My personal Eiffel Tower from Chicnova

Happy winter, guys! Today I could finally really sense the crisp winter air (in addition to fragile snowflakes and squeaky ground) powerfully floating around and taking over my small hometown. To be honest with you I wasn't exactly waiting for this to happen but on the other hand seeing some energizing sunshine after what seemed like forever ago is actually quite lovely. Plus we had a pretty darn sweet weekend!

On Saturday we did some very reasonable sale shopping in Tartu, on Sunday I snatched several awesome thrift finds (for nothing!) for myself and E. and he was working really hard on our extensive bedroom renovation. But when it comes to our sale shopping findings and thrifted treasures (a Moschino skirt clearly is one, am I right?) I'm going to showcase those in another blog post because right now it's time for my outfit from Saturday, January 11 and of course my Chicnova sweatshirt.

So, do you remember Chicnova, a fashionable but still unconventional online store that spreads clothing, bags and accessories, denim and footwear for courageous ladies? Click here to stop by their lovely store. They were kind enough to send me this amazing Multicolor Tower Printing Cotton Sweatshirt (link) and I'm not exaggerating at all when I say it's by far the softest cutest fluffiest piece of clothing I own. Well and it's rainbow-coloured, which makes it even more marvellous because sweet pastel shades give me happy vibes.

Unfortunately my sweatshirt is sold out right now but you can order an arrival notice and Chicnova will kindly let you know when this popular piece is available again. By the way, I should also mention something about their shipping: Chicnova's free shipping is surprisingly fast and takes only 7-10 working days when we are talking about USA, Canada and most countries in Europe. But click here to see further shipping details precisely about your country and here to order an arrival notice for the colourful hero of today's post.

muuu.ee earrings and ring | sweatshirt c/o Chicnova (link) | Brooker denim shirt | Seppälä pants | Sempre boots | my only perfumed Phalaenopsis.

I hope you enjoyed this quick and simple outfit post. The next outfit you're going to see from me will be totally different compared to today's look so be ready for that as well. And as always, let me know about your thoughts and ideas because I just love reading those. See you soon, sweeties!


  1. That's an amazingly colorful top! it really suits your blonde hair too...

  2. Who wouldn't want their very own Eiffel Tower? Of course you know I'm particularly attached to Paris and although this sweatshirt is a bit bright for me to buy it myself, I very much admire how you wear it. Plus, the Eiffel Tower, I mean... what's not to love? Nothing, I think! But I'm also very excited to see your Moschino find, you always do so well at thrift stores, it's inspiring for people like me who are just learning about thrifting :)

  3. Ooooh, I love this multi colored sweater! Its so pretty and the Eiffel tower on it? Perfect :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Lucky you, here it's from -10 to -20 degrees and you know how much I "like" that :P! Love your sweater, it looks like it was made for you :)
    x, Lara

  5. Oooh maaan, look at this splash of colors O_O I love it! Adorable sweatshirt! <3
    And the ring is ooh la la!

  6. Hehe, you know I was really waiting for a new post, it's the 3rd day I come to take a look :) And now such a beautiful post! This store you go must be amazing, cause a Moschino skirt there? Wow! I must be doing something wrong, I usually buy from net-a-porter or theoutnet, but just because I don't have these stores many bloggers mention, near me! What a shame, I want to thrift nice things too! No joke, I think it's a much more intelligent way to live and also a contribution to the planet, by recycling. But before we here see your skirt, I am sure it must be lovely, I am enchanted by your top!!!! I was going to Chicnova to buy it, but then you said it's sold out :( I love Paris, and the Tower, and the colors of the top are amazing - like you said, rainbow! You look very beautiful and the whole outfit is great, with the beautiful boots too! The ring is super sweet! Anyway, heading to Chicnova now, they must have something for me too :) Hope you are fine!!! denisesplanet com

  7. Agreed, rainbow colored things are simply better.:) It's such a wonderful sweater, no wonder it got sold out! I hope your renovations are going well, babe, those can be a huge pain in the ass, we re-did out bathroom not too long ago and I wanted to kill myself...

