Double B: early-spring botanical garden and Born Pretty 4

Hello! I'm sure you all know what day March 20 is (the ones who somehow don't - it's the official beginning of spring!) but do you also know what happened here in Estonia a little before that?
Well, not much actually... Only way too snowy winter suddenly came back and gave us a beautiful Monday morning flavoured with almost -15°C. I personally hate the cold so you can probably picture my genuine frustration, especially when only last week we experienced almost +15°C that was heavenly!! Quite a contrast relapse, isn't it? But hey, I'm whining again so I better start sharing some exciting news with you now.

Our little household got a new member - a metallic blue Volkswagen Touareg. I hope it means more adventurous and even longer road trips for us but I know for sure what it means for Elvis. From now on he can proudly mark entirely eight attractive tires again. What a luxury!

Anyway, a little more than a week ago, on Women's Day us and my parents took a collective day trip to Tallinn. We visited some well-known garden centres filled with springlike greenery and also a place E. had never before visited and I last saw in my distant childhood - Tallinn Botanic Garden. It's the largest in Estonia and at the time there took place an orchid exhibition. An overly crowded exhibition where someone was constantly in your way, senior citizens first bought their "very cheap" orchids and then attended the exhibition with their massive burden because the situation wasn't tight enough without those gigantic paper packages. But at least it was a sunny day and we enjoyed the whole thing as much as we possibly could. And besides, most of today's photographs were taken right there.

thrifted sunnies, scarf and boots | Lindex necklace | thrifted Reflex faux fur coat | Seppälä pants | thrifted Thema blazer | thrifted Esprit shirt | Guess bag | wallet below (link) c/o Born Pretty.
Now, since my shopping radar was on a small strike that day (or E. very successfully stole my radar's shopping rays) I can only show you a brand new finding from one of my hometown's favourite thrift shops and a fancy wallet generous Born Pretty store (link) recently sent me.

The summery top is from an Italian brand mixerì (link) and it even came with a tag (€29 3). I think it's a perfect vacation top, ideal for a breezy beach day, flawless with denim shorts. And as I already said my most recent wallet was sent to me by Born Pretty. I'm sure my regular readers remember Born Pretty from several older posts where I have demonstrated and reviewed numerous flashy goodies from them.

Anyhow, if you fancy my black and fuchsia wallet (they also have it in rose red) with at least a zillion handy pockets for everything just click here. Born Pretty offers very affordable prices and at the same time decent quality. €11.48 for such wallet? Can you believe that price? And you will get 10% off when you use my coupon code JET10!.

Plus it matches my current Guess bag and bright pink scarf. By the way, you already got a sneak peek of my next outfit too (that photo of me with my new wallet was taken on Friday and crazy winter returned on Saturday.. and seems like the sucker came to stay).

But I'm going to finish with the shopping talk now. All in all we had a good time in the capital town. According to me it was a long active day saved by a scrumptious McChicken meal! (mmm it still sneaks into my mind) So once again I hope you enjoyed today's photos and I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts. See you!


  1. The weather looks gorgeous in these photos,and I hope the start of spring is the end to those freezing days for you..fingers crossed! X
    More gorgeous treats with those photos of yours from your visit to the botanical gardens,I love all the colours and I love the pineapples? I dont think Ive ever seen pineapples as a plant or how they grow-probably sound really stupid :D
    And another treat from born pretty store,they treat you well :) I love how your purse is matching your outfit x mini shopping ban :) well you did well,in getting this one top,its so cute x
    I wish I didnt read you had a mcchicken meal :D Im craving now x Hope you have a fab week x

  2. ma ei tea, kas ma kujutan seda ise ette või mul on lihtsalt siuke tunne, nagu sa iga paari kuu tagant presenteeriksid mingit uut rahakotti või siis räägiksid uue soovist või midagi seoses sellega :D võib-olla on mul jumala vale mulje kuidagi jäänud, a siuke tunne küll, nagu sul oleks vist mingi miljon erinevat rahakotti :D

    1. ilmvõimatu! :D mul on nüüd koos selle uuega 4 rahakotti, millest 3 on täitsa viisakad veel ja üks üpris väsinud. vot see on reaalsus, nii-et ma ei tea, mis imelikke trikke su kujutlusvõime teeb :D ühtegi rahakoti-wishlisti pole ma ka koostanud, nii-et äkki ajad mind kellegagi segi hoopis? :)

    2. ei, segi küll mitte. a küllap ma olen lihtsalt su blogi nii kaua jälginud, et tundub, nagu neid rahakotte muudkui tekiks kuskilt :D ma mäletan isegi mingit Hello Kitty oma. kuigi kolm rahakotti on ka mu meelest päris piisav hunnik, arvestades seda, et rahakott pole selline paari päeva tagant vahetatav kott :D

