Two October Saturdays and three cascades and waterfalls

Hello and happy unexpected November! Next stop Christmas, yes? I have to confess I'm already secretly puzzling over some potential gift ideas. And at the same time I'm of course counting on my potential ability to actually put those ideas into practice in good time. And no, "a good time" does not mean a day or two before the holidays, in my book even a week before is not "a good time". But what about you, guys? Any thoughts on upcoming Christmas or is it way too early to ask?

Anyway, before beginning with today's topics and entirely 22 (!) photos I want to thank you for all the wonderful and thoughtful little notes you left under my wedding post. Thank you! And I hope next time you can already read the long-awaited part 2.

Now, let's go back to October 17 which was the most perfect example of an impeccable autumn day and hopefully my photos can portray my words and vice versa. So, our super sunny day trip started off with teeny-tiny Nõmmeveski village in northern Estonia and to be more precise - Nõmmeveski Waterfall. The waterfall is situated in the glorious canyon of the Valgejõgi River and it's not very high (1.2 m) but still very charming. Especially next to the mystic old hydropower station that lies a few hundred metres downstream. It was built somewhere in the late 20'ies and destroyed in fire in the 60'ies but its remains are still spectacular and I'm really happy we discovered the place before it eventually crumbles if they don't reconstruct it.

Adidas scarf | SheIn top (link) | thrifted belt | MICHAEL Michael Kors pants | Ryłko boots.

Our next stop was Pärispea Peninsula and Viinistu village with its cosy seaside restaurant called Viinistu rannaresto (link). We had an idyllic late lunch there - E pork schnitzel with baked potatoes and chanterelle sauce and I chicken breast with salad and halva mayonnaise. The beautiful blue seascape view from the window next to our table was priceless and our food was delicious - what an absolutely perfect way to complete our day trip and head back home.

But we were not done with discovering beautiful waterfalls yet and returned to northern Estonia and Lahemaa National Park 7 days later - on October 24. This time we explored almost hidden Vasaristi Cascade and mighty Joaveski Cascade. And I even had a tripod with me to play with aperture and shutter speed a little but of course then the battery decided to run short and I didn't get as many photos as I actually wanted to - a classic case of Murphy's law.

Anyway, Vasaristi Cascade gets its water from Vasaristi Stream and consists of three main escarpments (0.5 m, 1.5 m and 1.6 m). It also has several smaller escarpments but since our October was record-breakingly dry the whole thing looked just... dry (see the first two photos below). Joaveski Cascade on the other hand was really awesome and striking. It lies on the Loobu River and consists of 8 lower (0.5-1 m) limestone escarpments distributed over the distance of 150 m, with the total drop of 5.4 m. Before the construction of a cardboard factory (functioned there from 1899 to 1930 and from 1941 till 1994) and power station the river had also a fall with a higher escarpment (app. 3.5 m). But limestone for construction was extracted straight from the riverbed and the fall turned into a cascade. The small power plant was closed in the meantime but reopened in 2001.

thrifted George coat | thrifted Tommy Hilfiger sweater | thrifted Burberry London shirt | Detroit denim by Lindex jeans | Ryłko boots.

Once again we finished our day trip at Viinistu rannaresto where I had creamy pumpkin soup and the most amazing apple tart with ice cream and caramel sauce and the husband who loves pasta picked... shrimp pasta. No photos though since the battery died in Joaveski and I didn't feel like taking them with the phone. But I did capture two exciting wild animals that day: an Alces alces in the morning and a Vulpes vulpes in the evening when the battery had luckily pulled itself together for a couple of quick shots.

And a little sidenote too: when we're with E's car and he's driving and I see a wild animal by the road E must usually stop the car, turn over or do whatever he can do to grant me a decent photo. Luckily he's used to it. But when we're with my car and I'm driving I don't feel the need to pull over and capture those animals. Then I just drive.

So I hope you guys enjoyed today's extreme photo flood because I just couldn't leave anything out and I feel like those two October Saturdays make a pretty decent portrait of our Estonian autumn - one week as sunny as a fairy-tale and a week later as gloomy as a dreary dungeon. Let me know what you guys think and I'll see you in the next post!