheers, but if no then what are you waiting for?? It has very slight and simple rules (no annoying sharing for example) so go ahead, click here and participate! You still have some time. The giveaway ends this Friday, January 3.

Secondly I would like to refresh your memory on Born Pretty store (link). If you're curious about my previous package from them, click here but last week I received another one just in time for Christmas. And it included three lovely goodies: a pair of earrings, a necklace and a decent storage box.

I'm an earring addict (a slowly recovering one, I hope) so naturally I had to pick at least one modest pair. And those Elegant Square Alloy Piercing Earrings (originally from Forever 21) in pretty mint shade were the most eye-catching and universal ones I found. Right now they're only $2.07 (=€1.51) and you can get your own pair in mint or white by clicking here.

Now, the Classic Chain-Link Concise Wide Curb Chain Necklace in silver was also a must for me. It's incredibly lightweight and although now isn't the best time for wearing this chunky stunner (you know, coats, scarves and other warm stuff) it will definitely find its place in my holiday suitcase in spring. And you can get your own in black, golden or silver shade for infinitely reasonable $2.59 (=€1.88) just by clicking here.

Last but certainly not least I chose this adorable Star-shaped Tin Box Lovely Bears' Family Patterned Candy and Storage Box for storing my jewellery or some other cute bits and pieces. I'm loving the teddy bear pattern very very much and if you're feeling the same way, click here to purchase your own for only $1.99 (=€1.45).

Can you guys believe those prices? And Born Pretty also offers worldwide free shipping as an extra bonus. Plus right now they're having a HOT Flash Sale $0.99 (link), a Year-End Sale (Sitewide 20% OFF! Dec 28 - Jan 3 - link) and as a juicy cherry on top of everything I already mentioned I offer you, my dear readers, an additional 10% off coupon code JET10. Do not miss that amazing chance!

To draw the line at today's miscellaneous post I'm going to share something Christmas related with you. And since the entire Christmas time was quite ephemeral anyway I didn't take heaps of photos on Christmas Eve either. Nevertheless you can steal a glance at several of my/our wonderful presents and even more.

I got a pile of Clinique goodies (Liquid Facial Soap; Take The Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes & Lips; Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream; Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream; my must-have High Impact Mascara and a cute little cosmetics bag), Biodegradable Blueberry Shampoo and Washing Gel from a Finnish brand called Rento (check out their beautiful homepage here) and the softest whitest mittens ever. WE also got those beautiful pasta plates, natural soy wax candles with our initial letters and vanilla scent, Villeroy & Boch Christmas candle holders and well, quite a few euros too (because we have a certain goal to get a decent new range soon). All in all I'm truly happy with absolutely everything we got :)

So, enjoy my voluminous pile of photos, dear readers. And may this new awesome year bring you everlasting happiness, the greatest success in everything you do and prosperity for you and your loved ones.
Happy New Year!


  1. Gawd, loving the teddy bear box and the chunky necklace. I love huge necklaces, don't know exactly why, I think they look prettier than normal ones. The classic mittens with snowflakes are so freakin adorable!

  2. Happy New Year, Maiken! It looks like you have 2014 off to a wonderfully accessorised start already :) Those earrings are too pretty - I took am an earring addict, although a recovering one - and that chain necklace is the perfect piece of classic jewelry, I know you'll find ways to wear it over and over again and I can't wait to see them throughout the year. Wishing you every happiness in 2014!

  3. Oooh, great selections from Born Pretty - I really like that chunky chain necklace. I chose a bracelet much like it from them!
    Also, the flashback to Christmas photos make me miss it. Aha, great holiday snapshots!
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my last post girl - I hope to keep improving my outfits and hearing your feedback through 2014 ;)
    Happy New Year!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Such beautiful pictures Maiken! The Clinique products are so great ♥
    Happy new year ♥♥ I'm waiting for your new outfit post !

  5. I love a "pile" of photos! But it was not a pile, it was a great amount of inspiration! I loooved the earrings, I simply love everything with turquoise! I also loved the sweet teddy bear box :) Everything with teddy bears melts my heart :) And the picture with the reflex on the Christmas decoration was brilliant! Such a coincidence, I bought a Clinique bag for a friend! I want to thank you for your friendship and so sweet comments to me! I can only say you are one of the highlights of 2013 to me! And I unfortunately never went to your country, but believe me, I have it on my list for so many years! I am sure it is so beautiful! I wish you a fantastic 2014! May all your wishes and projects come true! The shop, trips, lots of beautiful outfits and great time with family! denisesplanet com

  6. Oooh clinique really has some solid products. Your table and tree both look so festive and pretty! Happy new year! :)

    Mili from Call me, Maeby

  7. I can't believe all the holidays are already over;( it's so sad I definitely didn't get enough of them:( But on a bright side your photos are absolutely festive and happy. I love the new stuff you got, especially the jewellery.
    Happy New Year dear Maiken, let it be an amazing year!




