Harbingers of spring

Hey! Guess what I have been persistently doing for the last couple of weeks? Okay, let's better be honest - actually it has been months already, by fits and starts even years. But still, those last couple of weeks have been the most intense in...


...arranging and assorting my wardrobe, closet, multiple jewellery chests, beauty products, everything and all like that! I have already sorted out (and partially successfully sold) at least 10 capacious cardboard boxes and plastic bags of clothes, handbags, belts, jewellery and shoes and there's even more where that came from.

I call it a mandatory purge, and surely a great relief too since my separate (so far wannabe) wardrobe and the bedroom closet (which I kindly share with E.) were both way too cluttered. And it sure feels good and a lot lighter. Now I finally have a pretty decent overview of everything I own and that's a huge huge win if some of you know what I mean. Do you, by the way? :)

But now briefly about today's numerous and colourful photographs. In the first place this is what I wore on March 30 when over a pretty long time we visited some shopping centres and building supplies and materials stores in good old Rakvere. As far as I'm concerned we didn't buy much but we did find two beautiful wall lamps for our now practically complete and definitely improved master bedroom. And I believe I will share some photos when it's (almost) perfectly finished because the label "my home series" is way too thin right now, don't you think?

thrifted sunnies | Expressions earrings and necklace | thrifted Thema blazer | Amisu dress | Seppälä booties.

Anyway, shopping in Rakvere! I also grabbed a few necessary goodies for myself: some good-looking laundry from the clearance racks of Seppälä and Lindex and two Deborah Bioetyc tanning products. The spray dry oil with SPF6 (€2.95) and the regenerating anti-ageing after sun face cream (€1.50) both contain a cocktail of natural anti-ageing and soothing extracts derived from prickly pear, caper plant and 100% pure olive oil. I definitely count on those two Italians while lying carelessly in the sun on the largest Greek island.. my favourite island by the way!

And now a decent bunch of miscellaneous spring moments (everything taken on March 29 or 30) including our always energetic Elvis in action. He was just running riot, conquering the challenging heights of our biggest apple tree... you know, "ordinary" stuff like that. :) But you can also see several spunky harbingers of spring, Astra the oh so joyful German shepherd and some tense firewood making which has been especially rough and tiring this year but never mind. I hope you enjoy the photos!

For the next time I have an April outfit already waiting for you and also a couple of fresh, mostly home related goodies I want to show you (including our very first Iittala items, yay!). But for the time being be good, enjoy the springtime and of course let me know your thoughts on today's blog post. See you soon!


  1. tule korista minu kapid ka siis juba ära, kui sa nii eeskujulikult usin oled :D ja mida see Elvis seal teha püüab!? ta näeb ilma habeme ja hiigelkasukata meganunts välja! juba ootan maikuud - vaata, et tal selleks ajaks karva kasvada ei lase :D

    1. ma pole enda omadega kahjuks veel lõpetanud, aga väga-väga tahan enne reisile minekut lõpetada, ja tegelikult on päris palju ju tehtud juba. müüdud asjadest saadud rahast tekitasin isegi Kreeta shopingufondi (et uusi asju asemele osta noh :) aga jah, usun, et põnev oleks su kappe koristada, nii-et tasub mõelda, haha! :D
      Elvis üritas aga oma palli puu otsast ära tuua, sellest ka too graatsiline hüpe ;) ja eks me vast õrnalt pügame ta enne üle, kui suurde linna saadame.. vaatab, kuidas karv selle allesjäänud kuu aja jooksul vohada kavatseb.

  2. I know the feeling when you get rid of unnecessary stuff and organize everything :D! I'm still on process, I sold a lot of stuff already but there are more :/ !

    Is that sunscreen or self tanning stuff? If it's a self tanning thingy, I'd love to see how it will look on you - I feel they never work on me but leave me looking too fake, obviously coz I am naturally pale. But if it works on you .. it might work on me (even if you have a healthier looking complexion than me) :D.

    Your dress is lovely. I have started to like animal prints lately.

    Love Elvis :) Also love the pic of the fly! I'm fascinated with bugs (yes it's strange) and will def try to photograph them too when I get the DSLR. Perhaps I need a better macro lens too?!

