I believe in pink and thrift shopping

Hey! I didn't actually promise you an outfit post for today but since we experienced an abnormally warm weekend (up to +4°C!) I just had to take advantage of the situation and harass poor E. a little. You may remember my joyfully striped pink & brown cardigan from last week. And after wearing it to work more or less every day I finally took it out for a spin outside my hometown when we did some food and thrift shopping in Põltsamaa. So, E. tracked down a cool Disclosure tee and a Burton denim like shirt that was also nice in every way. The mantelshelf in our dining and living room got a sweet little decorative box, Elvis got a fancy frilled pillow and I got... well, nothing at all. What a shocker, isn't it?

Lindex necklace | Holly & Whyte by Lindex cardigan | thrifted H&M blouse and pants | Sempre boots.

But regardless of last Saturday's thrift shocker I luckily am in proud possession of my four 1€ findings from previous thrift hunts:
1. Beginings blouse with the coolest buckles and ropes print;
2. Jack Daniel's denim shirt. I already cut off the huge sleeves and will carry through an additional DIY project with it when the time is ripe, i.e. before spring. By the way, it's a men's shirt and I had my fiancé in mind when I grabbed it from the rack but E. kindly left it for me to improvise and experiment on;
3. Charles Jourdan pumps in black and gold. I dream about wearing those beauties with skinny jeans, every possible dress... oh spring, come quicker! And they're probably my most sophisticated shoes. And their last price tag said 319€!
4. Vintage silver plated drinks' coasters with a stand and a glass cover. Necessary and decorous at the same time and even E. loved that find!
By the way, this week I have already carried home something bold from Beverly Feldman (link) and something classic from Gina Tricot. What can I say? Must love thrifting!

And last but not least for one thing (besides snowman-Elvis) you could see the result of my recent hairdresser's visit that took place last Friday. Little boys at the salon loved it and so did I! Braids are my absolute favourites. Oh and those sweet treats are blueberry-blackcurrant rye pies with white chocolate. Since they were quite the hit I will probably bake another batch for Valentine's Day. Do you guys somehow celebrate or completely ignore this holiday? Anyhow, enjoy today's photographs and let me know your thoughts! And have a beautiful Valentine's Day filled with happiness and love! See you!


  1. Oh, I love that stripey cardigan. :)

  2. I was all set to comment on your outfit and thrift finds and then... and then I saw your braid. How absolutely stunning! I love the look of braids but somehow they never work quite right on me, I think it's because stylists see my thick hair and want to cut it into layers, so pieces of my braids always stick out at odd angles. That makes me admire all the more on other people and gosh! Yours is just too perfect for words!

  3. I love seeing your thrifting finds! :D

  4. Nice, love the pink patterns you've got going on here! :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Blah, I don't like Valentine's day that much, don't understand it at all. Maybe it's an American thing.. :D
    Man, I know it may sound creepy, but I want to steal your hair O_O It's fabulous!

    And that new denim vest is a total winner, awesome score!

  6. When I saw the first photos I though what a beautiful hair! You should really wear your gorgeous hair like this more often. But when I saw the last photo the only thing I could think was: OH MY! FANTASTIC! Your hair braided like that looks gorgeous, simply gorgeous, like of a princess from a fairy tale. No words more needed - absolutely beautiful Maiken!




  7. Hahah snowball Elvis :D Love the pic :D!!
    You suit pink really. I cannot pull of pink clothes that well (might have to do with my hair :D). Love the Jack Daniels denim top!!
    Also, an awesome hairdo!
    Hope you get over the flu really soon!!
    Lara Lizard

  8. Ma TAHAN seda denim särki endale, ohissand kui ilus see on!

    Mina pole sõbrapäevast eriti vaimustuses, minu jaoks tavaline päev aga kaaslasele meisterdasin ise doominotrühvleid ning tema lubas mind õhtusöögiile viia. Eks võib olla lähedasematega võtamegi miskit ette aga sellist põhikooli aegset kaardimeisterdamise hullust enam ei ole :)

