Gloomy February

Hello! Life lately has been mostly gloomy (hence the delay and the title of this post).
So, the misery began already last week when I got a stupid cold (essentially an extreme sniffle and an annoying temperature). And since being sick was utterly unwonted and new to me it felt extra depressing! Regardless of that I continued my regular business and chore and counted on a brighter future (suffering should result with that, or what?). But instead the crappy week ended with a real bang. A negative, unnecessary bang, naturally and literally. But all right, that bang has been fortunately positively settled now.

And then striked the next one, bang, just like that! Our furnace is broken and therefore heating the house is disturbed, obviously. On a positive note our current (so called) winter is mild, we have a fireplace and a wood burning range... and an insurance, thank God! But I'm not going to lie, I still want the bad bad February to end!

Anyway, on a completely different and a lot brighter note last Saturday, February 15 was a trip day and we visited one of our regular spots, Rakvere. Below and above you can for one thing see what I wore on that thoroughly gloomy day. My red beanie and tube scarf set is a Valentine's Day gift from mom and everything else is old and/or thrifted.

Now, about (cheap) shopping. Among some necessities I got an adorable heart necklace (€1.79) from the little girls' sale section at Lindex and a cool angry tigers' tee (~€3) from a brand called Jimmy Hunger. By the way, Jimmy Hunger is actually aimed at boys aged 6-16 and my tee originates from their 2014 Spring collection. But I believe it looks great with the cute heart necklace because of the cool contrast those two individuals create.

earrings and necklace from 2009 | H&M beanie and scarf | Lindex kids' crop vest | thrifted Jousipaita shirt | thrifted belt | thrifted Nudie Jeans jeans | Sempre boots.

And last but certainly not least I want to showcase my very first pair of Beverly Feldman shoes. Got them from one of my main local thrift shops for €8 and they're simply perfect . Beverly is an extravagant shoe designer who designed her own pretty website and she creates all the shoes and handbags herself, located in sunny Alicante, Spain. She has dedicated more than 40 years to shoes and her daring slogan is Too much is not enough. Oh and she owns 7 poodles and 3 German shepherds! So if you love bold and happy shoes, definitely explore her vivid collection here.

I hope you guys enjoyed today's gloomy photographs and I really count on some sunnier days for the next ones because I'm already eager to present you my newest giveaway win from a beautiful Finnish brand called Design Domi! I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for that but for the time being I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on today's post. See you next time!


I believe in pink and thrift shopping

Hey! I didn't actually promise you an outfit post for today but since we experienced an abnormally warm weekend (up to +4°C!) I just had to take advantage of the situation and harass poor E. a little. You may remember my joyfully striped pink & brown cardigan from last week. And after wearing it to work more or less every day I finally took it out for a spin outside my hometown when we did some food and thrift shopping in Põltsamaa. So, E. tracked down a cool Disclosure tee and a Burton denim like shirt that was also nice in every way. The mantelshelf in our dining and living room got a sweet little decorative box, Elvis got a fancy frilled pillow and I got... well, nothing at all. What a shocker, isn't it?

Lindex necklace | Holly & Whyte by Lindex cardigan | thrifted H&M blouse and pants | Sempre boots.

But regardless of last Saturday's thrift shocker I luckily am in proud possession of my four 1€ findings from previous thrift hunts:
1. Beginings blouse with the coolest buckles and ropes print;
2. Jack Daniel's denim shirt. I already cut off the huge sleeves and will carry through an additional DIY project with it when the time is ripe, i.e. before spring. By the way, it's a men's shirt and I had my fiancé in mind when I grabbed it from the rack but E. kindly left it for me to improvise and experiment on;
3. Charles Jourdan pumps in black and gold. I dream about wearing those beauties with skinny jeans, every possible dress... oh spring, come quicker! And they're probably my most sophisticated shoes. And their last price tag said 319€!
4. Vintage silver plated drinks' coasters with a stand and a glass cover. Necessary and decorous at the same time and even E. loved that find!
By the way, this week I have already carried home something bold from Beverly Feldman (link) and something classic from Gina Tricot. What can I say? Must love thrifting!

And last but not least for one thing (besides snowman-Elvis) you could see the result of my recent hairdresser's visit that took place last Friday. Little boys at the salon loved it and so did I! Braids are my absolute favourites. Oh and those sweet treats are blueberry-blackcurrant rye pies with white chocolate. Since they were quite the hit I will probably bake another batch for Valentine's Day. Do you guys somehow celebrate or completely ignore this holiday? Anyhow, enjoy today's photographs and let me know your thoughts! And have a beautiful Valentine's Day filled with happiness and love! See you!


Third time's a charm (Born Pretty 3)

Hello, sweeties! I'm sincerely happy you enjoyed my winter photographs and I want to say a big thank you for all the lovely notes you left me. You're the best and I appreciate your feedback a lot! Well and since most of you are so fond of snow anyway then let it be your lucky day and you're going to see some more white stuff. We took the outfit shots on January 25 near Rakvere and the weather was freezing. That's why I could not take off my cosy winter jacket (I'm not a self-destructing lunatic, you know). Oh and the main purpose of those photos was to present my three new gifts from lovely Born Pretty (link).

But first of all, have you seen my previous posts about Born Pretty? If you haven't then you can do it here and here. Now, without any further ado for one thing I finally picked something practical and useful - a snow white winter beanie that really is warm and cosy, perfect for cold and windy days. The quality is great (totally looks like a crafty granny has knitted it!), this leather strap adds some necessary character and the price is very reasonable too ($9.31/€6.89). And you can choose between beige, black, khaki, pink, red, white, yellow... a whole range of versatile colours! Click here to get your own beanie or here to browse all the hats, caps, beanies and other headgear Born Pretty store currently offers.

Therefore, a warm beanie sounds quite auspiciously, right? But don't be fooled, I slipped right after that and once again picked two pairs of earrings. TWO pairs! Talk about recovery when delightful earrings are ambushing everywhere around you! And I honestly adore both pairs. Both are beautifully delicate, full of amazingly teeny details and of course very affordable. My adorable starfish babies (link) cost only $3.72/€2.75 and the beautiful butterflies embellished with shiny rhinestones (link) are $2.98/€2.21.
I know the prices are incredible anyway but I still offer you a chance to take advantage of this 10% off coupon code JET10 and pay even less. Don't miss it!

beanie (link) and earrings (starwish-link; butterflies-link) c/o Born Pretty | Lindex necklace | Levi's winter jacket | thrifted bow blouse | thrifted belt | Fornarina pants | thrifted boots.
And last but not least you can see a few goodies I got from Rakvere. My new favourite cardigan from Holly & Whyte by Lindex (€24.95 7.49) caught my eye with its beautiful colours and I have to say I absolutely love pink and brown together like that. I also had our spring vacation in mind which is why I snapped those mini John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Enhancing Shampoos (€0.59 each) that should brighten the full spectrum of darker blonde tones. Well and I just was in great need of a fresh nail file so I casually grabbed this P2 Profi Nail Studio 3 step polishing file (€0.49) too.

I know several of you were already waiting for an outfit post and I hope you enjoyed it. I'm not sure my next post will include an outfit again but a few pretty awesome €1 thrift finds are patiently waiting to be presented and at least one of those treasures has a price tag that says something like €319 so beware because this is going to be nice ;) For the time being enjoy today's photos and let me know what you think. See you!