Winter moments mixed with thrift shop findings

Greetings from my freezing little hometown! I seriously suspect that our almighty fantastic weather is quietly sabotaging my blogging will and skills which seem somewhat frozen right now. I know, sounds like a pretty lame excuse but I just had to say something to justify myself a little. You know, that's human nature. We just have to come up with a good enough argumentation in every possible life situation. But enough of that, today I'm going to share entirely three bunches of vivid winter photographs with you!

The first quintuplet derives from last Sunday that we greatly spent at my grandparents' place in the countryside. E. persistently established a skating track for me and I obviously skated until I was pretty much breathless. Why? Because most of the time I was exceeding the imaginary speed limit, oops. And Astra, my grandparents' crazy-energetic German shepherd was constantly escorting me. By the way, this Little Red Riding Hood is Jenny, my parents' pile of sweetness. And the kitten is Miki, my grandparents' new baby and the coolest cat I've ever met. I just wanted to smuggle him home with me but E. ruthlessly crushed my whim.

So, secondly comes a tiny thrift shop haul I also mentioned in my last blog post. This thrift shopping trip took place on Saturday before last and everything cost 1 or 2 euros. The navy blue bow bag with heart pattern lining is brand-new and originates from a kids' label Dopo Dopo Girls. The super colourful vintage blouse is from Danz International and my oriental dress has an oriental tag I can't read. Those brownish sunnies are most likely vintage as well and last but not least - a year-round yay for cute Christmas goodies! And I'm curious, how often do you thrift shop?

And now it's time for the third group, also deriving from the weekend before last and everything was taken in or from our garden. I believe I should also call your attention to the fact that my fingers froze while catching the last two photos but I completely ignored the pain because the sight was simply too beautiful to miss. Well, when I finally rushed back inside the pain hit me with a huge hammer. I honestly thought that was it, no more fingers for me! Plus it only got worst when they started to warm up. I don't even know how long did the horror last but guys, seriously, always keep your fingers and toes warm because you don't want to experience what I experienced that day. But at least I got my photos, haha.

All in all I hope you enjoyed my winter photographs and learnt from my winter misery. Next time I will show you an outfit again and some lovely gifts from Born Pretty, including the cutest and sweetest earrings I have ever seen and owned. A couple of especially awesome thrift shop treasures are also waiting for their turn to be shared so be on your guard. And for the time being of course let me know your thoughts on today's post. See you!


An outfit, two hauls and a spring manicure

Hello! I don't know where Monday and Tuesday so suddenly disappeared but imperceptibly it's Wednesday... wait, Thursday (!) again, fierce Estonian winter is still in full swing and I have a lot to tell you about. So I better get this party started immediately and begin with a rather refined and sophisticated outfit deriving from January 3. Black, red and white form one of my all-time favourite colour combinations and as a lovely bonus all the clothes I'm wearing here are thrifted. Plus I added something golden from Born Pretty since my sympathy for golden jewellery unexpectedly rose from the ashes last year. But what about you? What is your all-time favourite colour combination when it comes to clothes?

thrifted Reflex faux fur coat | earrings (link) and necklace c/o Born Pretty (link) | thrifted Martinelli blouse | thrifted CNC convince cardigan | thrifted H&M skirt | Sempre boots.

Secondly I promised to share entirely two different hauls from the week before last with you: one from that (link) trip to Tartu and the other from a fabulous free thrifting day. So, my urgently needed necessities, bits and pieces from Tartu were:

1. A decent classical winter jacket from Levi's (€150 €79). I just badly needed a warm hooded jacket since after all winter decided to come and stay and luckily this one happened to be almost 50% cheaper during our useful winter sales.
2. A lavender sweater from Seppälä's kids' section (€14.95 €4.49). How awesome does it look smoothly layered over my thrifted lavender blouse? A perfect match, isn't it?
3. A very "me" pair of slippers (€7.99 €4.55) - furry and fuchsia plus oh so warm!
4. Super cheap Christmas balls from Tiimari (all together merely €3!!!) because isn't Christmas secretly approaching already? Alright alright, we really needed those balls since our current collection is too small but I love rich Christmas trees.

Now, when it comes to my thrifted treasures I already mentioned the lavender BC blouse seen above. The bluish-purplish velvet jacket is brand-new, derives from Silbor and its price tag said €99, believe it or not. And finally, intense drumroll...
a truly beautiful leopard print skirt from Moschino! Because of that amazing skirt I'm waiting for spring the most. It just makes me restless to see the skirt numbly having a tedious time in my wardrobe. It's way too sheer for winter though, sad but true.