    Happy weekend, dear.;)

    P.S.: I can't forget - great nails!!

  8. I love the colors in that eiffel tower top. It totally works perfectly with your aesthetic. And moschino skirt?! Can't wait to see that one :)


  9. dressikas lausa õhkab kevadet! :)

    1. aga võiks nii palju õhata, et kevad reaalselt saabukski. mul talvest juba üpris kõrini :D

  10. the sweatshirt is amazing! wish i have it once in my closet.
    nice to know you anyway


  11. ohh..your sweatshirt is just too gorgeous..even in black & white it looks so appealing to me !

  12. The top is great!! love that lively colors, your hair color looks amazing with them :)


  13. I've been seeing this kind of sweater quite a lot on many blogs but for some reasons I don't really like it. Even though I love how colorful they are ;)

  14. How adorable! I adore that sweater, the Eiffel tower on it is so chic. I've wanted an eiffel tower sweater for a while! I love that this one is so vibrantly colored, it brightens up any outfit! :)

  15. that sweater!!! - it's soooo cool! I love it.. i need it! haha

    xo, Carla

  16. What a fun, statement sweater! Paired with the perfect accessory too :)

    xo Jess

  17. Oh, can't wait to see that newly-thrifted skirt, queen of bargains! I'm in love with this colorful sweater as well--you're paired it perfectly with that collared top and dark purple pants. Ahh, Paris is the way to my heart. And those edgy boots are the perfect touch! You're such a happy touch to the gloomy weather. We've had the same weather changes so I hope it clears up for you soon!

    Have a wonderful week!

  18. Oh I love your bright Paris inspired sweatshirt. It's absolutely awesome and super "in" right now. I also noticed and loved your gorgeous colourful statement ring and an absolutely amazing manicure;)




  19. Oh the print is so cute. And your post reminded me that in short time I will be there...yeaaaah

  20. WHOA that sweatshirt is really cool, I love sweatshirts with photos on them :) Even more awesome that it is so colorful! I really like it paired with the pants. Such an awesome combo.

  21. Love the eiffel tower top, the colors are so pretty and fun!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  22. Maiken,

    How sweet they sent you a sweatshirt and it's lovely doll! I really like it in the black and white photo!! Love, love , love, LOVE the ring!! So pretty! I cannot wait to see your skirt in the next blog post.

    Looking forward to it pretty girl!!

  23. I love that sweatshirt sooo much! Beautiful combination of colours and you can never go wrong with an Eiffel Tower design. You look incredible! :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

  24. ohh the sweater is adorable! love the color pairing in this outfit!

  25. Soo so pretty ! The colors of this sweater are amazing, I love it!
    But brrr, I'm freezing fro you, here it looks like winter is never coming (I like snow and I miss it, but I'm happy that it doesn't snow so that I can go to work ^^)

    Kisses Maiken ♥

  26. ooh that sweater is stunning! its really beautiful :) you look so lovely and pretty as always :)


  27. Lovely radiant orchid, it's the color of the year! Thanks for stopping by my blog Maiken!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  28. Oh my gosh you have out done yourself on the bargain shopping and thrifting this time... a Moschino skirt? I can not wait to see.Sounds like you both had a lovely weekend,and the bedroom DIY sounds great too,would be great to see how that turns out!
    Your Chicnova jumper is amazing,so colourful and fun,and I had'nt spotted this on their website before,Im still waiting on the red dress I picked from them with the giveaway I won from you :) can not wait to recieve it!
    Anyways you look lovely with that cool jumper and of course those fave burgundy trousers of yours x Take care and speak soon x :)

  29. Aww I just love how colour coordinated these photos are, all the pink and blue elements: the orchid and the ring match together with the Eiffel blouse in such a beautiful way. Cute piece by the way, suits your style perfectly I think :) Lovely and fun like you <3

    Indie by heart