Late autumn reminiscences

Well hello! Long time no see, and unfortunately in the same way as always, if you already know me my blogging habits well enough. But I'm not going to look for a sad pitiful excuse like a "dramatic" motivational crisis nor play the classical "I'm so busy!" card. I'm just saying my days are way too short for all the things I have to do and want to do. Or I'm simply a lousy planner. Or perhaps I sometimes procrastinate way too much. Go figure.

But all my Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays vigorously* tick away at work and after that I'm generally as exhausted as a marathon runner, a mental marathon runner of course. Okay, some of those workday evenings also include a nice little workout to properly seal "the marathon runner deal", the physical part of it. *I'm currently working on the development plan regarding the public water supply and sewerage system of my hometown.

And then there are those always ephemeral weekends, my temporary rescuers. I have no idea where those disappear. But most likely somewhere between managing a capacious household and a garden, occasionally taking some nice little road trips, trying to actually put my feet up (and epicly failing in it), you know, just doing this and that. By the way, I'm curious if I'm alone in this great mystery of life or is there someone else with me? How do you guys cope with it?

Moving on, today I'm sharing two sets of autumn photographs with you. Because better late than never, right? The first one presents a very simple three-layered outfit I wore ages ago - on October 4. In fact it's an entirely thrifted ensemble (with the exception of my tights and such, obviously). Once again it's rather blackish but my faithful colour bomb from Kenzo tones it down just enough and I'm more than happy with the outcome. What do you guys think?

Haga Eyewear sunnies from cococherry | thrifted Zara TRF faux leather jacket | thrifted Kenzo kimono/cardigan | thrifted Bik Bok dress | thrifted H&M booties.

Now, the second batch of photos is even more ancient than the first one and derives from remote September 25. We had our last official vacation week of 2014 back then and besides relaxing at Saka spa we visited E's grandparents in Kõmmaste village, an "easy" 200 km from our own place. It's always like an endless drive but their warm idyllic household in the middle of all the beautiful grand firs and pines totally makes amends. Their two four-legged sausages dachshunds, devious kitty, bossy rooster and constantly clucking chickens are all such cool individuals and I just love observing them. And yes, the chickens too, I even fed them and I love farm animals and agriculture overall.

So, I hope you enjoyed my today's thoughts and photos and I really appreciate you who find time to leave me your notes and flashes of wit despite the fact I'm pretty much as rare as the lunar eclipse here in my blog. I do have big piles of stuff to share and I think next time I will show you a mostly home related haul mixed with a few sweaters and sweatshirts for the chilly season. Which, by the way, started off with the first snow, glazed frost and more than 120 traffic accidents here in Estonia last Friday. But I'm going to show you some snow already in my next post so see you then!


Mini spa vacation - day two (MIB* edition)

*Maiken In Black

Hello and happy November! Since my October was not-so-great I'm now desperately counting on a better November that will solve all my problems. According to the bona fide half of my brain it should be something like kaboom!, and that's about it, everything problematic is gone forever! Blue-eyed much? I know, but as someone smart once said, hope dies last. And I'm seriously putting my best foot forward to stay positive and simply give my all when it comes to my part in things. So, dear November, please be good to me, and do not prove hope is actually for fools. Believe me, there is absolutely no need for that.

Now, on a completely different note you may remember this gloomy blog post from last month. I was looking back on the first day of our mini spa vacation in Saka Manor in that post and at last it's time for day two, distant September 23. Although, spa-wise day two simply meant that we woke up, had an extra scrumptious breakfast (their crunchy croissants... yum!), packed our belongings, said goodbye to Saka Manor's very own kitty called Santsu and in a short while made a beeline for Rakvere. Which of course brings us to a teeny-tiny (discounter) haul and an outfit of the day, MIB edition!

So, for starters come the three/four new goodies from good old Rakvere:
I a sweet pale pink Matthew Williamson for Lindex bracelet (€10 4) you actually already saw me wearing in this blog post. Besides, how pretty is its box!?
II a pair of gorgeous turquoise denim shorts from New Yorker (€19.95 1!!!). Nice deal, huh? Summer is forgotten and shorts are dog-cheap. Only too bad I must wait an eternity before they can finally see the light of day.
III a cute set of floral pillow cases (€2 each) simply because we are renewing our whole bedclothes' collection. And that's that.

Now a few quick words about my darkish ensemble. Practically 75% of the things I'm wearing here are thrifted and my especial favourites and current everyday sidekicks are the miniature but compact Florence by Italy bag and the comfiest H&M wedge booties ever. Both are thrifted, obviously.

Emporio Armani sunnies | LINE collection coat | thrifted scarf and golden bracelet | thrifted Zara Trafaluc peplum top | thrifted 25:7 (Bik Bok) jeans | thrifted Florence by Italy bag | thrifted H&M booties.

By the way, thrift shopping has lately been my remedy and passion at the same time. Calvin Klein, Guess by Marciano, Lauren by Ralph Lauren and MICHAEL Michael Kors have been the most prestigious recent findings but my complete list includes more and more smashing pieces. If only we had more sunny days to capture all the haul photos I would like to because in addition to my thrifted goodies I also have some awesome home related ones and they're all worth sharing with you. But for the time being enjoy today's photographs and definitely let me know what you think because I love hearing from you! See you, sweetie pies!