We got married - part 1

It was year 2012 when E popped the big question, roughly four years after we first met in oh so distant 2008. So this year, all of a sudden three short years of engagement had imperceptibly passed by and one summer day we just decided to finally deal with it. On July 24 we handed over our joint written application and received the date of our marriage - September 5, 2015 - in return. Then we had six busy weeks to arrange absolutely everything - invitations, rings, clothes, shoes, bridal bouquet, hairdo, make-up, photographer, restaurant, transportation, afterparty... and probably something I just forgot to point out right now. And when I think back it was actually a piece of cake for us and our loved ones who gave us their helpful hands when we needed them. And we did spend a wonderful day together.

So let's begin with rings, clothes and shoes. We bought our white and yellow gold wedding rings from Goldtime during a 20% off campaign for loyal customers (my mother-in-law was the loyal one, not us). I snatched my beautiful Ted Baker dress from Stockmann during another considerable sale (€309->€120) and my rose gold Angelo Carutti ballerinas from Tartu Kaubamaja were a sale find as well (€39.99->€20). My delicate gold earrings were borrowed from mom. And I also had a gorgeous thrifted George coat (€2!!) but unfortunately I'm not wearing it on any of the photos I have right now so I guess I just have to show it to you later.

E, on the other hand, had to buy the following things: pants, shoes, a pink tie and a classic white shirt. He already had the suit jacket since forever but let's just say men and shopping do not make a very prosperous combination and for example his baby pink tie we had to eventually bring home from Latvia from a pretty awesome men's store called Branchess (their tie selection is insane!). Long story short - his white shirt came from Sangar, pants from Baltika Moetänav and shoes from a simple supermarket's sale section. So I guess all's well that ends well.

Next invitations, photographer and bridal bouquet. The talented young lady who made our beautiful rustic invitations and also photographed our special day from early morning till the sundown is my sister-in-law Pillery. She's a photographer and an artist who currently studies underwater photography. She also has a Facebook page and a home page where among other lovely galleries and her brilliant artwork you can see P's selection of our photos. And of course each and every photo in today's introductive and detail oriented wedding post comes from Pillery's Photography.

My bridal bouquet which I really loved because of its pure simplicity came from Lemmik Lilleäri in Põltsamaa. We ordered the bouquet on Wednesday evening, got it on Friday evening and the wedding took place on Saturday at 12:30. Their job was quick and efficient and what's also very important - they don't mug you when they hear the words "bridal bouquet". My beautiful bouquet consisted of 15 white roses plus some baby's breath and cost around €16 while several other flower shops told their absolute minimum was €50. €50 for something you have to eventually throw away anyway? Thanks but no thanks!

But now about September 5, the actual wedding day in Tartu and for starters my make-up and hair. My day as a baby pink bride began at 9:30 in the morning when my very awesome make-up artist and hair stylist Astrit started doing her job at E's parents place where we also stayed overnight before and after our wedding. During the whole process I honestly felt as snug as a bug in a rug, hours flew by and the time of the registration of our marriage at the Vital Statistics Office lurked just around the corner.

By the way, compared to the make-up and hair test we had on September 1 I quickly changed my mind about the hair because the fancy updo I originally wanted started to eventually stretch out my poor scalp (the "perks" of having thick hair... even if it's short). So my new downdo was the outcome of a successful creative process and it looked lovely and felt comfortable. My make-up had to be as natural as possible of course, I wanted to look like (the better version of) myself. And the whole package (the test make-up and hair+the real thing) cost less than €30 which is pretty darn amazing!

So this was my mostly introductive and very detail oriented part 1 of the We got married series. If you’re interested in any of the brands or stores I mentioned in my post - clicking the underlined names or phrases will open them in a new window. I hope you guys enjoyed the post and if you happen to have any questions about today’s themes – just leave them in the comments below.
See you in my next post which will probably be about the most beautiful and magical place we’ve been to here in Estonia. And after that, We got married - part 2 with more and more dreamy photos!


Summer vacation tales: part 4 (September 3 in Latvia and a teeny-tiny Latvian haul)

Hey everyone! First things first - thank you SO much for all the kind and sweet congratulation wishes you left under my last post. You guys are seriously awesome!
As you know I'm an honest woman now and I'm sort of thinking about making a small recap of our beautiful wedding. What,
where, when, how and other typical questions should all be well covered then. And of course a modest selection of my favourite wedding photos would also be included! So, what do you guys think about the idea? Sounds tempting?

But now about today's thematics and for starters a few words about a tiny day trip to Latvia where this time our route was Valmiera-Mazsalaca-Rūjiena. We had two preplanned shopping destinations in Valmiera: Valleta and Depo. Both are our good old favourites and below you can see the three fashion related goodies I bought from Valleta: Jenny Fairy ankle boots (€24.95; browse their fresh, super affordable collection here and see my booties here), Zapping Milano blouse (€15.99 6.50; original product here) and Amisu ballerinas from New Yorker (€4.95).

By the way, about those ballerinas. I bought the very same pair in silver from Rakvere already in August and since they were so incredibly comfortable and soft I also immediately needed them in pink. But all the pink ones I saw in Estonia were too small for my enormous number 39 (sometimes even 40) foot so a big yay for me for finding the last pink pair in my size from Latvia. And as a little bonus I'll also share a quick rainy day outfit from September 2 with you because of those silver ballerinas. Which you can't see here very well but then I simply assume I can count on your imagination. Because I can, right?

Lindex necklace | thrifted Noa Noa blouse | thrifted Zara TRF faux leather jacket | thrifted midi skirt | Amisu ballerinas.

Anyway, back to September 3 in Latvia. Our next destination was a small town called Mazsalaca which had a really charming old school vibe. I mean, just look at the fascinating earthy architecture and that honest farmhouse with all its smugly cats in the middle of ordinary apartment buildings. I enjoyed the overall atmosphere of Mazsalaca so much! Oh and we visited a local thrift shop where my husband randomly came across an authentic first aid kit from 1944! The kit cost 1 ridiculous euro so it obviously came home with us.

I must also mention the 95 km long river flowing through Mazsalaca - it's called the Salaca and its banks feature beautiful Devonian red sandstone cliffs, many caves and rapids. And it's one of the best salmon rivers in Latvia! (salmon=my favourite fish in the whole world) We did see some of it but not The Skaņākalna Nature Park that stretches for three kilometres down the left bank of the Salaca. So I strongly believe we should return and check it out someday when it's warm and summery again.

Guess Jeans tank top | Adidas jacket | DETROIT denim by Lindex jeans | Maxima sneakers | thrifted Longchamp bag.

And thirdly we briefly visited Rūjiena to stock up on some Latvian beverages and eatables and eat Rūjiena's very own ice cream and Liepkalni bakery's delicacies. We both absolutely loved the silky ice cream and fresh-baked pizza buns! As a matter of fact I would gladly like to have some right now if it only was possible...

Anyway, before thoroughly going back to our homeland I just had to see The Baltic Way monument on the border of the two countries. The author of this distinctive monument is Latvian artist Andris Dunkurs who works with metals. And my dear foreign readers who don't know what The Baltic Way is - I strongly recommend you to read about it here, it's definitely one of those historical events that are worth being aware of.

Wow, I honestly thought about putting together a quick and short story and originally even planned to connect it with my thrift shop treasures haul. But I guess plans are for fools after all and those treasures will just have to wait for their turn a little longer. Or a lot longer, who knows. But I do hope you enjoyed today's post and photos and don't forget to let me know what you think about the wedding post idea. Happy October and see you in the next post!