Anyway, this sandy piece with a flower embroidery in front is actually a Mono dress and together with the particularly summery Tivale top they will definitely accompany me in May when it's our breezy vacation time. And last but not least I picked three fine scarves and a white waist-belt that goes perfectly with my previously mentioned sandy dress. By the way, I already photographed another thrifted treasures' haul which will be brought to you soon so I hope you enjoy them.

And since several of you have been sweetly curious about my nails I'm also sharing my current manicure from January 17. And well, once again I'm daydreaming about spring, vividly blooming flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass, strong blue skies, light, airy clothes... yes, I admit it, winter is just not my cup of tea but I'm sure you already noticed that little detail. Stay warm, my sweeties, enjoy the photos and always let me know what you think. See you!


My personal Eiffel Tower from Chicnova

Happy winter, guys! Today I could finally really sense the crisp winter air (in addition to fragile snowflakes and squeaky ground) powerfully floating around and taking over my small hometown. To be honest with you I wasn't exactly waiting for this to happen but on the other hand seeing some energizing sunshine after what seemed like forever ago is actually quite lovely. Plus we had a pretty darn sweet weekend!

On Saturday we did some very reasonable sale shopping in Tartu, on Sunday I snatched several awesome thrift finds (for nothing!) for myself and E. and he was working really hard on our extensive bedroom renovation. But when it comes to our sale shopping findings and thrifted treasures (a Moschino skirt clearly is one, am I right?) I'm going to showcase those in another blog post because right now it's time for my outfit from Saturday, January 11 and of course my Chicnova sweatshirt.

So, do you remember Chicnova, a fashionable but still unconventional online store that spreads clothing, bags and accessories, denim and footwear for courageous ladies? Click here to stop by their lovely store. They were kind enough to send me this amazing Multicolor Tower Printing Cotton Sweatshirt (link) and I'm not exaggerating at all when I say it's by far the softest cutest fluffiest piece of clothing I own. Well and it's rainbow-coloured, which makes it even more marvellous because sweet pastel shades give me happy vibes.

Unfortunately my sweatshirt is sold out right now but you can order an arrival notice and Chicnova will kindly let you know when this popular piece is available again. By the way, I should also mention something about their shipping: Chicnova's free shipping is surprisingly fast and takes only 7-10 working days when we are talking about USA, Canada and most countries in Europe. But click here to see further shipping details precisely about your country and here to order an arrival notice for the colourful hero of today's post.

muuu.ee earrings and ring | sweatshirt c/o Chicnova (link) | Brooker denim shirt | Seppälä pants | Sempre boots | my only perfumed Phalaenopsis.

I hope you enjoyed this quick and simple outfit post. The next outfit you're going to see from me will be totally different compared to today's look so be ready for that as well. And as always, let me know about your thoughts and ideas because I just love reading those. See you soon, sweeties!


An ancient pre-Christmas trip to Tallinn

Hello! It's about time to eliminate a couple of old and dusty blogging debts! And the first one stands for the public announcement of the lucky winner of my Chicnova giveaway. So, according to the well-known random.org the winner is Kayleigh Jean, an experienced reader and dear blog friend. And she already received her coupon on Monday. But I would also like to thank everybody else who participated - I truly appreciate each and every one of you, guys, for the support.

Now, my other, terribly dusty debt is slightly bigger and more long-lasting. Perhaps some of you even remember how I promised to tell you about our pre-Christmas half-day trip to the capital town again and again. Well, I'm finally doing it! Our notorious trip took place on December 14 when we caught the earliest train to Tallinn and first stole a swift glance at the Christmas market held at the Town Hall Square. My favourites there were obviously the most adorable and genuine reindeer who just melted my heart into one big puddle of admiration. Though at the same time it made me very sad they were actually used as plain exhibits (animals often make me overly emotional).

But let's talk about something more pleasant - shopping (see the collages far below!). In the first place we visited H&M and I bought myself a kids' sweatshirt (€9.95) that was in my H&M interest list anyway (see the entire list from this November post). Today this item is unfortunately no longer available so I'm glad I snatched it in time. But E. was also successful and in the end came across a nicely fitting pair of jeans.