    3. Hello Kitty oma on nüüdseks seal amortiseerunud asjade nimekirjas kahjuks, kuigi see oli üks mu suuri lemmikuid :( aga jah, nendest neljast 2 on sellised suuremad (või pikemad) variandid nagu too Born Pretty oma ja ülejäänud 2 on need pisemad Guessi omad. sa ilmselt tead, millist formaati silmas pean. no ja erinevad suurused on jällegi vajalikud, sest väiksesse käekotti on ebamugav liiga suurt rahakotti toppida. minu meelest on 4 selline normaalne kogus, sest mulle meeldib vaheldus ja tegelikult tõstan üpris tihti kogu kraami ühest rahakotist teise :) see on muide hea põhjus rahakoti sorteerimiseks, tšekkide jm ebavajaliku eemaldamiseks jne ;)

    4. ma olen täiesti nõus sinuga tegelt :D mul on endal ka tsekkideuputus, aga praktika on näidanud, et rahakottide vahetus vist ei tööta minu puhul eriti. mul endal on ka mõned rahakotid, aga kolm neist on pandud ära andmisele minevasse kasti ja üks on vanaema pärandus, nii et seda ma ei raatsi kasutadagi :D vahetust teen siis, kui välja lähen. siis mul on üks lapsepõlvest jäänud kiisusilmadega sendikott, mis on siiani jube armas mulle, aga sinna mahubki nats paberraha ja paar olulisemat kaarti. kuigi, jah, mu rahakott on telliskivi suurune, nii et üks keskmise suurusega oleks muidugi tore. võta või sealt välja sorteeritud kastist üks rahakott ikkagi tagasi selle jutu peale...

    5. ... või siis osta üks uus juurde hoopis. ka variant ju ;) aga jah, kui juba rahakoti või käekoti sorteerimiseks läheb, siis mulle täitsa meeldib see tegevus, sest ALATI tekib selle tulemusena tohutu hunnik igasugust jama, mis prügikasti rändab. ja pärast on palju kergem tunne ka. aga sorteerimiseni tuleb kõigepealt jõuda ning see ei pruugi alati kõige lihtsam ülesanne olla :) eriti mulle, kes ma suudan ükskõik mille sorteerimist kas või aasta jagu edasi lükata, ups, aga peaasi, et tulemus laitmatu saaks. mu garderoobi sorteerimine on juba üpris legendaarne ettevõtmine näiteks :D

  3. Congrats for your new household member ;) ! We got snow too right after it was warm for a while, unfair :P! I do like your outfits, especially the one with faux fur coat and those cool pants :)

  4. You have a Touareg??? Ooo, my boyfriend would be jealous.:) And the temperatures were down to -15 degrees??? That's crazy, I've been walking around without a coat for a whole week, yesterday I even went out in only a t-shirt - for not more than 5 minutes but still.:) I can't wait for the full-on spring to start, life just seems better in spring, doesn't it? And you'll be able to wear that mixeri top the way it was intended - with shorts and without layering tons of clothes over it!

    I'm sorry for the late reply to your comment, but I've been a tad overwhelmed with different shit and I don't have much time or energy at the moment. That's why I shut down comments for a while because I'd feel guilty if people came over and commented on my blog but I wouldn't return the favor. I just needed a little breather... Anyhow, thanks for noticing and caring enough to say something, you're a sweetheart (which I already knew anyway). I hope you're enjoying a sunny flower-filled day, dear. Say hi to Elvis for me.;)

    1. hey, you! I'm so (SO!) happy to hear from you again! :) and I do hope things have moved towards the positive side for you. I've had some unnecessary bad stuff going on as well so I somewhat feel you. anyway, I will probably show the Touareg in a future outfit post ;) and say hi to your furry friend as well! I already miss your posts about that little guy :)

  5. Yellow blazer is my favourite, I think. I also bought some yellow garments for spring. I think it's gonna my go to colour for the season. :D

  6. I love bright wallets, they're not as easy to misplace! I've nominated your blog for the Shine On and the Sunshine Blog Award! Check it out http://www.deepfriedstilettos.com/2014/03/10-random-facts-blog-award.html and decide if you'll give it a go! I'd love to read your random facts! have a lovely weekend.

  7. -15?! Oh my goodness! That's awful!

    Well, thank GOD Spring has arrived, and you know what that means.... Summer's coming!

    Fashionicide // Fashion, with a difference

  8. Lovely floral photos, I love Botanic Gardens <3 Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I look forward to seeing your grey pants :)

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  9. I love your pretty pink scarf! And woah these photos are gorgeous. I love spring time and flowers :) Looks like you had a lovely time at the Tallinn Botanic Garden.

  10. Hi dear!! I really enjoy your blog, its SO COOL!!
    Your style is so perfect :)
    Come to see my new post: ARMED WITH WEAPONS

  11. This garden is so dreamy and beautiful, all the delicate and exotic flowers. Your bright look fits perfectly into it. I love the combination of bright fuchsia pink and sweet pastel yellow. I'm happy to hear that you had such a great time dear Maiken




  12. Hi dear, great job with this post. So lovely and chic!

    I'am also on: Instagram @kennydaily, Bloglovin and Facebook (I follow back, just let me know your links)

    What Kenny Hearts a Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

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  14. congrats! and you look lovely!

  15. great pants!