All-round April

Hello, guys! How has your April progressed so far? Mine has been both - good and bad. Completely unnecessary but still long-lasting drama (that I despise 100% and more) and a difficult surgery my parents' American Cocker Spaniel Jenny had to go through form the bad stuff, obviously. But what about the good stuff? Well, fortunately there has been a touch of positivity and excitement too (besides the obvious fact that Jenny is a tough little warrior ♥).

For instance an impromptu day trip to the capital town on a rainy Saturday on April 12 (we had only 15 minutes to get ready for the departure of our transport!). But picture that: I forgot to bring my camera along! It felt unwonted and hollow without my DSLR and as a result I now have zero photos to share with you from that very trip. No outfit, no food, no nothing. In a word - a bummer... I mean if I would feel like exaggerating. ;)

But anyway, one more positive thing. Have you heard of the civic movement called Let's Do It! World? This movement began in our little Estonia in 2008 when more than 50 000 sturdy volunteers cleaned up at least 10 000 tons of illegal waste and garbage in only one day. This year I and my coworkers will participate and do some gentrification in our little hometown on May 2. And if you want to chip in or just see what it's all about click here to browse the international website or here to catch a glimpse of the Estonian one. Because there is no logical reason why not to take care of the environment, nature around us, our small or not so small hometowns. Let's do it!

old unknown earrings | Cubus necklace | Hilfiger Denim top | thrifted Dorothy Perkins blazer | Lindex bomber jacket | H&M pants | Gebok booties.

Now, as I already promised in my previous blog post above is a simple but in my book nicely contrasty April outfit from April 6. It was a rather gloomy Sunday we essentially spent in Tartu because of some errands that needed to be managed. And well, some shopping had to be done too, of course. Not much but still, a little something to decorate our home... and me too!

So I purchased our very first two Iittala cups from their beautiful and magical Taika collection (taika means magic in Finnish). See the whole extensive and... let's be honest - expensive collection here. I myself paid roughly 7 euros for one cup but the home page price is crisp 16.50 so a big big yay for the crazy sales that were called Osturalli here in Estonia.

The strawberry & rhubarb scented soywax candle (€5.50) from Joik smells absolutely heavenly by the way and my mom bought it for me earlier from the same sales.
Joik is an Estonian brand that for one thing offers the most amazing scented candles (they also produce body creams, soaps, bath truffles etc.). And when I say the most amazing I seriously mean it. I have previously owned and used up Creme brulee, Sweet peppermint and Apple cider which were all awesome in their own way.

Oh and I also bought one from Tallinn last Saturday but you're going to see it in my next post I think. For the time being I totally recommend you to check out their official webpage here because in addition to Estonia they sell their goodies in the Netherlands, Japan, Latvia, Norway, Poland, France, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Finland, Denmark, USA and Russia! And guys, those scents indeed are worth sniffing! ;)

Last but certainly not least I bought those super cool studded Silvian Heach Dudelson flip-flops (€16.15, link) from their SS14 collection and I hope I can rely on them when wandering in the picturesque towns and villages of Crete after approximately 23 days.

And to sum it all up I want to share my very simple but still kind of awesome DIY project concerning some tiny cacti. Cacti and other succulets occupy the whole windowsill of our kitchen by the way. So, do enjoy all the photos and let me know what you think because your feedback always means a lot to me! See you next time, sweeties!


  1. Oooh, those cacti are super cute, even though I hate them! :D Once I pricked my hand on a stupid cacti, I've been resenting them ever since :D
    Your April it's kind of like mine. My whole 2014 year has been really shitty, with a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel :D
    Love the Spring-y outfit, the jacket is fierce!

  2. mul on miskipärast üsna raske uskuda, et need su esimesed Iittala nõud on kusjuures :D aga Osturallilt iseenesest leiab neile päris toredaid soodukaid, aga minu senine kogemus ütleb, et Eestis ei ole need nõud tingimata siiski nii kallid, nagu koduleht väidab ja kuuldavasti võib Soomest veel soodsamalt leida. nii et võta siis kinni, miks ametlikul kodukal hinnad mitmekordsed kohati isegi on. aga disain on Iittalal reeglina täpselt minu maitsele, nii et raske on end üldjuhul tagasi hoida!

    1. täitsa esimesed on tõepoolest! aga parem väga hilja kui mitte kunagi, eks ;)
      kaltsukast olen paar Muurla küünlavidinat ostnud küll, aga Iittalalt kahjuks mitte kui midagi. igatahes, imestasin minagi, miks kodulehel nii ülivingeid hindu pakutakse!

