We got married - part 3

Happy March, everybody! Only four more days to go and it's officially spring! And as many as 30 expeditious days to pull through until it's finally time to travel to Spain and properly celebrate our marriage and honeymoon! By the way, we already had our six month anniversary (or halfayearsary, to be more trendy) on March 5. And as I basically promised you last time, it's also the ultimate time to bring out We got married - part 3 and the lovely outcome of our married couple photoshoot. So let's go back to our beautiful wedding day on September 5, 2015.

But first of all, if you would maybe like to refresh your memory a bit or if you somehow haven't read those significant stories at all, then We got married - part 1 is located here and We got married - part 2 stands here. 
Anyway, we were successfully getting closer to the end of our wedding celebrations. The afterparty took place at my husband's parents' place alongside Tartu. That's where everybody gathered after our vivacious group photoshoot in the botanical garden and fancy three-course lunch at the restaurant were over.

But before the party us, the newlyweds, and E's sisters quickly grabbed our little fur ball Elvis and drove to Ihaste, the earthy location of our couple photoshoot. I have to say it was heaps of fun and I'm pretty sure today's photos speak for themselves anyway. P (or Pillery's Photography on Facebook), who took all of our photos that day did a fabulous job and we got some pretty brilliant material for displaying on our home walls and for keeping in the beautiful rustic cork album the girls gave us as a wedding gift (see below).
P also has a lovely new web page where you can check out all of her regular galleries, unique underwater galleries and artwork. Her little cosy online nest is situated here.

Anyway, while we, humans, were gleefully photographing our unstoppable fur ball Elvis managed to lose his little bow-tie which of course belonged to some important relative and had to be found immediately. So half of us were suddenly looking for it from the tall moist grass/hay/brushwood and of course it seemed to be nowhere at first. We did find it eventually so we soon wrapped it all up there and the afterparty could finally continue with the girls and us, the two heroes of the day.

Our party, by the way, was co-organized by my parents and E's parents and most of the food (and two more cakes!) came from Astri catering (see their web page here). I have to admit we were already quite exhausted by the time of the party but still showing some sturdy fight of course. And what I missed for a long time after the party were those wonderful fresh mojitos E (my husband's other sister who has pretty awesome barista skills) made for the girls throughout the night. My craving stopped because I simply decided to become a complete nondrinker since the beginning of November 2015 and so far I've been very successful with it!

All in all it was a long long day which somehow passed by like a really crazy whirlwind. We are grateful to everyone who took part in our special day, who helped and supported us. I was never someone who dreamt of a classic wedding with a long white gown and a church (simply too unpractical and overstated for my taste). I knew we had to do it in our own simple but sweet way and it could not have been better. It's also great to be a married woman now!