    1. ma usun, et kui vaja, siis me jõuaks särgi osas kokkuleppele ka. aga eks sa anna märku ;)

      ja ma tahtsin eile sõbrapäevaks koogikesi küpsetada, aga loomulikult pidin hoopis haigeks jääma (muu hulgas 38 palavik), nii-et panustan siis tänasele, kuigi pea juba kumiseb nuuskamisest ja üldse, sada häda. igatahes, õhtusöök kõlab küll väga hästi. minu kihlatu tegi oma arust nalja ja ütles, et kuna me pole sõbrad, siis ei pea midagi sõbrapäeval tegema. ma siis ütlesin, et valentinipäeva puhul ikka peab, ja ta ei saanud vaielda ka enam, nii-et eks näis siis :D

  9. Oh that denim shirt /vest is a killer ! ;) And adore your necklace (we have similar with clear stones at Glitter, looks like ice!^^) and your hair do is simply amazing. I wish I could do something as lovely :)

    :) I hope you've been having a nice week and tomorrow will be even better; Happy Valentine's Day sweet Maiken! <3

    Indie by heart

  10. The braid is a gorgeous style on you! I also really love the cardigan, and Jack Daniels Tee, my bf used to have one that I wore, but I have no idea where it is. You are such a thrifty princess! Lovely outfit post! :)

  11. selline fuksiaroosa huulepulk on su põhjamaiselt kahvatul nahal väga ilus! :)

    eile küpsetasin pea poole ööni marttile tööle viimiseks igasugu cupcake, ärkasin kuue ajal üles, et frostinguga ilusti ära katta. mul on viimasel ajal tekkinud see (muffini) küpsetamise hasart, aga söömise hasarti (õnneks?) veel pole tekkinud. jumal tänatud siis, et ümberringi neid sööjaid raske leida pole :D seega ma pean vist väikest plaani täna veel mõned küpsetada...

    ja punutis on ka väga põnev! kas sa käisid kaja juures või tegi keegi teine sulle selle?

    1. aitäh :) arvan isegi, et peaksin laiskusest ja mugavusest rohkem üle olema ja huulepulka kasutama. ei ole ju tegelikult raske seda väikest liigutust teha.

      minu suur plaan eile küpsetada hävis täielikult, sest diivanilt teki alt ma kaugemale ei jõudnudki, aga tänane on juba paljutõotavam, nii-et tahaks kindlasti midagi kokku meisterdada. kuigi ega mulgi söömise hasart kuigi suur pole, heal juhul 1-2 isendit läheb loosi. muide, see kuue ajal ärkamine kõlaks tavaolukorras vastikult, aga näiteks eile hommikul olin kuskil 4 paiku ärkvel ja hakkasin äratuskella ootama. pole harjunud haige olema, nii-et seda jubedam see värske kogemus on/oli :D aa ja kas Martti niisama tahtis töö juurde koogikesi viia või on neil selline komme seal kollektiivis?

      Kaja juurde mulle kahjuks ükski olemasolev aeg ei sobinud, aga käisin Signe juures ja olen väga-väga rahul :) lasin järjekordsed 5cm ka maha võtta ja hoopis teine tunne on kohe!

  12. ooh i loveeeee that you paired that stripped cardi and blouse together! the contrasting directions of the lines are really nice :)


  13. ohh wow amazing new vintage stuff!!! I love the top. And I LOVE your hairstyle!!! omg is gorgeous!!!!


  14. That Jack Daniels shirt caught my eyes, it's very old school I like it :)
    I also love your outfit, very pretty Maiken :)

  15. Such an adorable cardigan and I LOVE your hair!! Also, thrifting is amazing, best way to find affordable and unique items!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  16. Anonymous17/2/14 07:06

    I love thrifting, and your finds are awesome! I really love that Jack Daniel's shirt, that's going to look so cute for summer! Also what an adorable doggie picture! And your hair looks gorgeous in every picture, especially that braid! I love Valentine's day and completely celebrate it even though I'm single, because I like to have fun and hang out with my friends on that day!


