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Remember when I squealed and complained how crappy and difficult my February was and how desperately I wanted it to end? Well, it did obviously end but has March been all about good luck and happy days? Indeed not! I've already stepped on a very old rake, figuratively speaking of course but still, what a stupid thing to do! And I don't understand where does all my spare time disappear. Fortunately I do understand my whining doesn't solve anything but real actions do. And besides, I've also experienced some pleasant events I can share with you today. For instance March 5 was filled with culture and music: myself and my female colleagues attended a beautiful Women's Day concert in our local cultural centre.

Koit Toome, a musician who won the Estonian version of Your Face Sounds Familiar in 2013 sang and played the synth and Jorma Puusaag mastered his shiny guitar. Like I said it was an excellent concert and one of my favourite songs from that night was Looking for Freedom (came out as a single from legendary David Hasselhoff in 1989; listen/watch the original song and groovy 80s' fashion here and Koit's Your Face Sounds Familiar version here). By the way, what was the last concert you went to?

Anyway, another pleasant day was March 1 when I and E. visited entirely two delightful orchid exhibitions in good old Tartu. It was our 4th year of those flowery visits and all my photos originate from that day. So, in the first place we saw a smaller exhibition in our favourite gardening centre (the first two collages). And then arrived the botanical garden's turn.

It was the fifth orchid exhibition there and I think it was also the best one so far. I could totally see the improvement and what as well impressed me was the usage of dresses, furniture and other objects (such as beauty products, curtains (I and E. both loved those!), tableware etc.) with orchids on them, real or photos, it didn't matter, I loved the idea. And I hope you enjoy the exhibition through my photos even if you can't actually sense the tropical summery air around the whole thing (outside we had +1 or +2°C that day so it was quite a contrast!).

old unknown earrings | chain necklace (link) c/o Born Pretty | thrifted Dressmann men's scarf | thrifted att. imitation leather jacket | Seppälä sweatshirt | thrifted belt | Fishbone men's pants | Ted Baker bag | Pearlz wedges.

And last but certainly not least my usual modest sale shopping section. So, this time I shopped in Cropp and grabbed a fierce studded bracelet (€3.99) and a pair of even sharper earrings with shiny rhinestones (€1.49). And as I already said I hope you enjoyed all the flower power!

Let me know what your thoughts are and see you next time when I will tell you about another orchid exhibition we attended in the capital town on Women's Day. Oh and I received a new wallet from Born Pretty so you are going to see that as well! But bye for now!


  1. Even if complaining doesn't change anything, getting it off your chest can make you feel better :) The orchid exhibit looks gorgeous! I never knew there came in so many varieties


  2. amazing flowers and I love your scarf, March'll improve, and if not, surely April will. x

  3. I didn't think 8th March was celebrated that much anymore. I guess I was wrong. There's barely a mention of it in the UK, but other countries....well....alive and kicking

  4. I'm certain March will get better :)
    Aha, and my last concert was Imagine Dragons - I'm still reliving that one!
    Anyway, love the teal jeans and your navy striped scarf. Lovely shades of blue in this outfit <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. oi isver kui palju postitusi mul igal pool maha magatud on! aga selle juurde minnes, siis... see taust on nii vahva, millel sul esimesed pildid tehtud on - kus see on üldsegi?

    1. ma vaatasin jah, et sa oled kuskile täitsa ära kadunud järsku.. aga selline taust asub tolles tänavas, kus kunagi Müürilille täikat peeti. enam-vähem Uspenski kiriku vastas :) vaatasin Google Mapsist, et Magasini tänav peaks see olema!

  6. Happy for you :) ! I don't even remember when did I go to concert last :0 It must be Iron Maiden and that was ages ago ;0 !? Love your pics .. that Mannequin looks creepy tho :D. And again, must admire your eye for pretty bargain items :)
    Lara Lizard

  7. Your blog is gargeous! I love it :) So tell me what about follow each other? Let me know because I always follow back (>_♥)
    xoxo from Spain

  8. Hiya Maiken,sorry to hear things are still not great,and as for spare time,I totally understand,where on earth does that go?! I know all too well,how easy it is to get down and winge about something,but its the getting up and doing something about it thats hard.
    Atleast it sounds like you had a wonderful time at the orchid gardens and the womens day concert,love the artwork behind you,so cool and fun. I may have mentioned before,orchids are my favourite flower,so seeing these beautiful photos is a treat,so colourful!
    Take care,and I hope things pick up for you,have a lovely week x :)

  9. Such bright photos! I love the art-y background and all those beautiful flowers!!!oh my! Don't get upsetdear Maiken about bad days. Unfortunately we all have to experience them to enjoy and value the good days! Spring is here so wverything will be all right!:)

    Take care,



  10. This orchid exhibition is wow! O_O My mom would go crazy if she was there. She's kind of an orchid maniac! :D
    Sorry to hear your year hasn't started with a good start. If this brings any relief to you, mine hasn't been that good either :D
    Oh, I love your sailor scarf, it's so cool!

    1. I'm kind of an orchid maniac too, to be honest. I think I have around 15 orchids at home and I always want more. so yeah, I completely get your mom. but anyway, the only thing that always gets me going is the fact that May and our beach vacation are not that far any more ;)

  11. Those orchids are so gorgeous! Hey if nothing makes the day feel better, I would say looking at beautiful Mother Nature giving things like flowers and some good food should fix it :)

  12. So cool!!!



  13. I hope Spring brings you joy and happiness and also more spare time, Maiken ! I needed some flower power, thank you :) Kisses

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  14. Oh wow, those flowers are really beautiful! I really love the Orchid, very elegant. :) And you look wonderful too of course, I'm loving your scarft with that outfit, so fab! :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo


  15. So jealous of you! So flowers are very beautiful! I love the 2nd photo!! and the 13th one is so interesting do you know the name of it?? I hope this month is much netter than the last.

  16. haha, spare time is hard to come across lately! But I guess sometimes it's better to be superbusy than have nothing to do at all, yeah? :D There's a positive way to look at it!

  17. Maiken,

    I loved reading this post!! I kid you not I had to google what synth is…I had no clue. I'm always happy to learn new things. I love your outfit your colored jeans are gorgeous!! Your photos are always stunning to look…the detail you capture is breath-taking.

    I love looking at what you get on your shopping excursions…loving those earrings!!

    Happy Monday Pretty girl!!

  18. love your outfit, especially that amazing scarf ;) and cool pictures as well!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  19. Love the look, the colors of the pants matches perfectly with the scarf !

    What is the strange plant with the pink little things ? (I know, not really precise but I really don't know what that could be xD)