Once upon a time in May

Hello hello! Since May, that in my book JUST started, is actually somehow almost over, it's the ultimate time to share some of my May moments with you. Therefore all the photos below date back to May 9-14 and include a purely casual Saturday outfit and a handful of newcomers in my developing wardrobe. And of course several green snapshots from the garden because that section in my blog has been surprisingly popular. And let's be honest - I love gardening and I love sharing colourful bits and pieces from our garden with you, guys.

But first off an outfit from May 9. It was a long and weary day, spent more than 100 km away from home, thereby it had to be cosy, casual and action-friendly. It also included two pieces from today's mini haul. For one thing those DETROIT denim by Lindex jeans from Lindex's girls' section - they were a complete bargain, entirely 70% off (€24.95 7.49) and I love their impeccable high waisted cut. And secondly come those colourful, breezy sneakers (€6.99 ≈4), the most comfortable out there. E got them for me from a supermarket a while ago, actually exactly after my molar was taken out.

Prada sunnies | New Yorker tube scarf | Amisu (New Yorker) jacket | thrifted kids' blouse | DETROIT denim by Lindex jeans | Maxima sneakers | H&M hair clip.

Anyway, more about that haul. It additionally holds a pair of gorgeous coral BONBON Lingerie Flower-Power knee socks (€5.90 4) from another supermarket and a partially furry, partially leathery leopard wallet from Mohito (€12.99 8.99). Oh and then there are those Claudia Bianca leather sandals I coincidentally detected while exploring one of the two best thrift shops in my tiny hometown. They were hiding in a big cardboard box between pairs of very weary footwear and for modest €3.50 those gems were mine. By the way, I previously sold entirely 17 pairs of shoes, sneakers, boots and other footgear so the situation in my shoerobe is definitely under control.

So, let's continue with the third bunch of photos, finally the green ones. On May 10 I finished our main onion bed. Yellow and red onions are also growing between the strawberries and I still have a small handful of them waiting for their new earthy nests. My box garden also includes wild garlick, chives, green onion, parsley, rucola, beetroots, Jerusalem artichoke, Brussels sprouts, mint and oregano. Cauliflowers are still pending and fighting for their fragile lives. Carrots haven't woken up yet so I covered them with shade cloth to stimulate their rise. By the way, on May 11 we harvested our first cucumber and at some time I want to show you our greenhouse too. Our cucumbers, tomatoes, paprikas, jalapeños, pattypan squash, zucchini, supermarket pumpkin, fennel, strawberry spinach and more! I hope they will all be fruitful despite our hectic weather and night frost hazard.

But for the time being enjoy today's photo flood and let me know what you think because I absolutely love hearing from all of you! Your feedback and support mean the world to me. Oh and one more good news before I go! If all goes well I will have my first holiday in 2015 after approximately 17 days. That's exactly for my birthday and Midsummer so it just has to be awesome! By all means I'll keep my fingers crossed. And see you in the next post, guys!


NOORUS spa hotel: part 1

Happy May, guys! How has your fifth month of the year shaped so far? Mine has been even slightly too eventful. In other words one of my (huge!) molar teeth was pulled out on April 28 and that surgical procedure was followed by a long, hungry, excruciatingly painful week. During that week, among other "great" things nasty inflammation (or was it infection? or both? who knows any more!) occured, my deep meteor crater wound was dug up again and a drain was installed.

Painkillers were my most loyal companions and when the drain was removed after approximately four days I experienced unrealistically cutting and comprehensive pain... again. So, all in all I had four doctor visits in 10 days and at first I was swimming deep in misery but today the storm has finally passed and I think I can say I'm successfully recovering (by the way, all those "adventures" didn't include any sick leaves because keeping myself as busy as possible helped me battle even bigger blues).

So, let's keep moving in positive direction and peek our relatively recent (April 18-19) spa trip to Noorus spa hotel (visit their multilingual home page here) in Narva-Jõesuu! Our breezy time there started with a surprising, free of charge room upgrade: instead of a 15-20 m² standard room they gave us a capacious 25 m² family room with a bathtub and a beautifully sunlit sea view balcony. Obviously we were pleased with our room and I was especially delighted with the bathroom and its fresh, knobbly textured tiles. Those were the coolest tiles I've seen in a long time (and yes, such seemingly irrelevant details matter to me). I've created three collages to show you the bright and warm nature of our room.

When it comes to our fabulous balcony I've added almost two balcony view outfits in today's blog post (almost because number one is missing shoes, oops). So, one of them is a little brief but it includes entirely two of my recent it-pieces: a thrifted black and white €3 geometrical sweater and those dark red €29.95 2.48 (!!) FB Sister skinny pants from New Yorker. I suspect the kid mohair-wool blend sweater might be a By Malene Birger creation but I'm not 100% certain so maybe someone among my readers knows for sure? Oh and that large scale tube scarf from pieces is already several years old.

Now, the second look involves two newcomers from H&M and Sinsay. I purchased those pieces before arriving at the spa and in addition to the Divided by H&M see-through hearts sweatshirt (€29.99 5) and Sinsay ballerinas (€9.99 6.99) I snatched a bow hair clip (€3.99 1) and a floral soft bra (€9.99 5) from H&M and cute golden earrings (€2.99 0.49) from Sinsay. Sales are clearly the next best thing after thrift shopping!

Prada sunnies | Divided by H&M sweatshirt | thrifted Bik Bok dress | tights via Oriflame | Sinsay ballerinas.

I hope you enjoyed today's sunny photographs and of course I'm going to tell you more about our spa experience (procedures, surroundings, staff) in another blog post since I didn't want to drag out this one. I also have fresh material about gardening and a number of outfits waiting for their turn so I guess you just have to bear with me and all my "lovely" obstacles. Anyway, I'm definitely anxious to create new stuff so see you in the next post!