Spring in full swing

So, life lately has essentially been... hasty! Hasty, busy, active - only name it because practically every synonym of "energetic" goes fairly well. But I also believe springtime stands for working hard anyway and therefore I'm not complaining at all. On the contrary - currently we are creating this fascinating box garden (wikiHow link; initial photos further below), in particular raised vegetable garden boxes which will have to accommodate our beetroots, carrots, herbs, leeks, onions, potatoes, radishes, strawberries, zucchinis and even more. We're also preparing for the arrival of our very first greenhouse so yeah, "busy" definitely is the impeccable term in this very horticultural situation.

However, on April 19 we ruthlessly shirked from all the gardening and drove roughly 140 km in order to get to tiny Järvakandi borough where E's paternal grandpa was celebrating his respectable 81st birthday. Besides the traditional and always obvious (and often excessive) eating a decent stroll happened. Or actually I pretty much dragged E outside to go on a sunny walk and discover some seemingly endless forest roads surrounded by a beautiful bog that was carefully hiding behind those protective trees. It was a great power walk and I only hope that you, guys, can sense and enjoy at least some of that greatness through those sunny photos below and above.

thrifted Ray-Ban sunnies | thrifted Awsarre tank top | Bastion blazer | Tommy Hilfiger Girls jeans | Seppälä sneakers.

And last but not least come a few fresh, mostly thrifted home related goodies, proudly posing on top of our half-ready box garden. The only non-thrifted item is that oh so dainty Sensuelle soy wax candle from Joik. It smells like coconut milk, ripe figs, brown sugar, musk and cembra pine. In a word - celestial! But now my decorative thrift finds: a ceramic tea bag container (€1.50), a vase (€1.50) and those incredibly colourful cup mats (€0.50 the whole set). I tracked them all down on Monday while visiting my favourite local thrift store and what can I say - must love thrift shopping! In fact, I still have something thrifted from Diesel and from Karl Lagerfeld in store for you. Something extra awesome for summer, both €1! Exciting, huh? ;)

But for the time being enjoy today's wide-scope springlike photo flood and let me know your thoughts because I truly appreciate your feedback, each and every comment. Till next time, sweeties!


All-round April

Hello, guys! How has your April progressed so far? Mine has been both - good and bad. Completely unnecessary but still long-lasting drama (that I despise 100% and more) and a difficult surgery my parents' American Cocker Spaniel Jenny had to go through form the bad stuff, obviously. But what about the good stuff? Well, fortunately there has been a touch of positivity and excitement too (besides the obvious fact that Jenny is a tough little warrior ♥).

For instance an impromptu day trip to the capital town on a rainy Saturday on April 12 (we had only 15 minutes to get ready for the departure of our transport!). But picture that: I forgot to bring my camera along! It felt unwonted and hollow without my DSLR and as a result I now have zero photos to share with you from that very trip. No outfit, no food, no nothing. In a word - a bummer... I mean if I would feel like exaggerating. ;)

But anyway, one more positive thing. Have you heard of the civic movement called Let's Do It! World? This movement began in our little Estonia in 2008 when more than 50 000 sturdy volunteers cleaned up at least 10 000 tons of illegal waste and garbage in only one day. This year I and my coworkers will participate and do some gentrification in our little hometown on May 2. And if you want to chip in or just see what it's all about click here to browse the international website or here to catch a glimpse of the Estonian one. Because there is no logical reason why not to take care of the environment, nature around us, our small or not so small hometowns. Let's do it!

old unknown earrings | Cubus necklace | Hilfiger Denim top | thrifted Dorothy Perkins blazer | Lindex bomber jacket | H&M pants | Gebok booties.

Now, as I already promised in my previous blog post above is a simple but in my book nicely contrasty April outfit from April 6. It was a rather gloomy Sunday we essentially spent in Tartu because of some errands that needed to be managed. And well, some shopping had to be done too, of course. Not much but still, a little something to decorate our home... and me too!

So I purchased our very first two Iittala cups from their beautiful and magical Taika collection (taika means magic in Finnish). See the whole extensive and... let's be honest - expensive collection here. I myself paid roughly 7 euros for one cup but the home page price is crisp 16.50 so a big big yay for the crazy sales that were called Osturalli here in Estonia.

The strawberry & rhubarb scented soywax candle (€5.50) from Joik smells absolutely heavenly by the way and my mom bought it for me earlier from the same sales.
Joik is an Estonian brand that for one thing offers the most amazing scented candles (they also produce body creams, soaps, bath truffles etc.). And when I say the most amazing I seriously mean it. I have previously owned and used up Creme brulee, Sweet peppermint and Apple cider which were all awesome in their own way.

Oh and I also bought one from Tallinn last Saturday but you're going to see it in my next post I think. For the time being I totally recommend you to check out their official webpage here because in addition to Estonia they sell their goodies in the Netherlands, Japan, Latvia, Norway, Poland, France, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Finland, Denmark, USA and Russia! And guys, those scents indeed are worth sniffing! ;)

Last but certainly not least I bought those super cool studded Silvian Heach Dudelson flip-flops (€16.15, link) from their SS14 collection and I hope I can rely on them when wandering in the picturesque towns and villages of Crete after approximately 23 days.