    1. mmm nope, it's not a self tanning product. it protects your skin and promotes a fast, even, long-lasting tan but you still have to sunbathe. I do hope it works! but self tanners are something I'm not very familiar with...
      oh, you should definitely rock some animal prints! I'm super curious to see, honestly! and I do believe you need a macro lens for photos like that (though I don't actually kow enough about your lens). the photo of the fly has been taken by using Zuiko Digital 35mm F3.5 MACRO 1:1 lens by the way. and you can have so much fun with a macro lens, believe me, Lara! ;)

  3. Holy crap, 10 boxes and bags!? I thought I had a lot of clothes...haha, then again, depends on the size of the boxes, because I'm picturing LBS sized ones (those are the boxes we use to send loads to the Philippines lol)
    Anyway, a purge is definitely necessary! I like to go through my closet at least twice a year. It helps keep things organized and lets me get a good overview of what I have, like you said :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Loooove this outfit, smells like spring!
    The yellow jacket is so pretty, & I love the second pictures of your doggy, so cute!

    The other pictures are so good - as always ♥

  5. THE blazer! sooo cool!

    P.S. your dog is so adorable! I'm very happy you post with him often!

  6. Hi dear, wow what a packed post. I think it's great that you were able to re-evaluate your closet. I did do a good cleaning and purging of several things, but now I actually wear everything in my closets.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend. :-)

  7. Oooh...you're like me. I love to purge at least once a year. Either in January or just before summer. Yet to do it this year, but it's coming, oh, yeah.

  8. Hiya Maiken! hope your well :) x gosh you got rid of all of stuff,I know how good it feels when you tidy and organise and to get rid of stuff you've been holding on too for far too long :) I keep things 'just in case'
    Please share your new re vamped room,you've talked about it in your posts so would be fab to see the end result,would be an interesting post.
    Once again I love those boots,and especially how your wearing them with this outfit,that yellow colour is gorgeous.I also love how your boots are quite platformed,so must be comfy to walk in x yet cool and chic :)
    Thanks for sharing those photos of Elvis! :D again so cute and cheeky! :)) I look forward to your next post and seeing your new home goodies.
    I will be showing the few goodies I bought on my trip soon :) of course there was time for shopping :)
    Take care and have a wondeful weekend x

  9. Aww, I always love seeing your doggie pictures, your puppies are so cute and you always seem to capture their personalities. And way to go on the closet purge! I've been working on mine all winter and while I'm not there yet, it does feel amazing to have a cleaner closet and not so much stuff. (Way easier for getting dressed as well!) I admire your flower pictures so much, you do a beautiful job photographing them! May I ask what lens you use for your camera?

    1. actually I and my fiance only have one (small) doggie - Elvis. he's 4 years old. but the German shepherd is not our dog. Elvis is not the biggest fan of.. big dogs ;)
      anyway, I own 3 different lenses but those flower photographs were taken with the Zuiko Digital 35mm F3.5 MACRO 1:1 lens I bought separately.

  10. lovely blog :)

  11. Beautiful photos! Thanks Maiken for stopping by my blog. I'm surprised you didn't know about MOIMOI before, how about Ivana Helsinki?

    E from Helsinki, Finland

    1. have heard the name, yes but that's pretty much it. this is as far as my knowledge goes.

  12. Anonymous14/4/14 07:48

    How ironic that your write about doing spring wardrobe cleaning because that's what I spent all of today doing! My closet was a mess so I decided to go though it and donate everything I didn't need, and it took so long but it is a lot nicer to be able to actually see and access my clothes. Yay for us and not hoarding our clothes anymore!

    The pictures are adorable, I love the dog photos, so cute! Also love your boots!


  13. You're so good I so should follow your example and get rid of half of my closet! I have also so much stuff which I don't wear but I always have this voice in my head saying: "What if you ever wear this or that again?" Ah I should shut this voice up and throw so much stuff away;)
    Love your yellow jacket! It's so bright and spring-ish and it looks absolutely awesome paired with the leopard skirt!




  14. I have a felling your home is the kind of cozy, lovely home, you can only see in movies. Would love to see some shots of it :D
    I desperately need to arrange my wardrobe too, the cats are using my mountain of clothes to curl up and sleep, hence the cat hairs!

  15. I love the pink accessories and the doggies are just too cute.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  16. Ok so you have seriously inspired me to de-clutter and organize my space!! I love that you did that!! I know it feels good to have everything organized and sell stuff AND make extra money.

    I love your outfit! Leopard and yellow combo goes together beautifully! I may just borrow this look. I have a yellow blazer that I have not worn yet, and you know I love me some leopard.

    Loving this pictures you took especially of Elvis!!

  17. Loving this outfit of yours, the whole ensemble is perfect to me! You look great :)