Snapmade Elvis T-shirt, Papa's cooking games and green stuff update

Hello hello! Lucky us spent last weekend relaxing at the spa, roughly 150 km from home, by the beautiful sea. And I already long for more. More relaxation, more recreation, most definitely more massage (sigh...). By the way, I also did some efficient sale shopping at H&M and Sinsay and scored several awesome pieces just like that! Will show you the goodies in another blog post, yes? But right now I want to talk about my precious Elvis T-shirt below.

It comes from Snapmade (click to discover), an online retailer that makes it possible for each and every one of you to create your own custom T-shirts, phone cases (for iPhone 4, 5 and 6, Samsung, HTC and more), jewellery, pillows, bottles & mugs, candles... really, all possible personalized gifts for your loved ones or why not for yourself (if you're like me and occasionally often love rewarding yourself).

Or if you're not the most creative person you can browse their webstore full of ready-made goodies here. They're definitely worth checking out because for example my navy blue T-shirt is made of soft to touch organic cotton and its quality is very decent. Oh and since Mother's Day is just around the corner you can get 20% off your order by using the code FORMOM!

Lindex necklace | thrifted Zara TRF faux leather jacket | Snapmade T-shirt | thrifted Bik Bok dress | thrifted H&M booties.

Now, next I've got a serious confession to make. To balance my work-filled brain I've been unintentionally growing an addiction called Papa's cooking games: currently Papa's Hot Doggeria but I started off with Papa's Donuteria and Papa's Pastaria. I do know I'm not twelve anymore but those strategic fast food cooking games somehow carry me away.

My playing rush works by fits and starts and I can go on for weeks days without whipping those cyber hot dogs but when the urge shows up again I have to indulge. I play Papa's Hot Doggeria here and I wonder if any of you know what I'm talking about? Anyone?? I'll leave you with a couple of snapshots from the game to illustrate my story.

And thirdly I want to share five photographs from the green front, taken on April 8 and 11. The group photo of my green babies is very deceptive by the way because today those babies are already teenagers and they have grown A LOT. Little cucumbers are evolving and tomatoes, pattypan squash and zucchini are about to start blossoming any moment. Therefore fresh photos are needed and I will take some as soon as possible to share them with you guys. As you can see our greenhouse and box garden are already waiting and so am I but right now the nights can still be devilishly chilly. Oh and last spring we brought some hepaticas from the forest and planted them in our garden. They took roots perfectly and are now beautifully blooming.

So I hope you enjoyed today's absolutely wall-to-wall topics and especially massive pile of photos and I'm always looking forward to your feedback. Next time I'm probably going to share our spa experience but who knows what can happen and what will actually steal the show. See you then, guys!


Sparks in the air like the fourth of July

Wow, almost two weeks have imperceptibly passed by and I still can't quite believe it's April already. Can you? I clearly remember how my next break from work was at a hazy distance of eight or nine months and now it's basically two months! How incredibly unreal!?
Anyhow, before moving on with today's photos and such I want to thank you, guys, for all the encouragement, support and understanding you left under my previous reflective post. I'm sure the ones who I'm having in mind know who they are and also know how awesome they are. And having such amazing readers certainly lights up any gloomy day!

Now, one sunny day in March (the 14th) flew by while visiting Rakvere. We shopped this and that for the house and minimally for ourselves (you will see my cosy €34.95 5.95 doggie related finding in a future blog post, also a sunny one). We had late lunch at an eatery called Berliini Trahter where the food looked good and tempting but unfortunately was lacking flavour (except for the orange salad that was accompanying my grilled chicken filet with raisin-nut pilaf). E's pork schnitzel with forest mushroom-bacon sauce and fried potatoes was underseasoned as well and the waiter was incompetent so our first time there was conjointly the last one. Anyway, my blue infused outfit was photographed near a manor house from year 1425 and I just love the glistering sunlit backdrop and golden fields.

Emporio Armani sunnies | Giordani Gold fake pearl earrings | Seppälä necklace and scarf | thrifted Zara TRF faux leather jacket | thrifted AC/DC sweatshirt | H&M pants | Ryłko boots.

Last but not least, before I wrap up I have an appeal to forward. I'm sure most of you belong to Club Smartphone and have been there pretty much forever. Well, not me, obviously. I got my very first (and very affordable) smartphone Nokia Lumia 530 a few weeks ago (only because my old phone suddenly broke) and I'm a complete newbie when it comes to apps and such. So I'm counting on you, guys. Let me know what I should certainly know, what are the coolest and most needed apps and so on (I already tried googling but it produces way too much unnecessary information). So, do share your recommendations and wisdom with me, thank you! See you in the next post!