And to sum it all up I want to share my very simple but still kind of awesome DIY project concerning some tiny cacti. Cacti and other succulets occupy the whole windowsill of our kitchen by the way. So, do enjoy all the photos and let me know what you think because your feedback always means a lot to me! See you next time, sweeties!


Harbingers of spring

Hey! Guess what I have been persistently doing for the last couple of weeks? Okay, let's better be honest - actually it has been months already, by fits and starts even years. But still, those last couple of weeks have been the most intense in...


...arranging and assorting my wardrobe, closet, multiple jewellery chests, beauty products, everything and all like that! I have already sorted out (and partially successfully sold) at least 10 capacious cardboard boxes and plastic bags of clothes, handbags, belts, jewellery and shoes and there's even more where that came from.

I call it a mandatory purge, and surely a great relief too since my separate (so far wannabe) wardrobe and the bedroom closet (which I kindly share with E.) were both way too cluttered. And it sure feels good and a lot lighter. Now I finally have a pretty decent overview of everything I own and that's a huge huge win if some of you know what I mean. Do you, by the way? :)

But now briefly about today's numerous and colourful photographs. In the first place this is what I wore on March 30 when over a pretty long time we visited some shopping centres and building supplies and materials stores in good old Rakvere. As far as I'm concerned we didn't buy much but we did find two beautiful wall lamps for our now practically complete and definitely improved master bedroom. And I believe I will share some photos when it's (almost) perfectly finished because the label "my home series" is way too thin right now, don't you think?

thrifted sunnies | Expressions earrings and necklace | thrifted Thema blazer | Amisu dress | Seppälä booties.

Anyway, shopping in Rakvere! I also grabbed a few necessary goodies for myself: some good-looking laundry from the clearance racks of Seppälä and Lindex and two Deborah Bioetyc tanning products. The spray dry oil with SPF6 (€2.95) and the regenerating anti-ageing after sun face cream (€1.50) both contain a cocktail of natural anti-ageing and soothing extracts derived from prickly pear, caper plant and 100% pure olive oil. I definitely count on those two Italians while lying carelessly in the sun on the largest Greek island.. my favourite island by the way!

And now a decent bunch of miscellaneous spring moments (everything taken on March 29 or 30) including our always energetic Elvis in action. He was just running riot, conquering the challenging heights of our biggest apple tree... you know, "ordinary" stuff like that. :) But you can also see several spunky harbingers of spring, Astra the oh so joyful German shepherd and some tense firewood making which has been especially rough and tiring this year but never mind. I hope you enjoy the photos!

For the next time I have an April outfit already waiting for you and also a couple of fresh, mostly home related goodies I want to show you (including our very first Iittala items, yay!). But for the time being be good, enjoy the springtime and of course let me know your thoughts on today's blog post. See you soon!


Colour Bomb

Hello and happy April!
Suddenly another month has swished by and the first quarter of 2014 is over for good. But I'm definitely not complaining since already the next month, sweet May, is going to be the long-awaited (and hopefully magnificent) month of our sunny escape aka vacation. Roughly 40 long and excruciating days to hold on till that though. :)

And for the time being we must cope with the ever so moody Estonian weather. One day we have utterly springlike +10°C and the next day will treat us with sharp air and lousy temperatures around 0°C, and that's not all - the oh so sweet crisp nights offer up to -7 fabulous °C. But oh well, that's life.

At least I have those incredibly sunny outfit photos I promised to share. We took them on March 22 and that's what I wore while grocery shopping for last week. And since several of you were eager to see my brown booties in action then here they finally are in full swing. The forest green blazer is a thrift shop finding gotten from my mom and that colourful tunic is actually a huge (size 48!!!) blouse but you're not a proper thrift shopper (noticed my oh so brilliant rhyme?) if you let size numbers disturb or sidetrack yourself, memorize this very important fact, my dear readers. Size numbers are insignificant. Oh and my lilac-pinkish necklace (€1) is one of those fresh baked thrift shop discoveries I mentioned in my last post.

thrifted sunnies and necklace | Born Pretty (c/o) earrings (link) | thrifted Seppälä Woman blazer | thrifted tunic | Guess leggings | Seppälä booties.

The rest of those recent thrift shop discoveries include my very first item from Silvian Heach, an utterly summery tank top, an exquisite vest and a Guess bag. Pretty sweet, huh? ;) Anyway, first of all I came across the previously mentioned necklace and the red hot Silvian Heach crop top (€3.50). It looks like brand new and I love it, such a perfect piece for the upcoming summer!

Now, when I carried out my second round in the same thrift shop that week I tracked down this jet black Guess purse (€3.50!!!) which is my current favourite bag because I can't stuff it with heaps of unnecessary bits and pieces. I also found the most delicate crochet vest (€4) embellished with tiny golden beads and the most orange tank top (€3) embellished with the prettiest orange flowers. So now I really am in desperate need of some warm weather but that's completely obvious anyway, isn't it?

And before I call this post quits I recommend you to visit my dear blog friend Lily's blog imperfect idealist where right now sits a guest post from me. It's about blogging and my other interests, my style, thrift shopping, my best bargains and more so click here in order to do some digging and see some outfits ;) Plus don't forget to let me know your thoughts on today's colourful post because I love hearing from you, guys! See you next time!