Summer vacation tales: part 3 (very various flashbacks from August 17-31)

Oh wow, what an endless journey creating this post has been for me! Absolutely outrageous! An entire month has zipped by and at least a million important things have happened meanwhile. And I'm not even significantly exaggerating when I'm talking about a million things so let's better start from the very beginning.

First of all a day trip to Northern Estonia on August 20 to visit E's maternal grandparents in the middle of countless beautiful pinetrees and heather, colourful cowberries and blueberries, galore junipers and more. As a matter of fact, if I had to name the most perfect countryside I have ever seen I would definitely name that place.

We wandered in the sunny woods with two little black "sausages", picked berries (and of course froze some for the colder seasons), socialized with the bird commune and also saw the beautiful, roughly eight centuries old Church of the Holy Cross in Risti. All in all a day well spent. And guys, one day we will also have a chicken commune, mark my words.

Now, secondly comes another day trip to Northern Estonia on August 22 but this time to see E's paternal grandparents in tiny Järvakandi. And as a random but really cool bonus I could also be a decent, cultured person there. I and E's sisters attended an exhibition called HETK ("hetk" in Estonian="moment" in English), which is an annual exhibition of the Estonian Glass Artists' Union. And I seriously loved the experience! Below you can see only some of my favourite works of art with the names of their talented authors. Aren't they fantastic?

And thirdly comes a mandatory group of miscellaneous photographs from August 18 to 31 (because I still haven't made it to Instagram?).
1 - The portrait of a nose which belongs to my favourite animal character in the whole world.

2 - That dude guarding my herbs and flowers (fine, actually I just told him to pose like that).

3 - A little something from our very own greenhouse.

4 - Gatherers' life - I and E made two batches of our own ketchup which tastes amazing, I stored some very flavourful parsley and prepared that tasty cucumber salad together with my mom.

5 - Something cool from Tartu, taken through E's Touareg's windscreen.

6 - A foggy early morning in our backyard on the last day of August.

For your information - today's post is just the tip of the iceberg and so much more is tensely waiting for its turn. More than four vacation outfits, a couple of beach reports, another cool trip to Latvia, more miscellaneous snaps and of course the mixed haul I've been so far perhaps too enthusiastically promising to share.

By the way, we've been back to work for two weeks now and time is seriously flying! I've been projecting waterpipes and sewer pipes in addition to organizing another public procurement for my other employer. I also wrestled with a terrible cold and sold one of my cars and almost cried because of it (letting go was slightly difficult but I obviously managed because I believe my loyal (almost 8 years together!!) friend will have a sweet oldster life on our biggest island).

And here's another fun fact for you - I and E finally got married on September 5 and I received a new last name!! Well and last but not least we're currently renovating our balcony and planning a new, 18.5 m² bathroom/utility room and already did some huge, almost backbreaking preparations. So how does it all sound to you? I myself modestly believe it's worth waiting for and I'm definitely anxious to share it with you guys so I guess we'll see in my next post, yes? Bye bye for now!