Before 2015 folds up - an outfit, thrift shop treasures and more

First things first - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, my dearest readers! I totally know I'm already hopelessly late but better now than not at all, right? I'm sure you guys agree with me.
Anyway, I'm not going to reminisce about my unbelievably ephemeral 2015. I'm just saying that in a nutshell it has been a challenging year with its very important ups and a decent number of downs. 2015 has definitely put me to the test in many ways and I know it may sound like a very corny cliché but in the end of the day I honestly feel like a wiser, stronger and more content person. Life indeed is a bumpy journey densely paved with lessons, obstacles, disappointments and success.

But I'm going to stop philosophizing now and instead show you my freshest outfit photos from December 19. It was a warm, even springlike Saturday when I and my husband took a lengthy, at least 400 km long Christmas trip and visited his maternal grandparents and aunt who live in the other side of our tiny, 45 339 km² Estonia. For comparison, our honeymoon destination next to Africa is 2034 km² "big" which means Estonia is entirely 22 times bigger than the volcanic island we're going to explore next spring! Can you guys guess which island I'm talking about?

And finally a few quick words about the outfit. Everything else is old but my pastel pink FB Sister jacket from New Yorker was an early Christmas gift from the husband. Long story short - I saw it in the store, immediately fell in love and here it is in front of you!

thrifted scarf | FB Sister jacket | H&M kids top | FB Sister pants | Jenny Fairy boots.

Now, the second part of today's post introduces a bunch of thrift shop treasures for starters, and then a few from our regular stores. So, first off come the ones from thrift shops. That black H&M jumpsuit cost exactly 1 and I got it from my hometown. Those Gina Tricot jeans also cost 1 but they're from Viljandi. And now the two tops/blouses: the AX Paris one with bird pattern comes from Põltsamaa and cost 50 cents and the other one from Janina Schreck I met in Viljandi, it's vintage and it was 1.50. I love both patterns a lot.

But the three pairs of shoes - Ten Points sandals, Bruna Marchi heels and Académy Confort heels - cost absolutely nothing, they're comfortable and so my cup of tea. The golden necklace and cute Christmas balls are once again from my hometown. The necklace was probably a couple of euros and the ornaments were a nice gift from the very friendly second hand lady.

And the second, luckily very thin group consists of a lovely, kind of ethnical 2-Biz (their home page) top for only 3.95 and two iittala mugs from the beautiful Tanssi collection which was inspired by a Czech opera called The Cunning Little Vixen (one 0.4 l mug (link) cost 9.99€ during a special campaign).

Tanssi - meaning "dance" in Finnish - is iittala's new tableware collection illustrated by London-based Finnish artist Klaus Haapaniemi. And I already received two more members from that beautiful collection for Christmas too: a tin box and paper napkins. But those I will show you in another post, probably in a big Christmas/holidays post where I'm going to share our presents, tree and other Christmassy moments.

And last but not least a tiny collection of miscellaneous pre-Christmas photographs I have gathered during November and December. The first collage (except our cheerful Elvis) dates back to December 19 when we visited E's relatives in the middle of those beautiful deep green pines and junipers. My outfit photos were obviously taken there as well and I love the outcome. The second collage shows some of our culinary moments, including self-made Jamie Oliver style burgers, tasty sushi from Sushi Meistrid (link) and E's puff pastry delicacies. I would grab all three right now, they really were that good.

I hope you guys enjoyed today's messy (or versatile) post and I think I can almost promise I will continue sharing photos and stories from 2015 during 2016 as well. Because I have heaps of good material just waiting for the right time. I mean the time when I actually have time and nothing bad comes between me and my blog. It's an everlasting problem - too much material, too little time or inspiration. But know that I'm going to give my very best to be more frequent and active here in this blog because I really want to. So, see you in the next post, next year!


We got married - part 2

Hello! It's already December and... wait for it... it's almost Christmas too! Only 22 ephemeral days left! Unbelievable, isn't it? But it has also been practically three months of marriage for me and the husband and I believe it's a pretty good timing for We got married - part 2. By the way, I decided to share the outcome of our special married couple photoshoot with you separately in part 3. So today's post is all about the ceremony (or simply registration), our quick group photoshoot and the fancy lunch at the restaurant. Part 1 resides here and below I'm just going to continue where I left off more than a month ago...

So I quickly threw my baby pink dress on and E was ready for some life-changing action as well. But our otherwise always highly punctual chauffeur (my father-in-law with his sharp CR-V) was now having a slight wedding fever and suddenly he couldn't find his suit. Stuff happens even to the best of us, I guess. And that was the simple reason why we arrived at the Vital Statistics Office pretty much at the eleventh hour. Which was actually a good thing because the less we had to wait. And you should know waiting for something important is not my forte at all, it seriously messes with my brain. Anyway, meanwhile showed up all our guests and us two were properly prepared for the ceremony. Preparing meant the following things: how, when and where to walk, where to stand, when to move, how to hold my bouquet, how to wear the rings and so on.

And at 12:30 began Mendelssohn's legendary "Wedding March". Or was it Wagner's "Bridal Chorus"? After listening to both pieces again and again I was confused for good. But the husband knew for sure it was Mendelssohn's piece. So, we started walking towards the cool lady who wedded us. It was a surreal and movie-like feeling. There were some mandatory tears from our loved ones and even I stood there with brimming eyes for once but then pulled myself together and enjoyed the cool lady's speech about love. And I'm not exaggerating when I say it was touching. We exchanged the rings, declared everything with our signatures and the groom could kiss the bride, obviously. And then came all the congratulations, flowers and of course important envelopes filled with our future honeymoon trip fund.

Then everyone moved to the botanical garden where vivacious Pillery (link) took our group photos. Arranging and guiding 16 people was of course comical and tough at times but all in all P did a great job managing the bustling crowd. And every possible combination (more than 10 for sure!) with our loved ones was beautifully captured for our wedding album.

And then it was finally time to proceed to the restaurant called Ülikooli Kohvik (link) where we had booked a separate chamber called the Rector's Hall. Our three-course lunch started with the classical bubbly and then came the three absolutely delicious courses. In the first place the beautiful appetizer - smoked salmon salad with poached quail egg and feta, secondly the main course - crunchy chicken fillet with parma ham and mushrooms, served with potato-broccoli gratin, stuffed tomato and blue cheese-lemon sauce. And thirdly a huge creamy three chocolate cake for the dessert. It was our main wedding cake by the way, humble but beautiful. All in all it was a lunch I would gladly repeat even today (and note that I'm disturbingly selective when it comes to food - for example the only sea creature or seafood I eat is salmon).

So I'm going to cut off the wedding stories now and leave the rest for part 3. I hope you enjoyed my part 2 and if you happen to have any questions about it leave them in the comments below. By the way, when it comes to Christmas a tiny miracle happened this year and I was able to handle all the presents already in November!!! Only wrapping left! Oh and we will also have a 5-day long mini break during Christmas, and a Christmassy concert on the evening of December 22 to create the proper spirit. Let me know what are your plans for the holidays and of course see you in the next post!