Spring in full swing

So, life lately has essentially been... hasty! Hasty, busy, active - only name it because practically every synonym of "energetic" goes fairly well. But I also believe springtime stands for working hard anyway and therefore I'm not complaining at all. On the contrary - currently we are creating this fascinating box garden (wikiHow link; initial photos further below), in particular raised vegetable garden boxes which will have to accommodate our beetroots, carrots, herbs, leeks, onions, potatoes, radishes, strawberries, zucchinis and even more. We're also preparing for the arrival of our very first greenhouse so yeah, "busy" definitely is the impeccable term in this very horticultural situation.

However, on April 19 we ruthlessly shirked from all the gardening and drove roughly 140 km in order to get to tiny Järvakandi borough where E's paternal grandpa was celebrating his respectable 81st birthday. Besides the traditional and always obvious (and often excessive) eating a decent stroll happened. Or actually I pretty much dragged E outside to go on a sunny walk and discover some seemingly endless forest roads surrounded by a beautiful bog that was carefully hiding behind those protective trees. It was a great power walk and I only hope that you, guys, can sense and enjoy at least some of that greatness through those sunny photos below and above.

thrifted Ray-Ban sunnies | thrifted Awsarre tank top | Bastion blazer | Tommy Hilfiger Girls jeans | Seppälä sneakers.

And last but not least come a few fresh, mostly thrifted home related goodies, proudly posing on top of our half-ready box garden. The only non-thrifted item is that oh so dainty Sensuelle soy wax candle from Joik. It smells like coconut milk, ripe figs, brown sugar, musk and cembra pine. In a word - celestial! But now my decorative thrift finds: a ceramic tea bag container (€1.50), a vase (€1.50) and those incredibly colourful cup mats (€0.50 the whole set). I tracked them all down on Monday while visiting my favourite local thrift store and what can I say - must love thrift shopping! In fact, I still have something thrifted from Diesel and from Karl Lagerfeld in store for you. Something extra awesome for summer, both €1! Exciting, huh? ;)

But for the time being enjoy today's wide-scope springlike photo flood and let me know your thoughts because I truly appreciate your feedback, each and every comment. Till next time, sweeties!


  1. Very cool jacket, I love the pattern of the fabric. And that bright orange singlet is lovely :)

  2. Ah, more of those lovely candles. You're teasing me now. ;)

    1. well, if I should compare Joik's scents and for instance Yankee Candle's scents then Joik wins beyond all question. think about it ;)

  3. Ahhh, spring! It looks absolutely beautiful there.
    Sounds like you got a well deserved break in the beautiful spring weather :)
    Good luck with the gardening!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Oh, I wish I went on that power walk too after seeing these pictures, I can just smell the crisp air! I'm so frigging excited it's spring, today I walked my dog without any coat or jacket for the first time and I couldn't be happier. I commend you on starting your own box garden, babe, because my brother and his wife just started working on their garden and I know it's a TON of work! And you'll grow your own leeks?? That's amazing, I love leeks, I make a killer leek risotto.:)

    I've read your comment about Jenny. Isn't it strange how animals don't get affected by stuff we think would or should affect them. I know if I went deaf, I'd probably want to die... And after watching my dog go through everything that he did, it really made me think - he never complains, when I give him his injections and pills and eye drops, he just stands there and waits till it's over. And then runs off and does his thing like it's nothing.:) We really should learn a thing or two from our canine friends... Leos thanks you for the hug, by the way! Hug and say hi to all of your loved ones too, canine or not.;)

    1. yum, that leek risotto sounds like something awesome! and I absolutely agree with you - dogs are astonishing. whenever I'm not feeling the best Elvis always knows how to cheer me up. he's just being so adorable that I can't help it but smile again. incredible creatures indeed! Elvis, Leos, Jenny - all of them! :)

  5. fantastic pictures maiken! i'm so in love!
    also with your outfit.
    Maren Anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  6. Love the box garden! Now I wonder could I do the same somewhere as we live in the center of the city, in a apartment.. :P It does look spring-like over there. Here too and I'm really happy for that :) ! Love what you are wearing, but really curious about the bargains you mentioned :D

    1. I still have to iron those two goodies and then I can finally photograph them (whenever that's going to happen, hehe ;) anyhow, if you have a small garden hidden somewhere then of course you can but otherwise I'm afraid not since you do need land or a very large balcony in order to properly do it :)

  7. I wish I had a garden like yours, I'd grow tons of onions :D And potatoes!
    Love your bright orange top, it looks stunning with your hair!