  3. Oooh the little doggy ♥ Hope she is doing well now!

    The look is so cool, I love this printed pants!
    & I love the cacti so so cute !


  4. Väga mõnus outfit, minulik just kui :) Ja pildid on ilusad!

  5. Hey we have Taika cups and plates too :D! You scored them cheap! I'm a big fan of your cacti as I love them but cannot keep any.. you already know the reason, the cactus killer in our house..
    Your outfit looks great as always. A special like for the jacket. :)

    1. thanks, Lara :) and you should show your Taika goodies then. I'm curious! ;)

  6. Love the jacket and hope your parents dog is feeling better.xx

  7. I love Iittala's Taika collection! One of my two favorite mugs in the whole wide world is from that collection. Of course I also like the ones with dragonflies on, http://www.iittala.fi/web/iittalaweb.nsf/fi/tuotteet_syominen_astiasarjat_korento. You shouldn't think it's expensive, Iittala lasts for a lifetime, sometimes even longer, from one generation to the next. It's an investment in quality. And can you imagine that those mugs are still made in Helsinki? I think it's so wonderful that we have the factory here. You have to visit the factory outlet next time you're in town! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  8. Taika. Magic. I love it. I'm learning new words with you, didn't you say peet means beet?:) I'm glad you say Jenny's a fighter! My dog has surgery next Tuesday so you can imagine I genuinely sympathize with you all... I wish her all the best, babe, and I'm sending lots of positive and healing energy her way!

    We have those 'cleaning events' here in Slovenia too, it's crazy how much junk there is, just lying there! Humans are pigs, it's really sad.

    I love your outfit in the pictures, it's so clean and simple. Lately I've been drawn to that, oddly enough.:) And I love your new studded flats too, I was looking for a similar model, I need something simple - I'm sure this phase will pass eventually.:D

    I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend, babe! Filled with eggs, chocolate and not, and Easter bunnies and all that good stuff.;)

  9. Ooooh, love your black jacket and the brown boots. Those two colors work together and always surprise me haha. Great statement necklace too!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. The bomber jacket is just exquisite on you! Absolutely love your outfit Maikeni:)


    xo Jess

  11. Sorry to hear about the bad stuff, but glad that you could share the positive parts, as they are wonderful. Your necklace and the boots are my favourite. I hope you have a much better coming week. Great photos! :)

  12. Anonymous21/4/14 07:05

    I hope that all of the bad things get resolved and I'm glad to hear about all the positives! Don't you just hate when you don't bring your camera and something cool happens? Love your outfit, such a cool jacket. Also looks like your purchases are very nice, adorable mugs!


  13. I love your outfit, especially the sleeves on your jacket! And wow the Let's Do It! World? movement sounds really cool. I'll have to go search up if there's something similar in my area!

  14. Oh no, I hope your parents' dog is recovering well. As for forgetting your camera, I totally know how you feel. It's such a bummer. But hey, at least you got to experience it to the fullest without worrying about documenting it too! Love your jacket btw, it's very edgy!


  15. Thanks Maiken ♥

    Can't wait to see your next post !

  16. It's so great dear that you and your colleagues are valanteering and helping the city! I'm really proud of you:)
    Beautiful black and white look dear. I like that it both smart and casual;) And my mum has exact the same cups;)




  17. You look so pretty, love your jacket. That first picture is adorable!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  18. Oooh, that candle. It looks good enough to eat.

  19. Aw Im sorry to hear your parents beautiful dog,has had to go through some tuff surgery,a shame,but you say shes a fighter,so wish her all the best x
    I havent heard of this 'lets do it,world' sounds incredible though and so amazing your all taking part!
    There is no reason to not look after our enviroment,especially when you look at that beautiful photo,nature is so precious and beautiful,I will be finding out more about this via your links x
    I love those cups/mugs you got,love the pattern on them,so quirky and unique,I love mix and matching. Your DIY is amzing,I thought these were ready bought like this,until I read these cacti was a little DIY,awesome! x :)

  20. I haven't heard about that civic movement but it's a good thing that you get to participate. I believe any action undertaken somewhere in the world to preserve our environment benefits to every human being on the earth so thank you :)
    I really love your outfit here, you looked super chic and stylish. Those new sandals look cute, I have something quite similar and they're perfect for the summer days we always have here.
    Take care and happy spring :)

  21. lovely pictures and post! lots of love, x