To Tallinn and back

Hey! It's time for a traditional Estonian outfit post in between all those nostalgic travel stories I've shared with you over the last couple of months (mixed with my easy summer looks from Crete of course). So, on July 2 a sudden opportunity to visit our capital town arose and who says "no" to a free ride especially when we had planned to go anyway? Well, not us, obviously, and our main destination in Tallinn was my all-time favourite shopping centre Stockmann where I pretty much always score something awesome. And this time was not an exception (must love their sales!).

Firstly, Love Moschino's Heart Bow Blue Jelly Flat Sandals (€119 70.90) immediately stole my heart and I just had to take them home with me. Because what's not to love when something looks as adorable as those cuties, right? By the way, asos also sells them, in three different colours (black, blue and red) and with a little higher price but still (link).

Secondly I came across something home related: a glass and metal (jewellery) box (€24.90 14.90). It's such a unique gadget for displaying bits and pieces among my jewellery collection and why not a few other sights that fit the glass and metal frames. And since my storing gear has been increasing perceptibly I must finally begin creating a proper system too... BUT only as soon as the weather gets bad enough, haha. Right now I have want to spend every possible spare moment of time outside in order to catch all the sun and vitamin D I can get.

Anyway, I'm obviously talking too much when I actually have some more capital town purchases to share and those two sale finds are both from good old H&M. I really needed a simple (and cheap!) pair of flip-flops and the charm necklace... well, that was just a result of an ephemeral moment of weakness. Each item cost 3 euros on sale by the way and that was it, the outcome of my little shopping spree.

Now, my outfit of the day includes something I purchased from a small Italian boutique in Agios Nikolaos, Crete and also something I won from a blog giveaway on my birthday. So, my very first Roccobarocco handbag conjointly is the first Crete purchase I'm sharing with you and the owner of that boutique was a very lovely Italian lady who moved to Crete. It was so nice to chat with her and introduce our little Estonia a bit while exploring the authentic Italian goods.

On the other hand my earrings come from a Finnish company called Uhana Design and they're a lovely prize from Dragonfly blog's giveaway (link). They seemed rather big at first but luckily those beautiful pastel shade birch teardrops are also incredibly lightweight and gracious. Definitely one of my current favourites when it comes to earrings and summery jewellery overall. You can explore Uhana Design's web page here.

thrifted sunnies | Uhana Design earrings | thrifted Zara TRF faux leather jacket | thrifted Burberry London top | asos dress worn as a skirt | Vans loafers | Roccobarocco handbag.

Anyway, as always, I hope you enjoyed my summery photos. Next time I will probably treat you with a travel post again because May 16-18 in Crete still needs to be covered. It's only three days but a lot happened during that time. Sidenote: it should have been two days but we got stuck on the paradise island. Sounds like quite a story to tell, doesn't it? And I will most certainly share it with you but bye for now!


Crete diaries continue: eventful May 14-15

My previous post stands far away, again... Our longest holiday of 2014 is bittersweet bygones since last Wednesday. I'm back at work and my obligations seem never-ending: obligations coming with my main job, my other job, our household, as a matter of fact - with everything! And how fun is my never-ending whining? Or actually, I'm not even trying to whine, I'm just constating a couple of valid facts here.

Oh and of course, hey, guys! Truly happy to "see" you again! And to tell you the truth I'm quite motivated and determined to succeed in all those previously named duties and that's a fact too! Besides, luckily our vacation limit for 2014 is not full yet so there's still this little spare time ahead, already in September and definitely worth waiting for! But I'm going to stop chattering now because actually it's a travel, not a tattle post.

So, on May 13 we explored Spinalonga and I reflected our fascinating trip in this colourful blog post. On May 14 we left Minos Beach Art Hotel, one of the most respectable hotels in town, and moved back to our initial hotel, also respectable 5* Sensimar Minos Palace (look back on our hotel swap here). Anyway, as a reward for the (actually quite minimal) trouble coming with the switch we got a 38 m² seaview suite with a sharing pool (one for every four suites; see here). Our regular half board package was upgraded to full board plus which meant free lunches and free local wine, beer and other stuff aside dinner. Good times, what else. Oh and we also got two freebie spa treatments at their Ananea Wellness Spa, one for me and one for E.

Therefore, May 14 was for one thing a relaxing spa day. I chose their 1-hour aromatherapy massage which was my first such massage, highly relaxing and calming. E., on the other hand, of course chose the only procedure that contained the mandatory word "men" in its name - Akarshan 1-hour men's face treatment with Neem, in India known as a "pharmacy tree". We both enjoyed our procedures very very much and since we also owned a couple of discount vouchers I decided to try their beautiful eyes treatment on May 15. Once again a first for me and I was pleasantly astonished during and after those luxurious 30 minutes.

By the way, on the first night in our capacious suite I was very eager to try the aero spa bath. I filled the bath with water and found out it was practically boiling (oops). So I had to remove some of the hot water to replace it with cold one. Logical, right? But guess what? The damn drain plug didn't function! It was stubbornly fixed and nothing at all helped. So I called the hotel's plumber and he tried to solve our problem. But it was not an easy task. Greek swear words were ringing in our bathroom like some unusual local rap song. The poor plumber boy was seriously struggling but hey, after a while the outcome (for one thing he emptied the bath with a bucket) was successful so yay for him. And for me too since after all I got to try the root of all evil - our aero spa bath which was only average, nothing special. As they say - much cry and little wool.

(ancient) H&M headband | (ancient) Seppälä sunnies | thrifted Silvian Heach crop top | thrifted shorts | thrifted Complement fringe bag | Nikos Shoes hand-made leather sandals from Ag Nik, Crete.

Anyhow, the first two collages above present our suite and Sensimar Minos Palace's Amalthea restaurant but everything else represents marvelous Agios Nikolaos on May 15 and a couple of delicious meals from our favourite tavern Ayra Loft. So, on May 15 we discovered the town a bit: for instance visited a local pottery and flower shop (one day I will show you what we bought from there) and explored the grand marina. The Marina of Agios Nikolaos is capable of accommodating up to 255 boats all year round. Oh and one of the boats there carried our beautiful Estonian flag which was an elating surprise. And did I mention we both loved the place? Well, we totally did!

And before I finish today's post - my last collage introduces some of our May 14 and 15 meals from the favourite tavern: spicy chicken, dainty lamb, authentic Greek salad and the best french fries ever! Now, I hope you enjoyed the post and I also really hope you can bear with me because I know I've been a horrible blogger lately. Can't help it though. But I do have heaps of photos and stories to share with you, May 16-18 from our Cretan adventures and also numerous countless Estonian moments and happenings. So I guess we'll see what my next post brings... well and when it brings. The fact is it will bring something, haha. See you!