Parliament stories

Hello hello! I know I've been such a lousy blogger. Again. And believe me, I'm not happy about it but life goes on anyway. And I do sincerely hope you still read (and perhaps sometimes even wait for...) my rare writings. Because at least one fresh winter outfit from January 24 is currently waiting for being published, plus an elder ensemble where I'm presenting my cute thrifted shirt dress (Mili, I practically promise I will certainly share that look!).

Oh and last Sunday I photographed quite a few new clothes and two pairs of shoes, pretty much all bar one thrifted. And if there are gardening fans among my readers - I will also show the seeds I've so far bought this year. And I'm so excited for the incoming gardening season and already can't wait to start sowing everything! Who's with me, guys??
Therefore, this is what's waiting for you in my next publications but today is a completely different day because...

On January 14 I paid a visit to the Parliament of Estonia in our capital town Tallinn with some of my colleagues. First of all the most persistent of us climbed 215 excruciatingly narrow and uncomfortable stone steps that lead us to the top of a watch tower called Tall Hermann. At the top of Tall Hermann, 95 metres above sea level our beautiful blue, black and white Estonian flag was hoisted for the very first time on December 12, 1918. Then, after decades of Soviet occupation it was hoisted again on February 24, 1989. That's our Independence Day. But to transmit at least fractions of the amazing panorama from the top of the tower I've added photos 1-4 here in this post. My favourite is the one above where my hair is totally gone with the wind!

Anyway, the climb was followed by a truly interesting and educational excursion inside the building of the Parliament which is one part of the Toompea Castle. By the way, that building is unique among all the parliament buildings of the world since it is the only expressionistic one out there. And to see some of the cool geometric, mainly triangular shapes and other details of the lofty assembly hall explore my first collage below.

Now, last but not least we could discover the Stenbock House - the Seat of Government and the Government Office of Estonia. And my little collage below shows you a glimpse of the Green Hall on the right. It is named after the colour of its walls and Empire style furniture upholstery and the Prime Minister uses this room for smaller consultations and for meetings with ambassadors.

Those groovy green bushes above, my favourite detail there, derive from the Government Session Hall, the largest room in the house. The Government of Estonia holds its weekly sessions there on Thursdays. We also visited the Office of the Prime Minister where I sat down on his statuesque chair that has served all of Estonia's heads of government. It sure felt special, hence my questionable look I guess. Oh and the very last photograph presents the spectacular view from the balcony of the Stenbock House.

So, I hope you enjoyed today's unusual photos and didn't mind studying fragments about the Estonian political buildings. As always, let me know what you think, and see you already in my next, probably more conventional post. Take care and stay warm and cosy!


Christmas recap: part 2 (snow and bummer edition)

Hello! How do you, guys, do? How has your January 2015 progressed so far? Mine has been rather bizarre, and strange things have been happening to me lately. So, here comes at least one odd story that took place a week ago, on the very first Tuesday of fresh-fallen 2015.

Since I was hungry after my 90 minute evening workout and also quite anxious to try the Marks & Spencer apple, sultana & cinnamon porridge I decided to take the bull by the horns and got down to business. I prepared the porridge, diligently decorated it with luscious raspberry jelly and slices of mango and was then directed to our dining and living room with the outcome in my strong hands. It was such a pretty plateful I even planned to take some photos for the blog!

But the next moment it was on the floor, even on the wall and on our boots, in the corridor and in our dining and living room. My poor porridge was everywhere and I could only watch it fly through the air. I immediately thought: "Okay, no photos then... but I can still scrape it up, right? I mean, at least part of it?!". Because another batch required more milk and I didn't have any. So I tried gathering the ceramic pieces and excluding the porridge, mango and raspberry jam in good faith. Until I noticed I had cut my finger and it was bleeding! Conclusion - even the ceramics are sharp. Who knew? And I quickly got the biowaste bin and there my porridge went.

By the way, I'm not the type that drops her dishes on the floor so I was genuinely shocked something like that happened in the first place! Oh and when in spite of everything I began making another batch of porridge with water it boiled over and formed a gooey oatmeal ring around the bowl. It was still good but was the universe trying to stop me from having porridge or what?