  8. Happy New Year to you! I'm looking forward to view my items from Born Pretty too, your earrings are lovely! Looks like you had loads of great goodies from the holidays. I love Clinique products! Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Aw Happy New Year to you :) Hope 2014 brings you lots of joy,luck and fond memories x Gosh more goodies from bornpretty? I love the chain especially,very cool,and I too am very into chunky chains like this lately,very on trend. I cant understand how they manage to get their prices so low its incredible,and the quality is still alright,I love my watch from them. You got some lovely stuff for christmas,and love the photos too,I didnt take many photos either,my mind isnt thinking about taking pics when Im chilling on christmas :) x take care and as always I loved reading your comment x

  10. mul on hea meel, et kingitused meeldisid! meile meeldisid ka :) aga... jõulukuuli-pilt... kas Erik seisab seal taga kuskil või on see mingi muu kummitus? jumalast creepy - keegi nagu seisaks mingis kahtlases mustas rüüs, valmis sind kohe ründama :D

    1. :D mul isiklikult pole õrna aimugi, kuidas see kahtlane moodustis Erik on, aga ise ta väidab, et on tõepoolest. oletame siis, et ongi :D

  11. Oh, Santa must really really like you, you got so much cool stuff!!! Or you've been a really good girl, that's also a possibility.:) Those F21 mint earrings are gorgeous, you might be addicted to earrings, but I think I have a humongous mint obsession.:D And that shot of the Christmas ornament is great, I love your reflection in it!!

    Babe, I hope you have an amazing 2014, I hope all that was good in 2013 multiplies and everything (and everybody) that was bad disappears. Happy new year!

  12. I love your tree, it looks super festive and traditional. Happy New Year, all the best. :)

  13. Happy New Year Maiken!!!
    Looking forward to see your post about the new year, I mean outfit and pictures :)
    As usual your hauls are full of nice goodies and pictures are always perfect ;)

  14. Happy New Maiken,

    I always love when you take photographs. You are naturally talented when it comes to bringing out the details in a photograph!

    I love your earrings they are gorgeous make me want to grab some myself!!

    I hope all your dreams come true this year! It really has been great getting to know you. I am so thankful that I came across you blog!

  15. Happy New Year Maiken! Your photos are beautiful, I especially liked the one of your dining table and Christmas tree. I hope you had great holidays, and concerning your comment, let's hope for a better year 2014 :) Thank you for reading my blog!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  16. You received some lovely things for Christmas, I think all I really received was money from relatives haha - I think I'm difficult to buy for! I really want to try some Clinique products, what do you recommend?

    The earrings you received are lovely by the way, the colour really suits you :). xx

    Like Sarah'

    1. I can always recommend their High Impact mascara. I've been using it since 2006 maybe? I'm not sure but for a very long time indeed and no other mascara hasn't been able to beat it. it runs off with warm water which is the best thing because I don't use makeup remover.

    2. A few blogs I've read have recommended that - I'll have to look into it. Thanks for the recommendation :) xx

  17. Looks like you've got such lovely gifts-you can't beat some Clinique bits :) I adore the earrings-particularly the colour!

  18. Oh, what darling earrings! I love the pretty mint color. I've wanted to get my ears pierced for awhile, so thank you for the inspiration!

    As for your Christmas photos, how festive! I love that pretty tree. And you always get the best goodies--biodegradeable shampoo sounds so cool! I definitely try to be an eco-friendly, organic-opting girl myself :) So cute even your dog got something!

    Have a wonderful week!

  19. Born Pretty seems like a lovely brand--going to check it out! And Happy New Year :)


    xo Jess

  20. The Born Pretty Store seems like a really good site, I LOVE the Classic Chain-Link Concise Wide Curb Chain Necklace :) Can't wait to see how you style it when it gets warmer!

    Looks like you got a lot of awesome Christmas goodies, I especially love the pasta plate. It is so cute.

  21. Looks like you enjoyed a wonderful Christmastime!

  22. I love those mint earrings! And yay for Clinique products, I love that brand.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  23. I adore your new mint earrings! They are so unique! Great Clinique products! I love their stuff!


  24. Nice*
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    Let me know if you follow me & i´ll follow back :)

    Greetings <3