  17. This look is so cute! The weather is slowly warming up here, so I am very happy about that! And I <3 the last picture - adorable! :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  18. Oh, I missed two posts this time! I aboslutely adore your exquisite earrings and cozy beanie in the previous post. Also glad you kept your coat on and weren't crazy like me haha. Loving the pretty winter scene.

    Happy to see that striped cardi from the last post make an appearance! I love the visual effect with the horizontal and vertical stripes--so cool! Also your necklace is gorgeous and I love those edgy boots. And you're totally rocking that pretty hairstyle!

    Oh my goodness, what a stunning braided look from your hairstylist! How intricate. Those heels are also super glam and your food is making me so hungry! Of course your dog is always precious :)

    Thank you always for your kind thoughts! By the way, check your email for a guest post request :) Have a wonderful week, Maiken!

  19. There are so many things I love about this post! First, you look absolutely beautiful in pink :) Also love your gorgeous braid, and the last photo of the dog playing in snow. Really cheered up my weekend Maiken!


    xo Jess

  20. that braid!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! never seen anything quite like it! do u think it would be an easy diy??? I love the way you mixed the stripes :) such an unusual look ;)

  21. Wow, that braid hairdo looks amazing Maiken! Since you have such long hair, you could do many wonderful braided hairdos to it! Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  22. Ooh your hair is sooo pretty! You should do a tutorial on how to braid your hair like that. Love the contrast of the horizontal vs vertical stripes :)


  23. Oooh I love this color combination, but when I see that you still have so much snow I have cold for you!
    Btw, the braid is wonderful, and I always love the pictures with your little cute doggy ♥

    (and I wish I could have some trift shops here..)


  24. I can't imagine 4* being warm! I live in Singapore and it is always 30+ here! That being said, I love the coasters-- you really are an expert thriftier!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  25. I love the striped cardigan on you, so cute. And that hairstyle looks so awesome and unique!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  26. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Haha, I agree Maiken! I can't wait to see your version of my outfit :)

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  27. that hairstyle is amazing, I love it!


  28. love your top and boots! you look so stunning <3

    Letters To Juliet

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  30. Your hair is so pretty! I definitely don't have to talent to braid like that. Pretty pictures too :) I’d love for us to keep in touch via bloglovin’, GFC, or Instagram! Let me know on my blog, I’ll be sure to follow back!

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  31. This is one of my favorite I've seen you in Maiken! I love the cardigan and the stripped shirt!! You definitely rocked this entire look.

    You thrifting queen! I was hoping you took pictures of JD jacket how you ripped the sleeves off. I think it'll be a great DIY project. I cannot wait to see it.

    Elvis is soooooo cute! It's been a while since I saw him on the blog!!

  32. the jack daniel's denim vest is perfection!! and omg your hair in that one picture!!! <33

    beautiful garbage

  33. you have some great finds. i especially LOVE that vest! thrifting is awesome. my mom just found me a Marc Jacobs bag for $7!!! you look great. i especially love the striped card!


  34. I like braids on hair because they make it interesting! Like you, I believe in pink as well! I like the contrasting stripes of your cardigan and blouse :)

  35. :D oh my gosh!!! Elvis :D that photo is just insanely adorable,looks so cheeky having fun in the snow!!
    I absolutely love this outfit,the colour pink looks so sweet and lovely on you,especially against your long blonde hair. Now that Jack daniels shirt I want!! :D its so so cool I love it,will look so cool in the summery months! And those shoes are very sophisticated and a good height for walking in,I love the gold details on them though,make them look unique.Your braid is insane?! Hairdressers must love playing around with your hair,so long and healthy looking. Hope you had a lovely valentines,I didnt really celebrate it,its just become this commercial thing in the uk,not so special.