It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow

Hello and happy May!
Or wait a minute... what? It's May already?
Anyhow, unfortunately it's also the right time to whine again since this week, especially the beginning of May hasn't been the best time for me. In fact, a nasty stupid flu has caught me and fever, cough, sniffle, sore throat and overall agonizing annoying gout have lately been my worst enemies. Damn those arrogant bastards!

But at least now you know why this overdue post took so much time. I've just been way too strained and exhausted to do something as creative as blogging even though the whole time I've truly wanted to! But that's enough! No more squealing because on a positive note I have a decent pile of warm and sunny photographs below. All taken between April 22 and 27 when our usually capricious Estonian weather was absolutely terrific for a change (now it rather sucks again: yesterday morning my car was covered in ice and it even hailed a little!!).

So, what's up with today's photos? First of all, my cosy (and very me!) outfit derives from last Saturday, April 26 when I and E were roller blind shopping in Tartu for our recently revamped master bedroom (my post about the bedroom will come too, hopefully someday soon). Anyway, besides the two roller blinds I incidentally came across a pair of sheer light yellow curtains for my currently renewable wardrobe. And well, the wardrobe conjointly is another room which is patiently waiting for its debut in this blog.

thrifted sunnies | Galliano top | thrifted Diesel belt | thrifted Bik Bok pants | thrifted Beverly Feldman loafers | Chillin by Cropp studded bracelet.

Now, the rest of my photos are all about the vivid blossoming in our garden, energetic Elvis here, there and everywhere and a couple of nosey little fellas from my grandparents' place. They were curiously accompanying us while we were transporting our future greenhouse which today is pretty much complete in our own garden. Despite my illness I already took a few photos of it to perpetuate the whole process but those you'll hopefully see in my next post.

Last but not least, I know I promised to demonstrate my thrifted goodies from Diesel and Karl Lagerfeld to you but I must iron them in the first place and that just hasn't happened yet (blame the stupid flu!). So it's quite probable that you will see them pieces before our trip to Crete or even after the trip since both items are travelling with me. Well and yeah, there is less than one week left here at work and after that it's going to be vacation mode for me and E. And I badly need this rescuing ray of sunshine in the middle of all that coughing, snuffing and aching mixed up with working and housekeeping.

So, do enjoy all the sunny photos and let me know what you think. I hope I will be able to make one more post before we leave but I guess we'll see how everything actually goes. Because after all time has a sneaky habit of disappearing. Still, see you! :)


  1. Oh noes >< Spring colds are the worst >< I hope you will be feeling awesome soon! Do you celebrate 1st of may over there too?
    Your shoes are beautiful! Haha Elvis in the bucket :D! And a handsome froggy.. I rarely see frogs in the nature?! Cool pic :)

    1. spring colds indeed are THE WORST ones and I'm already super depressed because of the whole situation. but I'm not sure about May 1... I think April 30 is the day when some people make bonfires but May 1? I sure haven't celebrated it. oh and there are plenty of frogs where my grandparents live :) their place is surrounded by a horseshoe shape pond. thank you for the sweet wishes by the way. I hope they will come true SOON!

  2. Oh get well soon, I stil don't understand myself how we managed to be in May so soon :/
    Anyway I like this cool and casual outfit of yours, I bet you must be happy to finally be able to wear something lighter don't you?
    Tell Elvis I can't get enough of the cute shots, this little guy likes to pose haha, beautiful photos as usual :).

    1. I was happy when we had temperatures around +20°C but now we're back to something like +7 and I'm not thrilled at all :P totally sucks! but thank you for the sweet words, Emma! :)

  3. lovely blog :)

  4. hahaa appi mis ta seal pange sees teeb? nii nunnu! see kollane põõsas (?) on väga ilus! kui raatsiks vaid, siis tahaks sellisied tuppa laua peale vaasi :)

    1. oma palli valvas seal panges ;) ja talle täitsa meeldis seal istuda kusjuures. aga see jah miski põõsas, mille nime me kumbki kahjuks ei tea (kuigi tahaks teada!). kõigepealt õitseb niimoodi üleni kollaselt ja siis hakkavad vaikselt lehed tekkima.

  5. I like your jeans!! and the puppy, ohh so cute!!!

    xo, Carla

  6. I hope you feel better soon! That sucks being so sick :/ You'll have to try some Nutella crepes when you're better ;)
    Lovely sunny photos, I really love those loafers and your green skinnies!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. I really hope you feel better soon!! And awww I love these photos of Elvis, especially the running one :)

  8. Yes, we are in May! I can't believe either..Time pass so quick!!! I hope you get well! These pictures are really nice, love your tatto and your shoes! :)
    Happy week!


  9. Aaawww, hope you get well soon! I'm having a mild flu too, didn't stop me from drinking beer though and now I have a sore throat, lol :D
    This pink top is so shiny, it looks amazing with the camo pants!

  10. Love this colour combination! Your hair is amazing too, and I also loooove your shoes!! Great outfit! And I hope you get well soon!



  11. Hope you get well soon, it's so annoying to be sick :(
    This is a really pretty spring look, and btw, I have to say that I love your tiger tattoo, SO beautiful

    The other pictures are so pretty as always!

  12. Oh I know what you mean, I am way too busy/stressed to be creative at the moment - I'm hoping that'll change soon though :-). I love the photos especially the one of the frog, and you look lovely as always.

    To answer your question Re: the clinique mascara on my blog, yes it does wash off with warm water :).

    Sarah xo PolkaDotLemon

  13. Dear Maiken, sorry to hear you had a nasty flu and health problems, hope you are ok now ! We had so much rain lately, and I am also posting sunny pics from a couple of weeks ago ! Weather is really crazy lately ! Love your pink top ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
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  14. Hi dear and happy may to you too! I hope you're feeling way more better by now;) First of all thank you so much for your always sweet and thoughtful comments!
    You look bright, fresh and picture perfect like spring itself!:) Love the colours of your outfit and those cute loafers;)




  15. Omg, you live in a fairytale land! You know that, right?? Puppies and ducks and frogs and gorgeous flowers everywhere - I'm jealous.:) But what's with the flu, you're the third person that's had it! I hope you're all better and ready to take on the world - of blogging and renovation and traveling.;) Which reminds me - Crete?? Another reason for me to be jealous. Can we, please, switch places?:)

    Happy Tuesday, dear, and enjoy the rest of the week!

  16. Well, I'm glad that you included these lovely photos, the bright blossoms are sure to liven up our day. I like your loafers and wish you a wonderful time this week!
    /Madison :) xx

  17. Great post !Would you like to follow each other?

  18. I love the images of your dog! awwww!! I'm such a sucker for dogs! hehe


  19. Hope you're feeling better now! I have been so busy with work and life that I haven't been doing very much blog reading lately, sad to say, but I'm back and in perfect time because what lovely spring photos these are! Your outfit looks perfect for a day of shopping - I love the sparkle detail on your top. And Elvis, what a cutie! I always love seeing photos of him :)

  20. Gorgeous pictures. Sad to hear that you're ill :( Xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  21. Great pictures!!!

    hope you feel better :)


  22. Aw gosh your flu does sound dreadful :( I'm looking forward to your revamped bedroom post..and the yellow curtains sound lovely too.
    I love your outfit,casual and comfortable and cool with those loafers! Soo cool. I believe in comfort first with my clothes :) I want to be comfortable and feel good in my clothes

    1. ...and photos from your garden! :) beautiful and of course Elvis,bouncy as ever! :)