A new car, a new coat and a sudden crisis

Howdy, guys! Oh wow, life has been a real roller-coaster since my last post. Or actually it was a roller-coaster already before my last post. And my poor little head has been tightly filling with all sorts of thoughts which are slowly spilling over and squeezing out of my ears, eyes, mouth (figuratively speaking, of course). Sounds odd, or quite the contrary, familiar? Well, in one way or another, welcome to my recent overthinking state of mind!

But at least I completely realize that when I'm overthinking my mind is going round and round in an oppressive loop instead of holding its spirit high, confronting the existing tribulations and victoriously moving forward. By all means I know I must win back my peace of mind and do it now, not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow. But the big question is: how exactly should I do it? Will I succeed? When will I succeed? That's already three questions but I'm sure you get the big picture and sense my teeny "crisis" here. And to tell you the truth writing those points down has already helped a little.

So, on October 11 our household (or should I say CARhold?) got another new member - a blue estate Saab 9-3. And now I own two 9-3-s and am perplexed. I know I should sell the oldie but after those 6.5 years spent together my heart just breaks when I even think about it. Every machine has its pros and cons and maybe I'm a weirdo but the pure thought of letting go makes me melancholic and clingy. And yes, I do know I'm talking about cars, those metal creatures, and probably not many of you understand me but that's the truth and nothing but the truth.

8 years between those two cars make them both unique and I've got a feeling it's going to be one tough decision to let go and come to terms with the present... or not to let go at all. We shall see. But right now see this old blog post from August 18, 2012 because it's the exact same location near Järvakandi and it contains my soon 15-year-old loyal sidekick.

Anyway, now on a completely different, fashion related note. Sometime in September contacted me the well-known Sheinside online store and they kindly offered me an item from their ineffably vast selection. I shortly thought - why not?, then spent several days on frantically choosing the one, finally realized I simply needed a more or less warm autumn coat and then picked the black one you can spot in today's photos. If you're interested in seeing it through their homepage click here. And I confess I've been wearing that thing ever since I got my curious hands on it. It copes with lightsome minus degrees, is cosy and looks pretty rad - overall a great success!

Emporio Armani sunnies | Guess scarf | Sheinside coat (link) | thrifted Scotch Shrunk shirt from little boys' section | thrifted Diesel belt | Fornarina pants | Chillin accessories boots | Matthew Williamson for Lindex braided bracelet | thrifted golden hearts bracelet | Oriflame earrings.

All in all I hope you enjoy those sunny autumn shots and also bear with my whining. And I admit - writing those messy thoughts down and "digesting" it a little has already helped me to see it all way more clearly. Each and every problem has some kind of solution and I'm already working on finding mine. Oh and what a contradiction that exactly today's vivid photos are accompanied by such complaintive musings. Anyway, see you in the next post, guys!

ps. I took the last two photographs on September 27 but everything else derives from October 11 when we were heading back home from Tallinn through Järvakandi where we visited E's grandparents. Our sudden surprise visit made them oh so happy :)


Mini spa vacation - day one

Hey, guys! My life lately has been deeply tiring but also deeply exciting! I have a lot on my mind and on my plate right now. And last week the entire situation culminated with weariness, constant morning oscitancy (that continued pretty much till noon) and an overall head over heels condition.

And maybe I'm being starry-eyed but I'm firmly dreaming of serene peaceful days when there's no need for endless running around, arranging things, thinking all the time... And don't get me wrong, I enjoy all those activities but only in reasonable and bearable amounts. Overreaching yourself is not a very wise thing to do. But how has your autumn started? Are you running wild and overreaching yourself or taking it easy?

Adidas jacket | thrifted Frankie & Liberty (sweat)vest | thrifted 25:7 (Bik Bok) jeans | Nike trainers.

So, while I'm diligently trying to take my time and cool down a little it's only appropriate to share some general lines about the first day of our two-day long spa vacation in marvelous Saka Manor. By the way, we were also there last September and my blog posts about that sunny trip reside here and here. So, if you want to see the sunny side of Saka in addition to today's gloomy one I definitely recommend browsing those two as well.

But now about September 22, a rainy Monday we spent luxuriating at the spa. For a start it was pamper time and both of us got a red wine extract body treatment, a moisturizing facial care and a warm paraffin wax hand treatment. The red wine extract body thing included exfoliation, laminating [for example imagine a classically wrapped wiener at this point], tinfoil [now imagine that laminated wiener wrapped in tinfoil], moisturizing, some massage and more. It was my favourite treatment for sure and it ended with a nice glass of red wine.

Anyway, afterwards we had a couple of free hours which we filled with some drizzly beach time by the beautiful Baltic Sea. That foggy silence, accompanied only by the relaxing waves washing ashore was so mystic, a true perfection. I know today's photos are rather dreary but I hope you still enjoy them and envision the atmosphere I was just describing. Deserted seaside is definitely a my kind of vacancy!

We completed our day with an hour in Saka Manor's sauna and pool area and a dinner at their à la carte restaurant. Their steam sauna and Finnish sauna are both cosy and great (especially in the current situation where our own sauna is being renovated and we can't use it yet). And I also loved their pool with a rushing waterfall and underwater jets, in fact I already seriously miss swimming there!

Now, our restaurant experience was utterly delicious! I tried their carrot-cauliflower potage with grissinis and it was dumfoundingly yummy! I had always foolishly thought potages were for babies... How unbelievably silly of me! Anyway, I also tried caramelized oranges with mint cream and again was enraptured. Plus mint cream is definitely something worth making at home!
E's marzipan-ice cream terrine with fruit sauce was delicious as well! To tell you the truth that restaurant is by far one of the best we have visited here in Estonia.

All in all it was a pleasant day and I would be happy as a clam if days like these came around far more often. Well, at least once a month would be pretty sweet, don't you think? Oh, those starry-eyed dreams! But you guys enjoy my photos and let me know what you think. See you in the next post where I'm going to reveal a couple of things from my already dusty new in section!