Therefore we had definitely earned our late but healthy breakfast at Stockmann café. And Stockmann it was then. For one thing I got my first pair of imitation leather pants from Seppälä and it was a real bargain: I saved more than 39 euros (€49.95 €10.77)! I have already been wearing them burgundy pants as often as possible to make them count to the max. And even though I didn't dig my H&M interest list's natural white knitted hat in reality (looked too shabby!) I luckily came across this striped Etcetera cutie (€16.90 €12.70) in Stockmann. And that was it, we walked to the railway station to complete our day in metropolis with a pleasant lunch and something relaxing to drink at Travel restaurant.

kitty earrings from a Christmas market's charity sale | New Yorker tube scarf | thrifted Reflex faux fur coat | thrifted Odd Molly sweater | Orsay pants | Gebok boots | Ted Baker bag | Guess leather gloves.

Last but not least, in addition to everything mentioned above I would like to point out two rather fresh thrift finds (€3.50 in total): a sleeveless Zara Trafaluc blouse with collar clips and a fringe bag from Complement. But what was I thinking about when I grabbed those utterly summery goodies in the middle of our endlessly crappy winter? Well, of course about the Mediterranean climate that will become reality after a patient but busy wait.

So, since some of you had already curiously asked for my long-lost outfit posts then finally it's here and I hope you enjoy all the photos. Definitely let me know what you think because I always love hearing from you.
See you, sweeties!


Born Pretty 2 and a Christmas flashback

Howdy! I want to start today's post with a small reminder, i.e. I want to refer to my 30$ to 50$ Chicnova giveaway and ask if YOU are already participating? If yes, cheers, but if no then what are you waiting for?? It has very slight and simple rules (no annoying sharing for example) so go ahead, click here and participate! You still have some time. The giveaway ends this Friday, January 3.

Secondly I would like to refresh your memory on Born Pretty store (link). If you're curious about my previous package from them, click here but last week I received another one just in time for Christmas. And it included three lovely goodies: a pair of earrings, a necklace and a decent storage box.

I'm an earring addict (a slowly recovering one, I hope) so naturally I had to pick at least one modest pair. And those Elegant Square Alloy Piercing Earrings (originally from Forever 21) in pretty mint shade were the most eye-catching and universal ones I found. Right now they're only $2.07 (=€1.51) and you can get your own pair in mint or white by clicking here.

Now, the Classic Chain-Link Concise Wide Curb Chain Necklace in silver was also a must for me. It's incredibly lightweight and although now isn't the best time for wearing this chunky stunner (you know, coats, scarves and other warm stuff) it will definitely find its place in my holiday suitcase in spring. And you can get your own in black, golden or silver shade for infinitely reasonable $2.59 (=€1.88) just by clicking here.

Last but certainly not least I chose this adorable Star-shaped Tin Box Lovely Bears' Family Patterned Candy and Storage Box for storing my jewellery or some other cute bits and pieces. I'm loving the teddy bear pattern very very much and if you're feeling the same way, click here to purchase your own for only $1.99 (=€1.45).

Can you guys believe those prices? And Born Pretty also offers worldwide free shipping as an extra bonus. Plus right now they're having a HOT Flash Sale $0.99 (link), a Year-End Sale (Sitewide 20% OFF! Dec 28 - Jan 3 - link) and as a juicy cherry on top of everything I already mentioned I offer you, my dear readers, an additional 10% off coupon code JET10. Do not miss that amazing chance!

To draw the line at today's miscellaneous post I'm going to share something Christmas related with you. And since the entire Christmas time was quite ephemeral anyway I didn't take heaps of photos on Christmas Eve either. Nevertheless you can steal a glance at several of my/our wonderful presents and even more.

I got a pile of Clinique goodies (Liquid Facial Soap; Take The Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes & Lips; Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream; Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream; my must-have High Impact Mascara and a cute little cosmetics bag), Biodegradable Blueberry Shampoo and Washing Gel from a Finnish brand called Rento (check out their beautiful homepage here) and the softest whitest mittens ever. WE also got those beautiful pasta plates, natural soy wax candles with our initial letters and vanilla scent, Villeroy & Boch Christmas candle holders and well, quite a few euros too (because we have a certain goal to get a decent new range soon). All in all I'm truly happy with absolutely everything we got :)

So, enjoy my voluminous pile of photos, dear readers. And may this new awesome year bring you everlasting happiness, the greatest success in everything you do and prosperity for you and your loved ones.
Happy New Year!