Winter moments mixed with thrift shop findings

Greetings from my freezing little hometown! I seriously suspect that our almighty fantastic weather is quietly sabotaging my blogging will and skills which seem somewhat frozen right now. I know, sounds like a pretty lame excuse but I just had to say something to justify myself a little. You know, that's human nature. We just have to come up with a good enough argumentation in every possible life situation. But enough of that, today I'm going to share entirely three bunches of vivid winter photographs with you!

The first quintuplet derives from last Sunday that we greatly spent at my grandparents' place in the countryside. E. persistently established a skating track for me and I obviously skated until I was pretty much breathless. Why? Because most of the time I was exceeding the imaginary speed limit, oops. And Astra, my grandparents' crazy-energetic German shepherd was constantly escorting me. By the way, this Little Red Riding Hood is Jenny, my parents' pile of sweetness. And the kitten is Miki, my grandparents' new baby and the coolest cat I've ever met. I just wanted to smuggle him home with me but E. ruthlessly crushed my whim.

So, secondly comes a tiny thrift shop haul I also mentioned in my last blog post. This thrift shopping trip took place on Saturday before last and everything cost 1 or 2 euros. The navy blue bow bag with heart pattern lining is brand-new and originates from a kids' label Dopo Dopo Girls. The super colourful vintage blouse is from Danz International and my oriental dress has an oriental tag I can't read. Those brownish sunnies are most likely vintage as well and last but not least - a year-round yay for cute Christmas goodies! And I'm curious, how often do you thrift shop?

And now it's time for the third group, also deriving from the weekend before last and everything was taken in or from our garden. I believe I should also call your attention to the fact that my fingers froze while catching the last two photos but I completely ignored the pain because the sight was simply too beautiful to miss. Well, when I finally rushed back inside the pain hit me with a huge hammer. I honestly thought that was it, no more fingers for me! Plus it only got worst when they started to warm up. I don't even know how long did the horror last but guys, seriously, always keep your fingers and toes warm because you don't want to experience what I experienced that day. But at least I got my photos, haha.

All in all I hope you enjoyed my winter photographs and learnt from my winter misery. Next time I will show you an outfit again and some lovely gifts from Born Pretty, including the cutest and sweetest earrings I have ever seen and owned. A couple of especially awesome thrift shop treasures are also waiting for their turn to be shared so be on your guard. And for the time being of course let me know your thoughts on today's post. See you!


  1. Uuh, see kotike on lihtsalt nii sulatavalt armas! Ja koerad ja kiisu...oh!

    1. mind tabas seda kotikest nähes täpselt sama tunne. ja kui veel sisse piilusin ning voodrit nägin, olingi nii-öelda lõplikult müüdud :)

  2. nice collection of stuff from the thrift store, and the dogs are super cute in these pics, all romping about in the snow :D

  3. Oh my goodness, there are so many sweet animals in this post! I must say, I'm just in love with that little cat, it's not wonder you wanted to take him home - although I imagine Elvis wouldn't have been too thrilled ;) And I have to say, too, although I sympathise with how much you hate the winter because I lived through similar seasons in my childhood, it does look so absolutely beautiful in your photos because I can't feel the cold.

  4. Wow, beautiful scenery. I can imagine what it must have felt to be there *_* And freezing fingers aside, the photos turned out magical! :D
    My favorite thrift find of yours is the vintage colorful blouse. It's such a unique piece!
    You can skate? I'm so jealous! We went ice skating few weeks ago, I fell so hard my knee cap was swelling and looked like e purple plum :D I do love skating though I suck at it.

