NOORUS spa hotel: part 2 and an outfit captured in the middle of the woods

Happy almost mid-June, you all! Two ephemeral work weeks have quietly slipped by again and I can't quite put my finger on the timeless phenomenon called The Time. Honestly, how is it even possible that one half of 2015 is soon over? We just celebrated Christmas and in a little while we're already going to greet Midsummer. Well, that's just insane! But hey, on the positive side - beginning from June 13 I don't have to get up at 7 for entirely two weeks in a row because it's time for our long-awaited vacation, woo hoo! I guess we'll see what it exactly brings us, I mean besides my very modest birthday celebrations beginning from this weekend, galore relaxing, potential and already confirmed road trips.

Anyway, do you, guys, still remember how I very kindly promised to share part 2 of our April 18-19 spa trip? I bet you don't but better late than never so here it finally comes!
First of all, the surroundings of the spa were just as delightful as my few photos below showcase. Beautiful pine forests, white sand, breathtaking sunsets by the swashing sea, simply the perfect beach exactly behind the spa facilities.
There was an abandoned building in front of the spa but honestly it didn't bother me at all. It's only a shame we didn't have the time to closely explore Narva-Jõesuu and its wooden lace buildings. Which conjointly means we have to return one day, yes?

Now, secondly a few words about the staff. Since most residents in Narva-Jõesuu and also in the neighbourhood are Russian or Russian-speaking you can probably envision what was the main language in the spa as well. Luckily one of our gang of four masters Russian with skill so things were okay. But I for instance (slightly intentionally) don't master it at all and I always prefer our native language Estonian when I'm in Estonia and somehow expect the same from others, especially in public places like spas, eateries, shops and so on. I'm always happy to speak English with foreigners/tourists but that's pretty much it. Language aside, at least everybody seemed nice and friendly which is always a plus and of course absolutely essential when it comes to customer service.

And thirdly our wellness procedures. Procedure number one was called Water magic which is a 30-minute underwater shower-massage that (allegedly) activates your immune system, raises the spirits, improves muscle tone, skin elasticity, structure and colour etc. And though sceptical at first, I was pleasantly surprised about that one! But the 50-minute massage called Mysterious Turkey was chosen by three of us and only ONE got something similar to the official description (silk sheets, cinnamon and other exotic aromas). Unfortunately two of us (including myself) got simply a nice regular massage, no oriental Mysterious Turkey. It was also surprising that even the sound system was out of order. Of course I left them my notes in the room and hope they actually read them despite the fact I wrote in Estonian.

Anyhow, we did totally enjoy their water centre with 8 different saunas, various kinds of jacuzzis and swimming pools, the coolest water circle with fierce automatic flow and by all means their utterly cosy outdoor jacuzzi! Those fleeting hours in the water centre were packed with pure fun! So, all in all it was a fairly decent package for the discount price €110 but currently the same thing costs €249 which I would rather not pay for it although going back is definitely a future option (I mean when more discount packages appear). But visit Noorus spa hotel's home page here to discover more!

Alrighty then! Last but not least it's time for an outfit slash minihaul. I purchased the three heroes of today's minihaul on April 19 when we left the spa and styled this outfit on April 25 when we visited E's grandparents in Järvakandi on the special occasion of his grandpa's birthday. Now, the three heroes are: a black & white cardigan from H&M (€14.99 7) and from Sinsay this little black dress (€12.99 7.99) and big shiny bracelet (€4.99 1.99).

Prada sunnies | thrifted scarf | H&M cardigan | Sinsay dress, bracelet and ballerinas | tights via  
Oriflame | phone case via Aliexpress.

So I actually (and honestly!) planned to treat you with a quick and short little post but it turned out like it pretty much always does and eventually I worked on it for at least three days. By fits and starts of course, not in a row but still, three days! Therefore I obviously hope you enjoyed the whole thing, all the photos and stories and stuff. And of course see you in the next post! Oh and next I will be catching up with your latest posts!