If you've had a setback don't take a step back

Oh how hard I've been struggling to produce a new post. Unspeakably hard.
Ever since my previous, already too dusty January post I've been really wanting to write but my much needed blogging inspiration, willpower and mojo have all been seriously fazed. In other words I've been battling the nastiest inflammation and have inevitably came down to antibiotics, in the middle of the general flu season when bacilli, bacteria and viruses are ominously hovering over us anyway. Excellent timing for exterminating my bad, and of course my good, defensive bacteria, don't you think? I'm doing the best I can to relieve my sticky situation with probiotics but it's still a pretty crappy situation I'm in. So I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for as complete as possible recovery and life without all those limitations and difficulties which have been accompanying me for long months. You guys just wish me luck and power because that's something I'm in great need of.

Anyway, let's talk about today's photo mix for a brighter change. First off my outfit shots originate from January 24 and are already a month old but I once promised to show you my first Michael Kors handbag and here my Jet Set Top-Zip Saffiano Leather Tote finally is :) Combined with a thrifted 65% wool 35% rayon one euro (!) coat, a pair of golden metallic pants, a jet black thrifted button-up blouse and a thrifted scarf rich in colour. It's definitely one of my favourite (formal) go-to looks.

thrifted Bla-Bla prêt à porter Sara coat | thrifted Cashmilon scarf | thrifted Pola button-up blouse | thrifted Diesel belt | Orsay pants | Sempre boots | Michael Kors handbag.

Now, the remaining photo sets below bring you a small, mostly thrifted haul. For starters something grey: a knit jacket with a leatherlike collar (€23.49 11.75) from a (Latvian) store called Meta. By the way, I had been hunting for such knit jacket for months with absolutely no outcome when E discovered it from Meta. He was taking the task very seriously because suceeding meant no more visits to boring agonizing clothes' stores, obviously. But the shoes are both thrifted, slightly shiny and cost nothing. Summery lace-up sandals were originally from H&M and the low heel pumps are from Marco Ferretti.

Next comes a gorgeous floral cardigan from KappAhl, one of my biggest favourites these days, and those once again floral, happy shorts from Firefly, both pieces thrifted for free. And last but not least a couple of summery (denim) findings (all thrifted): a really cool and cosy crop tee from Sonia Rykiel, a silvery embellished denim skirt, both for free, and a pair of Three Little Words denim shorts with lace embellishments (€2). I'm already super excited to mix and match those utterly summery denims with my Sonia Rykiel top!

Before I end my so called comeback post I think I should also reflect some of the recent good things besides my gloomy story from the beginning of today's post. I've been working my time away: from 8:00 AM till 5:00 PM at the office and after 7:00 PM at home (that's when I'm done with watching season 5 of MasterChef). Working away conjointly means planning the holidays for 2015 is also at close quarters and for example in April we have a spa vacation waiting for us in an Estonian town I have never before visited. That trip simply has to be an awesome getaway!

Oh and one more fun fact - our rucola and early cauliflower plants are successfully growing and now I'm super anxious to see the jalapeños, paprika and balcony tomatoes springing and raising their tiny green heads. But enough of the chatter for today! I hope you enjoyed the post and the photos and I promise I'll do the best I can to keep the silence away from this blog! See you!

ps. Thank you all for the wonderful notes you left under my previous post! You're seriously the best!