    1. I actually love skating, both, roller- and ice skating. but when talking about purple plums then recently I hit my smallest toe against our sofa and it turned into a tiny plum as well. it still hurts so I'm afraid there could be a crack in the bone. yay for me! :D

  5. looks so very much fun! and the dogs are so lovely!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  6. No, that's not a bad excuse, it's a REAL excuse. Winter does make blogging difficult, at least over where we live. Try to take pics when it gets dark at 2pm and try to be innovative with outfits when you need a spacesuit :P
    Anyways, love the dogs and the kitty, and awesome thrifting finds, again. 1 or 2 euros, unfair. Here everything costs a lot in thrift stores. Greedy finns.
    x, Lara

    1. I've always said, come to Estonia and thrift shop here ;) by the way, I have four new 1 euro findings waiting for being photographed. but we have no sunlight... I mean, any normal light, only a nasty snowstorm. I hope tomorrow is going to be a better day and I can finally take those photos :)

  7. Awwww. Adorable photos ! ^^ I haven't skated all winter .. Must change that as soon as possible. There's lake really near our home after all.

    And I spot a really cute top there, too. ^^ A bit Asian-inspired I think.

    Thank you for the comments Maiken! I've responded under my own posts xx


  8. Cute pictures Maikeni!! Im in love with your dogs :)))
    And thanks a lot for the good wishes with my new job! I appreciate it!! :)


  9. wow these photos are absolutely stunning, you are making me crave winter when its summer where i live haha!
    anyway, lovely blog you have here, glad to have stumbled across it!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  10. Second to last photo is hauntingly beautiful! Love all your furry friends, and those awesome sunglasses :) Looking forward to your outfit post!


    xo Jess

  11. ooh i love the last few photos!! they're soooo stunning :D ahh your doggies are sooo adorable :D


  12. How fun! It's been so years since I've went ice-skating, but I used to love it very much. I especially love the last two stunning photos. Snow always makes such lovely photos. Have a wonderful week.
    // Madison :)

  13. Love that first photo! I used to figure skate and now I'm kinda missing it :) And oo I really like these winter photos, looks so beautiful!

    Ahhh that navy blue bow bag with heart lining is absolutely adorable, such a great find!

  14. Astra, Miki and Jenny are gorgeous animals, great photos too :). I love your thrift shop haul, especially the coloured blouse - looking forward to see how you style it :) xo

    Like Sarah

  15. Beautiful winter shots dear Maiken. How stunning are those photos of the naked threes cut by the sun shine!
    I also love your happy photos filled with smiles and good mood. Your dogs are super cute;) This I told you already million of times;) I also love your purchases especially the kimono inspired shirt and the arty colourful one;)




  16. these photos are so beautiful. It makes the winter moments seem breathtaking! Plus, the dogs. Melts my heart!! I love dogs. hehe


  17. Oh gosh, it looks so snowy and beautiful! I've always wanted to skate outdoors like that but most of our rinks are inside because it's not cold enough here. Thanks for sharing!

    xo, alison*elle

  18. Anonymous4/2/14 04:28

    Oh my gosh, these photos are stunning! The animal ones are so cute, what a cute bunch of pets! I love your thrift haul too, that bag is such a cool, unique find! It has been freezing where I live too, this winter is brutal! I wish I could capture the beauty of the snow as well as you do though!


  19. Beautiful photos! I always love good shots of animals :)

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  20. Beautiful pics doll, loved this post and you're so lucky to have snow :) Such cute animals too :)x

    The Belle Narrative - Enter my fabulous MAC Makeup Giveaway

  21. That first picture is so wonderful, I love it. And it looks like you got some great goodies too.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  22. A post full of adorable animals! German Shepards are so beautiful,like wolves almost,aw and the little red riding hood :D so cute,and I would of had to of smuggled your grandparents new kitty home! so fluffy!! Gosh the weather does look cold where you are,the weather has dropped a little where I am,but no snow or ice yet.
    Good thrift,unbelieveable everything was 1/2 euros?! thats so good :D Your last photos are absolutely beautiful,the twiggy trees,with light pouring through,so stunning...and of course cheeky elvis :D

  23. ahh no kes ei oleks püüdnud siis miksikut ära röövida!? või noh, me marttiga plaanisime, aga ana valvas pilk ei lubanud seda teha. võib-olla oleks aidanud see, kui ma poleks enne kõva häälega rääkinud, et ta on nii vahva ja ma tahan teda endaga koju viia :D

