Introducing Crete III

And I'm finally back! Or as a matter of fact we've been back in Estonia and back to sweet old work for a while now (since last Monday). And what an absolutely insane adventure our trip to beautiful Crete was! Clearly the craziest journey we have ever experienced. But today I'm going to share merely the most important keywords sentences and a few meaningful hints to give you at least a slight imagination of what was going on with us and what will be published here in my blog in the near future (among other essential topics of course).

So, instead of only one hotel (the one we had nicely booked as early as in December 2013) we stayed in entirely three (!!!) different hotels and additionally saw the fourth one. We also received a couple of luxurious spa treatments and an upgrade from half board to full board plus free of charge. We had our own delightfully turquoise swimming pool. We visited Spinalonga (aka the Leper Island) where lepers from Crete and the rest of Greece were quarantined until 1957. We completely lost our hearts to beautiful Agios Nikolaos and a scrumptious local tavern that had the coolest and friendliest owner(s). We purchased several traditional edible and material goodies and I bought my very first and absolutely gorgeous Roccobarocco handbag and also my first, beautifully pink pair of espadrilles.

Our departure was delayed roughly 24 hours which meant we could see and experience some pretty decent contrasts between Agios Nikolaos and Amoudara, between two wonderful hotels and one rather poor hotel (thank God it was for one night only!), between excellent Cretan cuisine and the wretched shadow of it. Because like I already said, our trip to Crete was a real adventure. And I'm going to tell you all about it in the course of time, fair and softly.

a couple of views from our main hotel, Sensimar Minos Palace (May 11)

a tiny piece of Agios Nikolaos (May 12)

the switch - Minos Beach Art Hotel (May 12)

But for today I've picked and chosen a few traditional airplane snapshots from May 10, the kick-off of our Mediterranean holiday. Also a little something from May 11 that we spent in our main hotel (the one we actually booked) and a sneak peek of May 12 and the unexpected hotel switch for roughly two days. It's not as complicated as it may seem right now and I promise I will start clarifying and explaining the whole thing already beginning from my next post. And I sure hope you're anxious to hear about it all! ;) But for the time being enjoy the photos! And excuse my long hiatus (a little hint - put the blame on working, housekeeping and gardening because that's exactly what I have been extremely busy with since our return). See you, sweetie pies!


  1. Yay! Seems like an awesome trip! And omg, that view from your hotel is priceless!!!

  2. I'm happy to hear that your trip was a incredible one. These photo capture summer and enjoying life beautifully. Have a great week!.
    Little Luxuries

  3. Oh, I was waiting so much for this post! And it is beautiful! I know you have gone to Crete already 3 times! It's like that when we really like a certain place! I have a friend who used to live there and she goes back to visit parents and friends and she always invited me to go, but I never went... and I'd love to! The pictures are absolutely amazing and so nice you had your pool and Spa and so many nice hotels! The Roccobarocco bag seems to be a great purchase and also espadrilles - I love espadrilles, they are beautiful and comfortable! And yes, I'm very much looking forward to reading your next post! denisesplanet.com

  4. This looks amazing! also love your bikini :) hope you're having lots of fun

    Alexa <3

  5. oi mis nunnukas kiisu seal niimoodi päikese käes mõnuleb :) aga hea postituse formaat - ma nüüd ootan põnevusega järgmiseid!

    1. see kiisu mõnuleb meie bungalow trepil muide ja oligi nagu poole kohaga meie koduloomaks seal. sõime koos krõpsu ja tsillisime päikese käes :) aga ma loodan igatahes, et olen võimeline normaalses tempos neid postitusi valmistama. lihtsalt pilte ja kõike muud materjali on nii palju ning tahaks kindlasti kõik olulise kenasti jäädvustada :D

  6. Can't wait to read more about your holidays !! The places looks sooo beautiful, & of course, you have a perfect body!


  7. So lovely! You look great. What a lovely holiday it looks like :) So beautiful.
    xx, H


  8. looks like you had a great time...

  9. Ooooh, I want to see more! Such a tiny sample...haha, these travel posts are the best huh? :D
    Glad you enjoyed mine as well! It's really cool to see a piece of somewhere else through a blog post.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. Oh my goodness, this little sneak peek already has been desperate for more. Those blue skies! That sun! (And that cat, oh my goodness, how sweet.) It's another rainy day here in Vancouver and I am so very envious of your holiday right now. But I'm also very glad you had a wonderful time and can't wait to hear more about it!

  11. Great to hear that you had a fun time, I've been waiting for the pictures already :) Thanks for stopping by my blog Maiken!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  12. Ooh the peeks of Crete from these photos show that it must have been really easy to fall in love with it. Can't wait to read more about your hotel hopping adventures :)



  13. Great to see your little snippet post into your holiday,wow 3/4 hotels,a beautiful pool to yourselfs and an upgrade free of charge?! sounds eventful,and also hectic and crazy,look forward to hearing more about it in your next posts :) I can onlyimagine how busy you must be,always is that way when you come back of holiday,unpacking,washing catching up with work etc :)
    Well thank you for taking the time to share these beautiful photos! you look incredible :) wow x and look forward to seeing the new bag and espadrilles you spoke of x take care x

    1. Thank you for checking out my video Maiken :) your feedback is much appreciated,and I know what you mean,with time Im going to learn how to edit and all that :) I cant wait to learn more on this,and make videos that are to the point,shorter and entertaining x who knows x thank you so much x

  14. Maiken!! I've missed you so much! Reading your kind wishes during my fast made me smile when I got back. Catching up on all your adventures, stunning photos, and bargain finds was so fun (I actually bought a similar pair of cognac ankle boots and I love them). I'm so sorry about your illnesses while I was gone--we all come down with something every now and then, especially with this year's crazy weather. Glad that you've recovered well though! It sounds like your schedule has been packed which I can totally understand as well. Anyways, Crete looks absolutely stunning. I'm glad you were able to use the delay to your advantage and sightsee. Can't wait to hear more about your exotic trip and learn more details! You're looking great as always too! It'll be awesome to be able to follow along again :)

  15. Yay...Crete post! Looking forward to more. BTW, looking good in that bikini. :)

  16. I'm glad to hear that you had a good time in Crete, I look forward to seeing all the photos including the ones of the three hotels you stayed in :).

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  17. Wow! :D


  18. Mmmm seems like heaven on earth! I'm so curious to see more photos from your travel diaries and from all three hotels you've staid at;)

    Have a lovely week dear Maiken