Introducing Crete III

And I'm finally back! Or as a matter of fact we've been back in Estonia and back to sweet old work for a while now (since last Monday). And what an absolutely insane adventure our trip to beautiful Crete was! Clearly the craziest journey we have ever experienced. But today I'm going to share merely the most important keywords sentences and a few meaningful hints to give you at least a slight imagination of what was going on with us and what will be published here in my blog in the near future (among other essential topics of course).

So, instead of only one hotel (the one we had nicely booked as early as in December 2013) we stayed in entirely three (!!!) different hotels and additionally saw the fourth one. We also received a couple of luxurious spa treatments and an upgrade from half board to full board plus free of charge. We had our own delightfully turquoise swimming pool. We visited Spinalonga (aka the Leper Island) where lepers from Crete and the rest of Greece were quarantined until 1957. We completely lost our hearts to beautiful Agios Nikolaos and a scrumptious local tavern that had the coolest and friendliest owner(s). We purchased several traditional edible and material goodies and I bought my very first and absolutely gorgeous Roccobarocco handbag and also my first, beautifully pink pair of espadrilles.

Our departure was delayed roughly 24 hours which meant we could see and experience some pretty decent contrasts between Agios Nikolaos and Amoudara, between two wonderful hotels and one rather poor hotel (thank God it was for one night only!), between excellent Cretan cuisine and the wretched shadow of it. Because like I already said, our trip to Crete was a real adventure. And I'm going to tell you all about it in the course of time, fair and softly.

a couple of views from our main hotel, Sensimar Minos Palace (May 11)

a tiny piece of Agios Nikolaos (May 12)

the switch - Minos Beach Art Hotel (May 12)

But for today I've picked and chosen a few traditional airplane snapshots from May 10, the kick-off of our Mediterranean holiday. Also a little something from May 11 that we spent in our main hotel (the one we actually booked) and a sneak peek of May 12 and the unexpected hotel switch for roughly two days. It's not as complicated as it may seem right now and I promise I will start clarifying and explaining the whole thing already beginning from my next post. And I sure hope you're anxious to hear about it all! ;) But for the time being enjoy the photos! And excuse my long hiatus (a little hint - put the blame on working, housekeeping and gardening because that's exactly what I have been extremely busy with since our return). See you, sweetie pies!


Yellows, citrons, oranges and greens

Hey! I just had to write another tiny blog post before travelling to yet undiscovered but presumably marvelous coastal town Agios Nikolaos in Crete. You, guys, should click http://www.cretetravel.com/guide/agios-nikolaos/ to see what I'm so anxiously babbling about. Oh and have some of you perhaps been there already, or in beautiful Crete generally? :) For me it's the third time but third time's a charm anyway so no wonder. And if you're interested then the posts of Crete 2009 sit here and Crete 2010 is located here.

But why did I start this post in the first place? Of course because I wanted to say thank you for all those sweet get well wishes you guys so kindly left me. I'm still coughing and blowing my nose occasionally but at least the torturous agony has left the building and I almost feel like a normal human being again. All in all the whole flu experience sucked big time (well hello, Captain Obvious!).

Anyway, I should probably say something about today's mostly yellowish-kind of summery photographs. The first three were taken in our blooming garden on May 3 and that handsome leopard originates from a fabulous thrifted blouse I snatched from my favourite thrift shop on May 2. It's a very awesome vintage silk blouse that cost me €3 and I already hatch a plan how to combine it on Saturday when we begin our journey. With an airy maxi skirt maybe...

Now, my multicoloured manicure is quite fresh too and I got it on May 6. And the last three photos date back to year 2012! They were taken on August 3, not far from our house during an evening walk I and mom took with the doggies. And because of the strong yellowish note I thought they would be perfect here. Some warm, authentic summer moments, just the way I like it.

And of course I hope you, guys, also enjoy today's photo stream. Already tomorrow we'll be leaving Estonia and welcoming Crete which by the way means I will not post anything throughout the next week. Because in my book a true vacation and computers simply don't go together. Anyway, see you all when I'm back, presumably supremely relaxed and certainly 100% free from this vicious cold. I believe in your strengthening power, Crete, so please don't let me down! ;)


It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow

Hello and happy May!
Or wait a minute... what? It's May already?
Anyhow, unfortunately it's also the right time to whine again since this week, especially the beginning of May hasn't been the best time for me. In fact, a nasty stupid flu has caught me and fever, cough, sniffle, sore throat and overall agonizing annoying gout have lately been my worst enemies. Damn those arrogant bastards!

But at least now you know why this overdue post took so much time. I've just been way too strained and exhausted to do something as creative as blogging even though the whole time I've truly wanted to! But that's enough! No more squealing because on a positive note I have a decent pile of warm and sunny photographs below. All taken between April 22 and 27 when our usually capricious Estonian weather was absolutely terrific for a change (now it rather sucks again: yesterday morning my car was covered in ice and it even hailed a little!!).

So, what's up with today's photos? First of all, my cosy (and very me!) outfit derives from last Saturday, April 26 when I and E were roller blind shopping in Tartu for our recently revamped master bedroom (my post about the bedroom will come too, hopefully someday soon). Anyway, besides the two roller blinds I incidentally came across a pair of sheer light yellow curtains for my currently renewable wardrobe. And well, the wardrobe conjointly is another room which is patiently waiting for its debut in this blog.

thrifted sunnies | Galliano top | thrifted Diesel belt | thrifted Bik Bok pants | thrifted Beverly Feldman loafers | Chillin by Cropp studded bracelet.

Now, the rest of my photos are all about the vivid blossoming in our garden, energetic Elvis here, there and everywhere and a couple of nosey little fellas from my grandparents' place. They were curiously accompanying us while we were transporting our future greenhouse which today is pretty much complete in our own garden. Despite my illness I already took a few photos of it to perpetuate the whole process but those you'll hopefully see in my next post.

Last but not least, I know I promised to demonstrate my thrifted goodies from Diesel and Karl Lagerfeld to you but I must iron them in the first place and that just hasn't happened yet (blame the stupid flu!). So it's quite probable that you will see them pieces before our trip to Crete or even after the trip since both items are travelling with me. Well and yeah, there is less than one week left here at work and after that it's going to be vacation mode for me and E. And I badly need this rescuing ray of sunshine in the middle of all that coughing, snuffing and aching mixed up with working and housekeeping.

So, do enjoy all the sunny photos and let me know what you think. I hope I will be able to make one more post before we leave but I guess we'll see how everything actually goes. Because after all time has a sneaky habit of disappearing. Still, see you! :)