As long as skies are blue

Another crazy productive work week has passed by like lightning. Sidenote: I actually seriously planned to post this already last week but in the same way as always - life totally happened! And that generally means I start my regular workdays around 8 o'clock, then at 12 o'clock it's already the always fleeting lunch half-hour and that's it, imperceptibly it's 5 p.m. and the blissful time to head home. But those 8,5 hours at work will be supplemented by gardening, cooking, everlasting housework, my additional job, an inch of workout, another inch of family time and personal time (including blogging, of course)... in a word three words - the regular stuff. And 24 hours a day don't always usually cover my actual need of time. Sounds familiar? Well, who's with me in this, guys?

Anyway, once upon a time it was July (19), a weekend and a trip day all together. Our destination was good old Viljandi and we were essentially looking for a fresh pair of oval loudspeakers for my Saab. I chose these (link) from JBL and so far they've been nothing but great. Oh and I also prepared for autumn a little and purchased this (link) black coat with fuchsia lining and rose gold zippers. It was a real bargain (€59.90 18.00) but those colour blind product photos don't do it any justice at all so you have to wait for the actual autumn with some layered autumn outfits to see its real face.

But when in Viljandi we also visited Café Harmoonia for the second time (read about our first meal there from this blog post). We both had spicy barbecue game rissole with vegetable mash and mustard sauce and it was absolutely magnificent. I love fresh rissole studded with fresh green herbs! Have any of my Estonian readers been to Harmoonia and tried their tasty menu (link)?

thrifted sunnies | Maison Scotch necklace | H&M studded bracelet | thrifted DKNY tunic | thrifted Savann skirt | Pink Woman espadrilles (link) from Ag Nik, Crete.

Now, before driving home E. wanted to check out Lake Parika lookout tower that stood by the side of our way home anyway. Parika bog is one of the oldest in Estonia: it's thought to be approximately 9000 years old. Wow, right? And this long-standing bog together with all those sublime cotton-like cumulus floating above us offered a wonderful background for today's outfit photos.

It's a shame hot summer days like those are bygones today and chilly autumn wind has pretty much conquered the last month of summer. But at least I can reminisce and whine a bit while sharing those summery photographs with you. By all means I hope you enjoyed them and you haven't yet amortized me and my posts which I know are as rare as the eclipse of the moon. But I really appreciate my dearest loyal readers and blog friends. Plus I have tons of photos and stories to share with you so please just be patient with me and you will definitely see and hear everything. Till next time!


Fauna, flora and various (in other words May 16-17 in Ag Nik, Crete)

Hello and happy last month of summer... or can you even believe it's August already? Because I sure can't but hey, at least September will bring us another spare week which has to be awesome. Anyhow, right now I hope you're not tired of constantly* seeing my favourite island Crete yet because today's blog post speaks just about that again (*not that I'm constantly blogging or anything but still). And to be even more specific I'm going to introduce you the fauna and flora of marvelous Agios Nikolaos, mixed with some various moments from our numerous strolls around the town.

So, first and foremost, Ag Nik is a medium size coastal town with a cosy small town feel. It has three unique faces to the sea: Lake Voulismeni and the port, Kitroplatia Beach and the Marina; and one of my previous posts (link) covers part of those three. But now about today's photos. For a start a batch of snapshots taken here, there and everywhere while strolling around the town on May 16 and 17.

There's this cool roof garden cocktail bar/café from the centre of the town, some typical mountains, numerous boats on Mirabello Bay and our last scrumptious Cretan meal at Ayra Loft (wait until you hear what kind of non-scrumptious stuff we had in a mandatory mediocre hotel in Amoudara when we were stuck on the island for a day because of a broken aeroplane).

And today, when I nostalgically look back on our time in Ag Nik I just really miss those long walks and want to discover more of it. All those flamboyant, tourist-free side streets bordered with distinctive balconies, terraces and floral oases genuinely won my heart. And of course our magnificent meals at Ayra Loft, accompanied by interesting conversations with the owner who by the way was completely aware of our little Estonia because his wife (who's also the excellent cook at Ayra Loft) comes from Latvia, one of our adjoining states.

Anyway, let's move on with the common fauna of Agios Nikolaos. Cats strongly outnumber every other animal in town and that's a verified fact. They're here, there and everywhere and even though I'm not actually a cat person I still fell for several of them and seriously wanted to pack them in my suitcase. On the other hand we saw zero vagrant dogs, only a few non-vagrant ones like the harmonic Chihuahua twosome below. Well and then there were crabs, sea urchins and a lonely local chicken scrabbling in the bushes.

Now, last but not least, a couple of pretty good examples of the beautiful local flora we both loved. And since we happened to visit Crete during the springtime everything was especially lush and vivid and joyfully blossoming. We also brought some local succulents home with us and oh boy how fast they grow! I will kindly share the before and after photos with you... of course if there are any flower enthusiasts among my readers. So, are there? :)

By the way, I know I promised to tell you the story about us getting stuck on the island and I totally planned to but today's post is photo heavy enough even without the numerous pictures that should illustrate my story. So everything that took place beginning from the afternoon of May 17 until the evening/night of May 18 needs a separate blog post and its own glory. And that post will show up... at some time. Logical much? Well, the thing is I have way too much stuff to post about but way too little time to actually do it. But I'm sure most of you have been in my shoes and therefore understand the situation. Oh and the ones who always leave me their feedback - thank you so so much, you're the best! See you next time!