    1. "Miksik" on minu jaoks midagi uut ilmselgelt :D aga kui ma nüüd natuke meenutan, siis minult ana kunagi isegi küsis, kas ma ei tahaks seda kassi omale võtta? see oli jupp aega tagasi muidugi ja parajasti siis, kui kass oli mingit käru keeranud just. ja no süda muidugi tahaks sada korda, aga aju ei taha vist üldse. Erik ka ei taha. no ja tegelikult Elvisest piisabki. aga teil võiks ju küll üks "Miksik" Tartus ringi vandaalitseda ;)

    2. oh mul on talle vist mingi viis erinevat hüüdnime juba :D aga sedan'd küll, et ana on pärast mõnd pahandust ka mulle teda pakkunud, aga kui ta aru sai, et ma tõsimeeli (ja isegi martti, kes otseselt kassifänn ei ole) võtaks ta endale kas või natukeseks, siis ta vist enam pakkuda ei julgenud - muidu ongi ühel hetkel kiisu kadunud :D ja noh, muidugi igatseme mingil määral mõlemad lemmiklooma siia, aga esmajärgus ilmselt siiski koera ja tema jaoks ei ole kahjuks praegu ei ajalisi ega ruumilisi võimalusi :( aga küll need ka tulevad! ja noh, olgem ausad, meil on ju jenny, kes ka aeg-ajalt tartus külas käib. miskipärast ei tunduks meile kummalegi vist päris õige ka praegu "päris enda" koer võtta, isegi kui aega ja võimalusi oleks... koer oleks justkui olemas, ta lihtsalt pole kogu aeg meiega koos :)

    3. tõepoolest, enam pole kassi pakutud. ja mulle täitsa piisabki juba sellest, kui teda nii kord nädalas näen (näiteks pühapäeval ta tuli ja sättis end mu saapa peale lebosse. ja seda samal ajal, kui saabas veel jalas oli :)
      ja ma arvan ka, et Jenny poleks just kuigi õnnelik või vaimustuses, kui mingi väike koerapõnn tema vaatevälja tekiks. Elvis on kindlasti piisavalt tüütu tema jaoks, st need vähesed korrad, kui nad üldse kokku juhtuvad :D aga ma vahel ikka igatsen neid aegu, kui Elvis veel priske pisipõnn oli :)

  24. Great thrift shop finds! Thanks for sharing them with us. The blue bag is so cute. :)


  25. Lovely wintry photos! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that you don't like licorice. I think it's something in our Finnish DNA. I tried to google merekivi but I didn't find anything :(

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  26. Haha I totally feel you on the frozenness when capturing shots. The things we do for photos, huh? Your skating pictures make me so nostalgic of when I took figure skating lessons. It looks like you had quite a bit of fun with the cute dogs and pretty cat!

    What unbelieveable thrift finds! Man, 1-2 Euros! I thrift every once in awhile but I've never seen such astounding deals--am I ever envious haha. I totally love the pretty denim bag with the fun print inside and your cute floral top!

    Your winter photography is so ethereal--love the misty lighting in the last one. You're so talented! I also love the new blog background and I'm always so grateful for your kind notes.

    Have a beautiful week!

  27. Wow gorgeous pictures, I love!
    Your dogs are so cute aw, love your new finds as well!

  28. Thank you for commenting on my blog dear :')
    You're so kind. I don't understand too, why they are being so mean to me. I mean, I don't even know what's my fault.
    Anyway, I want to go to your hometown. Seems like I am freezing there. Lol


  29. OMG, I want to take all of them home, Astra, Jenny, Miki!!!!:D But I don't think my dog would appreciate newcomers.:) I love these shots, babe, but I totally get you - even though we're not knee-deep in snow over here, it pretty cold and raining and I just don't feel like getting out there taking pictures. But I'm glad you took these, they look like a perfect outtake of a winter wonderland.;)