Almost spring

Today I have prepared something rather miscellaneous for you: a very simple early-spring outfit from March 14, a few modest and not so modest goodies I bought or received from Tartu on March 15 while my fiancé was tensely car shopping there; some sunny March moments and some snowy March moments, and a little bit of Elvis too.

So, for starters this is what I wore to work on an ordinary Friday. And after taking those few outfit photos we had to stack all the fresh firewood you can see lounging around me. Elvis, smart as a whip, was of course wisely assisting us and later on he inspected the outcome from the top of our diligent stack. Clearly he approved.

thrifted sunnies and scarf | Oriflame earrings | thrifted att. imitation leather jacket | New Yorker belt | Guess Premium jeans | Pearlz wedges | wallet (link) c/o Born Pretty.

Now, what does my various haul include? For one thing this mustard brown pair of boots (€49.95 24.98) and an adorable hair elastics cupcake (€5.95 2.98) from Seppälä. Finally a decent bunch of elastics without those evil metal details, from the little girls' section, by the way, thence the cuteness ;) And those booties are my very first pair in such shade. You're going to see them in another springlike outfit post already next week.

Anyway, I also visited a thrift shop and came across two decorative goodies for our home: a potential (I need to buy some batteries to make sure if it still works) massage pillow (€1.50) and a handmade book shape matchbox (€2). Oh and those vivid pink flower shape earrings and the matching necklace from Expressions are something I miraculously won through a Facebook competition. I rarely participate in such things so it definitely had to be a miracle, a very nice one! And as always I'm curious, what did you last win?

And last but not least some greenery from the window sills of our dining and living room and "some" white stuff that conquered the surroundings of our house on March 19-20. Though today the white substance luckily is ancient history (yay!). But I hope you enjoyed this easy and versatile photo post. Next time I will share a colourful outfit and some extra fancy thrift shop findings so be on the lookout for that. See you next week!


Double B: early-spring botanical garden and Born Pretty 4

Hello! I'm sure you all know what day March 20 is (the ones who somehow don't - it's the official beginning of spring!) but do you also know what happened here in Estonia a little before that?
Well, not much actually... Only way too snowy winter suddenly came back and gave us a beautiful Monday morning flavoured with almost -15°C. I personally hate the cold so you can probably picture my genuine frustration, especially when only last week we experienced almost +15°C that was heavenly!! Quite a contrast relapse, isn't it? But hey, I'm whining again so I better start sharing some exciting news with you now.

Our little household got a new member - a metallic blue Volkswagen Touareg. I hope it means more adventurous and even longer road trips for us but I know for sure what it means for Elvis. From now on he can proudly mark entirely eight attractive tires again. What a luxury!

Anyway, a little more than a week ago, on Women's Day us and my parents took a collective day trip to Tallinn. We visited some well-known garden centres filled with springlike greenery and also a place E. had never before visited and I last saw in my distant childhood - Tallinn Botanic Garden. It's the largest in Estonia and at the time there took place an orchid exhibition. An overly crowded exhibition where someone was constantly in your way, senior citizens first bought their "very cheap" orchids and then attended the exhibition with their massive burden because the situation wasn't tight enough without those gigantic paper packages. But at least it was a sunny day and we enjoyed the whole thing as much as we possibly could. And besides, most of today's photographs were taken right there.

thrifted sunnies, scarf and boots | Lindex necklace | thrifted Reflex faux fur coat | Seppälä pants | thrifted Thema blazer | thrifted Esprit shirt | Guess bag | wallet below (link) c/o Born Pretty.
Now, since my shopping radar was on a small strike that day (or E. very successfully stole my radar's shopping rays) I can only show you a brand new finding from one of my hometown's favourite thrift shops and a fancy wallet generous Born Pretty store (link) recently sent me.

The summery top is from an Italian brand mixerì (link) and it even came with a tag (€29 3). I think it's a perfect vacation top, ideal for a breezy beach day, flawless with denim shorts. And as I already said my most recent wallet was sent to me by Born Pretty. I'm sure my regular readers remember Born Pretty from several older posts where I have demonstrated and reviewed numerous flashy goodies from them.

Anyhow, if you fancy my black and fuchsia wallet (they also have it in rose red) with at least a zillion handy pockets for everything just click here. Born Pretty offers very affordable prices and at the same time decent quality. €11.48 for such wallet? Can you believe that price? And you will get 10% off when you use my coupon code JET10!.

Plus it matches my current Guess bag and bright pink scarf. By the way, you already got a sneak peek of my next outfit too (that photo of me with my new wallet was taken on Friday and crazy winter returned on Saturday.. and seems like the sucker came to stay).

But I'm going to finish with the shopping talk now. All in all we had a good time in the capital town. According to me it was a long active day saved by a scrumptious McChicken meal! (mmm it still sneaks into my mind) So once again I hope you enjoyed today's photos and I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts. See you!