Haga Eyewear sunnies | Lindex necklace | thrifted scarf | Guess winter jacket | Brooker denim shirt | Diesel belt | Amisu pants | Sempre boots | Guess wallet/organizer.

Anyway, today's photos have nothing to do with my porridge story. Obviously. As a matter of fact they were all taken already last year: colourful outfit photos above on December 26 and everything else on December 27 or 28. And I have nothing too special or fancy to tell you about those three days.

We spent December 26 in Tartu, just chatting and swapping Christmas presents with E's family. Well and since it was an unusually beautiful and sunny day I was eager to show you my Christmas present from the fiancé - a radiant Guess Dj Quilt Zip Around Organizer in a perky shade called "lipstick". In addition to the colour I love its quilted pattern with tiny heart-shaped studs and its spaciousness is great too. Besides, it fits just perfectly into my fresh deep pink Michael Kors Jet Set Top-Zip Saffiano Leather Tote that I must present you as soon as possible. Maybe next week?!

And before I wrap up - most of the nature photos originate from December 28 when we visited my grandparents in the middle of the scenic snowy woods. Only our little furball Elvis posed on December 27. By the way, when I have to bring out something pleasant about winter it's definitely the existence of such breathtaking views. Then I'm truly able to put behind the cold, hazardous slipperiness, snowy roads, cars, everything and just seize the moment. But when that moment is over, my ephemeral love for winter is gone too and I'm passionately missing summer again! Just like right now... But enjoy the snowy photos and let me know if something odd has happened to you too during 2015!


Christmas recap: part 1

Hey, everyone! Christmas is over and right now it seriously feels like it has been over for ages. Even the fluffy snow is all gone. Besides, as many wise Estonians say - now is the perfect time to start waiting for Midsummer Day or St John's Day and summertime in general. Therefore we are left with almost six more months to suffer patiently hang on but hey, it's not that bad actually and at least the days are getting longer and supposedly brighter too.

Anyway, I should probably get to the point now and reveal what today's amply illustrated post is all about. So, first of all today's photos were taken between December 21 and 26 and as you could assume from the title anyway there will be a sequel as well, a nostalgic, very snowy part 2.

But let's begin with an outfit from last year, December 21 (can you even believe 2014 is over??). E bought me the "Do what makes you happy" dress a week before snapping these photos. And it was meant to be something cosy I could just wear at home but I still decided to take it out for a spin in public. And I do not regret: generally I dislike lame-ass slogans on clothes (you know, "sexy", "babe", "my boyfriend is out of town" etc) but "do what makes you happy" sounds like something so simple and true, something we should all follow as much as possible.

So yes, it's a very simple look but I'm happy with the outcome. And did you notice my shortER hair?? I know it's actually not short but still a big deal when compared to the hair in my previous post for instance. Feels so much lighter and easier and brushing after washing doesn't rob an entire hour from me any more so I have to say it was a great success for sure. But of course I'm curious too - what do you guys think about it?

thrifted Guess sunnies | thrifted scarf | thrifted SNÖ of Sweden necklace | FB Sister dress | PTA coat | Sempre boots.

Now, the other half of today's photos is mostly Christmassy. We began celebrating Christmas Eve and conjointly my grandpa's birthday already around noon at my grandparents' place in the middle of the snowy woods. It was like hitting two birds with one stone although we only had one bird - a juicy Christmas goose. Anyhow, December 24 folded up at my parents' place with a generous Jamie Oliver themed Christmas dinner and of course we unwrapped lovely presents throughout the day. Hence you can catch a glimpse of part of our goodies but I will not post a thorough present list. I didn't even photograph everything... but Santa was very generous, that's a sweet fact!

our Christmas tree ↑, Elvis struggling with his tenacious present
some presents
snippets from our dining and living room

And last but certainly not least - happy new year, guys! Let 2015 be a happy, exciting, successful, beautiful, strong-minded and healthy year for all of us! I already fulfilled one of my long-time superficial material dreams and got myself a Michael Kors Jet Set Top-Zip Saffiano Leather Tote. It can be totally superficial but it feels great and this is what matters! Do what makes you happy, remember?
Anyway, as always, I hope you enjoyed the photos. Let me know what you think, and see you already in my next post!