As long as skies are blue

Another crazy productive work week has passed by like lightning. Sidenote: I actually seriously planned to post this already last week but in the same way as always - life totally happened! And that generally means I start my regular workdays around 8 o'clock, then at 12 o'clock it's already the always fleeting lunch half-hour and that's it, imperceptibly it's 5 p.m. and the blissful time to head home. But those 8,5 hours at work will be supplemented by gardening, cooking, everlasting housework, my additional job, an inch of workout, another inch of family time and personal time (including blogging, of course)... in a word three words - the regular stuff. And 24 hours a day don't always usually cover my actual need of time. Sounds familiar? Well, who's with me in this, guys?

Anyway, once upon a time it was July (19), a weekend and a trip day all together. Our destination was good old Viljandi and we were essentially looking for a fresh pair of oval loudspeakers for my Saab. I chose these (link) from JBL and so far they've been nothing but great. Oh and I also prepared for autumn a little and purchased this (link) black coat with fuchsia lining and rose gold zippers. It was a real bargain (€59.90 18.00) but those colour blind product photos don't do it any justice at all so you have to wait for the actual autumn with some layered autumn outfits to see its real face.

But when in Viljandi we also visited Café Harmoonia for the second time (read about our first meal there from this blog post). We both had spicy barbecue game rissole with vegetable mash and mustard sauce and it was absolutely magnificent. I love fresh rissole studded with fresh green herbs! Have any of my Estonian readers been to Harmoonia and tried their tasty menu (link)?

thrifted sunnies | Maison Scotch necklace | H&M studded bracelet | thrifted DKNY tunic | thrifted Savann skirt | Pink Woman espadrilles (link) from Ag Nik, Crete.

Now, before driving home E. wanted to check out Lake Parika lookout tower that stood by the side of our way home anyway. Parika bog is one of the oldest in Estonia: it's thought to be approximately 9000 years old. Wow, right? And this long-standing bog together with all those sublime cotton-like cumulus floating above us offered a wonderful background for today's outfit photos.

It's a shame hot summer days like those are bygones today and chilly autumn wind has pretty much conquered the last month of summer. But at least I can reminisce and whine a bit while sharing those summery photographs with you. By all means I hope you enjoyed them and you haven't yet amortized me and my posts which I know are as rare as the eclipse of the moon. But I really appreciate my dearest loyal readers and blog friends. Plus I have tons of photos and stories to share with you so please just be patient with me and you will definitely see and hear everything. Till next time!


  1. Whoa, the trench coat is spectacular, can't wait to see it live! :D Wow, that's a busy schedule, like, really busy. Two jobs and cooking? In my book this is what Superheroes are made of! :D
    I love this cutesy tunic and the bright espadrilles!

  2. Oh I love your tunic, it's so so lovely! & I can wait to see the trench coat on you :)
    Here it's also already fall, it's been 2 weeks that we didn't reach 20 degrees.. pretty sad, I hope that it will be better in September!


  3. Them cloud formations are insane. :D Also...food looks yummy. :D

  4. õllepudeli silt on väga äge! kas oli neil ise pruulitud?

    1. ei, tegemist on To Øl õllega. see on Taani päritolu ja vastavalt lillelisele koostisele siis ka silt :) (Ingredients: Water, barley malt, Wheat Malt, hops (Simcoe, Citra, Galaxy & Amarillo) Flowers (Cornflower, Hibiscus, Marigold, Rose flower and hawthorns), raspberry leaves and yeast.)
      muide, neil on üldse maailma ägedad sildid! tseki kindlasti seda lehte: http://to-ol.dk/home/about/. ma olen igatahes vaimustuses ja loodan, et kunagi on need meie poodides ka saadaval.

    2. ps. selle pudeli tõin muidugi koju kaasa ;)

    3. oi tänks nii põhjaliku vastuse eest! ma olen nüüd kergelt pettunud, et see pole nende enda õlu :D aga väga lahe igatahes. ja kõlab väga maitsvalt, ma nüüd tahan ka seda proovima minna! :D (ja viiks tõenäoliselt samuti pudeli koju kaasa) kodukal on nii laheda disainiga silte appikene, tahaks kõiki!

  5. The tunic is very cool and I like how it looks! Thanks for sharing your wonderful post and full of images to love. :) Happy weekend!

  6. Wait, tunic and skirt? It's not a dress? I'm confused!
    Whatever you're wearing though, it's pretty ;)
    Haha, love the photos of the clouds - how stunning!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

    1. haha, I'm wearing a baby pink skirt under the frilled tunic ;) look at the two photos side by side above the outfit details :)

  7. I'm actually happy that fall is arriving, I like wearing layers and cozying up at home :) Thanks for passing by my blog!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  8. Café Harmoonia looks so yummy! And ooo I love the print of your tunic and the pretty color of your shoes :)

    It's already starting to get cold? I think it's starting to get a bit chiller here too, but I'm kinda excited for fall!

  9. ooh i love your dress! and your flats are super adorable! :D


  10. I really love your dress :) This must have been a great time !

    Bisous !

  11. I haven't been in the blogging world for a while and boy I missed it! So good to be back and look through some of my favorite blogs! Love the amazing nature photos, so beautiful! and your summer outfit is beyond chic yet very comfortable. Those pink espadrilles are to die for;)




  12. Anonymous26/8/14 22:48

    Sweet hairdo and dress! :)

  13. Dear Maiken, I am so happy that I came here to read your post, I was about to turn the computer off, but something told me to come here! And yay, a post! I aim doing the same as you - life happens, and then I am not posting. Although I saw now that you had one on the 5th and this one on the 22nd. I am posting once a month as a recap of the previous month. But I am posting every week on another blog, so I have that in my defense :) Anyway, you know that I "disappear", but always come back! I loooved your post now! You look always so beautiful and so relaxed, and those pink shoes!!!!! Amazing! I loved the places and the clouds - you are right, the perfect background for pictures! I hope you are fine and that you have a great weekend! I was missing you! denisesplanet.com