My only destination is each and every station

Remember when I squealed and complained how crappy and difficult my February was and how desperately I wanted it to end? Well, it did obviously end but has March been all about good luck and happy days? Indeed not! I've already stepped on a very old rake, figuratively speaking of course but still, what a stupid thing to do! And I don't understand where does all my spare time disappear. Fortunately I do understand my whining doesn't solve anything but real actions do. And besides, I've also experienced some pleasant events I can share with you today. For instance March 5 was filled with culture and music: myself and my female colleagues attended a beautiful Women's Day concert in our local cultural centre.

Koit Toome, a musician who won the Estonian version of Your Face Sounds Familiar in 2013 sang and played the synth and Jorma Puusaag mastered his shiny guitar. Like I said it was an excellent concert and one of my favourite songs from that night was Looking for Freedom (came out as a single from legendary David Hasselhoff in 1989; listen/watch the original song and groovy 80s' fashion here and Koit's Your Face Sounds Familiar version here). By the way, what was the last concert you went to?

Anyway, another pleasant day was March 1 when I and E. visited entirely two delightful orchid exhibitions in good old Tartu. It was our 4th year of those flowery visits and all my photos originate from that day. So, in the first place we saw a smaller exhibition in our favourite gardening centre (the first two collages). And then arrived the botanical garden's turn.

It was the fifth orchid exhibition there and I think it was also the best one so far. I could totally see the improvement and what as well impressed me was the usage of dresses, furniture and other objects (such as beauty products, curtains (I and E. both loved those!), tableware etc.) with orchids on them, real or photos, it didn't matter, I loved the idea. And I hope you enjoy the exhibition through my photos even if you can't actually sense the tropical summery air around the whole thing (outside we had +1 or +2°C that day so it was quite a contrast!).

old unknown earrings | chain necklace (link) c/o Born Pretty | thrifted Dressmann men's scarf | thrifted att. imitation leather jacket | Seppälä sweatshirt | thrifted belt | Fishbone men's pants | Ted Baker bag | Pearlz wedges.

And last but certainly not least my usual modest sale shopping section. So, this time I shopped in Cropp and grabbed a fierce studded bracelet (€3.99) and a pair of even sharper earrings with shiny rhinestones (€1.49). And as I already said I hope you enjoyed all the flower power!

Let me know what your thoughts are and see you next time when I will tell you about another orchid exhibition we attended in the capital town on Women's Day. Oh and I received a new wallet from Born Pretty so you are going to see that as well! But bye for now!


Long overdue

Hey and Happy March! I'm going to start today's post with a big bold "thank you!". Your sweet and caring words definitely cheered me up and made me smile. You're the best. And of course I know every situation or challenge in our lives has a reason and a solution. That's what I strongly believe in. But moving on with the post now before it gets way too poetic and overly dramatic...

Therefore, February 23 was a routine trip day because our master bedroom that currently is under large-scale repairs was in great need of a brand new laminate flooring. In addition to the oak shade laminate we also purchased a pitch black curtain rod and already slightly browsed numerous different curtains too but couldn't completely decide yet.

We'll just deal with it later, as soon as the whole room is pretty much complete. But one thing is for sure - we want to finish up before our long-awaited sunny holiday arrives and believe me when I say I'm already seriously itching to pack my suitcase and catch the plane!

Anyway, once again I was not capable of avoiding sale shopping which means I can show you two new and useful goodies that were too cheap and... as I said, too necessary to miss. Well, at least I believe myself when I say it. So, the greyish sweatshirt comes from Seppälä, costs merely €3 and has a beautiful pattern. Plus it was the only one left in my size. Destiny? I honestly believe so :) But the second finding is a cute pack of socks that costs €2.99 and comes from Lindex. By the way, the package and the socks, both are extra cute so I definitely must keep the red striped box too.

Now, when you look at my darkish outfit you can for instance see those two fresh kids' goodies I showcased in my previous ancient blog post. But you can also see the exquisite Design Domi leather bracelets I won from Elisabeth's blog Dragonfly (link) already last December.

The name Design Domi comes from Dominika Montonen-Koivisto, a lovely Finnish lady who successfully is behind the whole thing. She creates everything by herself so each and every piece is full of love and uniqueness and you can visit her beautiful web page/online store here.

I picked the Jungle Pearl "Brown Snake" leather bracelet which is a brilliant combination of snake texture soft leather and a freshwater pearl. Its price is €45 and if you desire one for yourself just click here to get it. But picture that! Domi was kind enough to send me another gorgeous brown leather bracelet in my favourite shade of brown as a bonus! And I also got one of her beautiful postcards. It says "If you never try, you'll never know" and the Japanese rose inspired picture was taken in the little village called Lapinjärvi in Finland by Domi herself. You can get your own from her online store here. Thank you, Domi!

Lindex earrings, necklace and belt | Design Domi leather bracelets | Jimmy Hunger tee | thrifted KappAhl denim shirt | thrifted Gina Tricot pants | thrifted boots.

All in all I hope you enjoyed today's miscellaneous and overdue post and the photos. My only sensible explanation for being late with my post again is the fact that our weekends have turned into a crazy busy madhouse and all my blogging and other schedules are completely smashed. But as always, you let me know what your thoughts are! And see you next time!