Rose garden filled with thorns

Today I don't even know where to start from. But perhaps from the reason(s) why I haven't been writing again (strong, seriously awkward stress on the word again).
So, the reason is this jumble or madhouse that has been surrounding me. Jumble in my thoughts, very important decisions and knowledge, potential life-changing stuff even. And I've been and I actually still am somewhat distracted and thinking about everything that has been happening to me in connection with my health and life overall.

At least I have my fighting spirit mode on instead of the easier stress/whine mode so a definite yay for that. And I may be somewhat distracted but I'm also quite calm and am getting better and better at full concentration so things are not hopeless, not at all. Besides, a tiny spa getaway is waiting for us and it's not so distant anymore. We will stay in a town where merely 13% of the residents are native Estonians and its seven-kilometre-long white sand beach is lined with beautiful pine trees. Oh and my work place has confirmed our vacation timetable and my first one is already closer than three months! But when will you, guys, have your first (or already next) vacation and how will it look like?

thrifted scarf | Sheinside coat (click) | Luxero knit jacket | thrifted Gant dress | tights from mom | Ryłko boots | New Vintage by Kriss TIME TO ROCK™ bracelet | Guess bracelet.

Now, let's talk about today's photo flood. The eldest are my particularly grey and gloomy outfit shots from March 7 above. The weather was absolutely freezing and it started raining the moment I had stepped out of the car to take those photos (therefore those particularly weird expressions and poses). It ended when the photos were in the can and we were heading home, obviously. But fortunately I have got two fresher outfits from a lot sunnier conditions waiting for my future posts.

The second small batch of photos above is dedicated to our little fluffy ball of joy - Elvis. On International Women's Day this little urchin turned five years old and I love him to bits! We got him on April 16, 2010 and my heart still melts when I look at the very first blog post about him here. He's funny, bright and brisk, a little cuckoo and a lot cute. And time certainly flies.

And last but not least a massive pile of green stuff! First of all two vivid orchids I got for Women's Day: the yellow one from dad and the pinkish one from E. Next a couple of early harbingers of spring from the garden: a Rumex I planted last year and a bunch of beautiful snowdrops (by the way, I was lying horizontally on the cold wet ground to get a decent close-up).

Anyway, today's green corner ends with photos of my green babies below. The first collage originates from March 8 and the second one from March 15 but you should totally see today's situation, it's drastically different and pretty much everything screams for transplantation has been transplanted since yesterday. I promise I will post new photos when I'm completely done with that assignment! But my green baby collection contains for example cucumbers, tomatoes, paprika, jalapeños, Brussels sprouts, fennel, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, pattypan squash, strawberry spinach, parsley, rucola and more!

Now, to wrap up I'm going to leave you with another view from the well-known living room window facing to the street, taken on March 18. I hope today's post wasn't too diverse and I also hope you guys found something likeable from the photo selection. I'm always looking forward to your feedback!


Brighter shades and shiny newcomers

Well hello, and of course happy March and happy imminent spring too! Only a couple of ephemeral weeks to go and it's officially here. Although here in my hometown it already feels like spring even now, despite a few rare -8 or -5°C nights and frosty mornings. At least pretty much all the snow is gone, it often rains and occasionally we see days filled with intense sunshine. For instance International Women's Day treated us, Estonians, with incredible temperatures around +12°C and temperature records that had been steadily standing for more than a century were now defeated! All those springlike signs have also fixed my spirits a bit and life is not as dark as it was a couple of weeks or months ago, so yay for that too!

But why so snowy (and just a little gloomy) outfit photos when I've just stopped babbling about all that springlike sunshine? That's actually easy - today's outfit photos date back to Valentine's Day when I wore this pinkish, essentially thrifted combination and presented an exquisite gem from a very talented Estonian jewellery designer Kriss Põldma. Her brand is called New Vintage by Kriss and my bold bracelet comes from her TIME TO ROCK™ Bracelets collection. It consists of gorgeous sea green agate and contrasty red leather strap and I picked agate because it's my zodiac birthstone. I absolutely love my bracelet and recommend you to explore her multilingual, super inspirational Facebook page here if you're also in love. Oh, one more important thing - this unique handmade bracelet cost 59 euros and it's definitely worth every single euro!

thrifted 4/5/6 Fashion Concept coat | thrifted SNÖ of Sweden necklace | thrifted KappAhl cardigan | Seppälä pants | thrifted H&M booties | New Vintage by Kriss TIME TO ROCK™ bracelet.

And last but not least I want to share a couple of newcomers among my boots, and once again, jewellery. Those brown leather boots from Polish company Ryłko were a real bargain: initial price as many as 164 euros but I paid 56,05 euros and therefore saved almost 66%! And it's my only high leg pair of boots. Anyway, the golden scarf ring from Guess is a Valentine's Day gift from mom, my only scarf ring by the way. And those Giordani Gold fake pearl earrings are my current favourite earrings. Oriflame's jewellery section often surprises me and 3,27 euros for those beauties was another great deal.

So, at last I was actually able to deliver a quick post and I even felt inspired while doing it! I'm finishing up with a wondrous sundown captured from our living room window and hope you enjoyed the post. And of course don't forget to share your thoughts on everything. Enjoy spring and see you!