  8. Wow that's a lot of veggies and fruits! At least when the time comes you will have a healthy supply of fresh foods! Good luck with the garden building :)

    And mm, that candle sounds like it smells sooo good. So many complementing aromas!


  9. A perfect outfit for walking.


  10. ooh what a stunning tank top! the details on the front are so lovely :D


  11. such beautiful pictures! love your hair against the orange shirt! so cute!

  12. Loooove this look, the orange top is so fresh ! This color suits you perfectly ♥♥
    Love your little garden, I miss nature so much since I live in town..

  13. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. :) I wish I could have a mini garden like yours. :)


  14. Your garden project is stunning, I love it and that vest your wearing :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  15. Really cute, fresh and happy outfit! I love how you use colour, and this top suits you so well :) Lovely new things for the home too, especially spotted those JOIK candles. :) I've been such a candle hoarder lately, ordered few from H&M couple months back but would love to get even more heh. I love to light them even during spring/summer. :)

    It's surely been a while since I last was properly online, I have read all the comments and published couple new posts but that was about it. I guess a little break was needed, again. I just don't want to completely quit blogging. ^^ Thanks for the comment, I hope you have a nice week! x

    Indie by heart

  16. nii toredad suvised klaasialused!

  17. OMG you're building greenhouse!! I cannot wait to see that!! You are just so talented doll! I love the pictures that you have taken. It looks like some really nice weather! Your photos are always flawless. Loving your outfit as well doll. Those candles caught my attention!! I have become obsessed with candles lately, and these look lovely!

  18. Love your garden project, those are just the cutest decor pieces! And you look stunning in that orange tank Maiken :) Hope May is just as energetic as April was for you!


    xo Jess

  19. Hi dear. Oh, how beautiful are these images. That bright orange colour also looks amazing on you. I really love that tea bag container, it's adorable. Have a great week and coming new month!
    /Madison :-)

  20. You do sound busy! But exciting busy with all your garden plans! I'm loving seeing the sun shine in these posts,looks so gorgeous,its strange how the sun just lightens and brightens peoples moods,mine especially,just love it :)
    Your wearing that gorgeous top with all that gorgeous detail too,the colour just looks lovely on you too.
    81 years thats incredible,hope you all had a wonderful time.So nice to chill and go for a lovely stroll after eating a meal,I find. Sometimes do this when we have a sunday roast! :D
    Those candles sound like they smell amazing! I love the sound of all those scents,yum! As for your garden and thrifted goodies! WOW!
    I hope you have been well,and thanks so much for stopping by as always,Ive been a bad blogger,and not been on here much,..and to reply to your comment on my nails from before(while ago now,my apolagies x ) I had just got the acrylic filled in,and just get a clear coat on them,so when I get home I paint crazy stuff all over them :D but I love the look without polish,look healthy and strong,but I get bored plain nails after couple hours :D x

    1. sorry for my essay of a comment :/

  21. Beautiful photos and I'm loving all your thrifted finds!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  22. I can't wait to see how the greenhouse will turn out!
    Your photos are beautiful as usual, walking in beautiful "lost" places like that is something I would definitely do. I don't know if I sound weird but there is something really peaceful about that.
    Anyway, I love your jacket too!

  23. Oh, that box garden looks so cool! Love it! And those Joik candles, I got to get my hands on those :) Thanks for stopping by my blog Maiken!

    E from Helsinki, Finland